New Orleans Square

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Blue Bayou Restaurant

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  1. If you look up at the balcony there is a plant, a silk plant it has leaves shaped as Mickey's face!
    REPORTED: Valarie 24 JUL 97
  2. As you wait outside at the Blue Bayou there are a few stained glass window directly above the doors to Blue Bayou. In the stained glass is a picture of an urn and right above that, at the top of the widow, in small round pieces of glass is a hidden Mickey. It's much easier to see from the inside, looking at the glass as the light from the outside comes through it. Mickey's ears are made of green glass while his face is made of red glass. This was pointed out to me by a Blue Bayou waitress who has been there 13 years.
    REPORTED: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    Today while waiting to eat at the Blue Bayou Resturant, I was excited to notice 6 hidden Mickey's! You will see them best if you step inside the waiting area, turn around and look up at the stain glass windows. In the top/center in each window is a Hidden Mickey. On the bottom/center is another one, but upside down.
    UPDATE: Cynthia Murray-Elder 02 DEC 99
    Outside the Blue Bayou restaurant above the doors, in the stainedglass windows,is round pieces of stained glass in the design making up Mickey heads. The ears were one color and the head another. Green and blue I believe. I could see them while standing outside the restaurant while waiting to make a reservation.
    CONFIRMED: Audrey Marcinanis 31 MAY 01
  3. There is a hidden Mickey just inside the Blue Bayou in the waiting area. There is a wooden "curio" cabinet with Blue Bayou merchandise inside it. This cabinet has a glass viewing door, this glass has an etched motif around it; if you look at the motif you will notice that they design is all Mickey heads!!!! Lots of them. decor
    REPORTED: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    The outer edges of the souvenir display case in the Blue Bayou waiting area are definitely decorated with etched Mickey heads.
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 12 JUN 99
  4. While waiting for dinner at the Blue Bayou, I looked in the wall cabinet holding items that they sell. On the shelf next to the bottled Mint Julip was a hidden Mickey. A blue coin was the head,a gold coin was the left ear and a silver coin was the right ear.
    REPORTED: Ross, Diana & Kaitlyn Bowling 15 SEP 98
  5. My little brother got a child's menu. At the end of dinner, he got a Mickey shaped jello piece.
    REPORTED: anon 31 MAY 00

Café Orleans

  1. The chowder bowls are now served as Hidden Mickeys. The middle of the bread bowl is scooped out and cut in half. The two halves are placed above the bowl to form the ears.  decor
    REPORTED: Tony O'Bryan 18 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
    The bread bowls at the cafe are adververtised as Mickey Head Bread Bowls. That therefore disqualifies them as "Hidden Mickeys".
    UPDATE: Billy Jo Bob 19 DEC 00

French Market Restaurant

  1. I went to Disneyland in December, January and last week (May 15) and all 3 times I spotted a hidden Mickey in the French Market restaurant. I noticed it but didn't report it thinking it would probably be gone the next day, but the last time I went it was still there. It's right where you get your tray on the right side of the restaurant. There are some rolls in a basket and 3 are in the shape of Mickey!!!
    REPORTED: SnowWhite22 22 MAY 01
  2. The chowder bowls here are also served as Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99

La Petite Patisserie

  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Mint Julep Bar

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  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

Royal Street Veranda/Columbia Coffee Cafeteria

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  1. When you order soup, they place it so the breadbowl forms Mickey's head, and the piece that they cut out is cut in half, and the two pieces are placed next to the breadbowl to form the ears.
    REPORTED: Marissa Melnick 10 FEB 98
    (Sighting at the Royal Street Veranda. However, this Mickey is probably at Cafe Orleans too -- anywhere that soup is served in a sourdough bowl.) Order the clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. When the cast members pull out the middle of the loaf to make room for the soup, they rip the wad of bread in half, and put both halves above and on either side of the main bowl. The bowl is the head, and the two pieces of bread are the ears. I pointed this out to one of the cast members once, and she just smiled, winked at me, and said, "I don't know what you're talking about. Have a nice day!" This Hidden Mickey is very interesting. First, it is obviously a Hidden Mickey -- it is a deliberate placement that forms a Mickey head. But the two pieces of bread are not perfect circles. The head (bowl) is *almost* a perfect circle, but couldn't possibly be perfect because it is baked. This indicates that Hidden Mickeys don't *need* to be perfectly circular -- as others have claimed in the past.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 21 JUL 98

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