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From: anon 15 OCT 01

It all happened on Nov 99, Labor Day Weekend. I proposed to my wife in Fantasyland on the Mad Hatter Tea Ride. As of Jan 1st '01 my wife and I have been married. We got married at the San Francisco Maritime Museum in San Francisco at the stroke of midnight...4 hours later we were getting ready to take off to Disneyland to spend our honeymoon. We spent an awesome week there. When we checked into the Grand Californian Hotel we found out that we were the third group to ever check into that hotel, but the first honeymooners. The cast member, who's just awesome (identity=a secret), asked for one of our wedding pictures. To our understanding we now have our picture in the area celebrating opening day of the hotel. Wow and cool! What a great hotel. My wife wanted this honeymoon to be very special for us, but especially for me. After we checked into our room we took a walk over to the area were people have purchased bricks with their names, city, date on it. At first, I thought that we were looking for her friends, but as it turned out she was having me look for ours. When she accidently? dropped her sunglasses I saw our brick. It had our names on it, the city where we got married in, and of course our wedding date, the date of the new years. I was so happy to receive that wonderful gift. We hugged and kissed, and then took a picture of ourselves on each Since then we've been back. Each time has been exciting. We've been to WDW, the cruise, and now we're headed there this coming Fri. 10-19-01 to see the Haunted Mansion with our friends, Walt and Jas. The night we arrive we will be dining at Club 33...well, I guess that's another story to be submitted. Until then, TTFN Alex

From: anon 27 JAN 01

Jan 26th 2001 Where do I start? I last submitted a story after Labor Day in 1999. It was a story about how I proposed to my girlfriend in Fantasy Land. Here I am again with another story about our wedding. On Dec. 31st '00 at the stroke of midnight my fiance and I exchanged vows at the San Francisco Maritime Museum. To make a beautiful long story short, the wedding was just beautiful. I have to say that it was "more" than I what I could have ever imagined it could be. Well, on Jan. 1st '01, Allegheny and I were officially married. By 4 AM we went to bed, by 7 AM we were up and getting ready to go to dropped off our misc. wedding items at home and then rushing over to the airport to catch the next plane out to Disneyland. We arrived at the Paradise Pier Hotel by about noon and checked in. We just love this place! My wife is just great! She planned this whole trip before the wedding. She thought it would be a great time to take a mini-honeymoon before our big one in DisneyWorld in May. I couldn't ew hotel, the Grand California Resort, and were met by security. The hotel was not fully completed. In fact, construction crews were still working on fixing it up. The official opening date was Jan 1st '01, but was moved back another week. Disney gave us an option to reschedule and they would pay any airline penalty, but we decided we would stay anyways on the first of Jan. We were met by security right in front of the new hotel, his name is Donald, kind of reminds me of Capt. Pickard of Star Trek, he was so nice he escorted us right in to the front desk. At the front desk we checked in. It was odd because there were more cast members and construction people than guests. We met Linda T. What can we say, Linda definetly helped make our trip! As a front desk manager she definetly made us feel special. She already had a room that was great for us with a terrific view of the new park(room number not included...don't want to give away the good secrets, sorry!)Donald, the bellman, gave us a brief tour of the new ho our exciting trip to Disneyland, the Grand California Resort for our mini-honeymoon. For the first time ever we were lucky enough to see Fantasmic off of the Disney gallery balconey. In the middle of the week in the middle of the day we thought we would just ask if there were anymore tickets, and sure enough there was. In fact, it was almost empty besides 7 other people during the show. Our honeymoon was awesome, everything just went well for us. People were so nice to us(we paraded around Disneyland with our bride and groom mickey hats proudly), we never had to wait long for rides, a cast member gave us at closing time a souvenir fast pass ticket from It's A Small World with the 01/01/01 dated on it to commemorate our wedding date, we saw a beautiful arrangement of fireworks while we sat and ate popcorn, we made it in time to see snow in Disneyland, and most importantly we caught Disneyland in Christmas decorations before they took them all away. It's been a wonderful marriage. We've been together for nine years.

From: anon 15 OCT 01

On our honeymoon, my wife made reservations at the Grand Californian Hotel. When we checked in we found out that we were the third group to check into the brand new hotel. We also found out that we were the first honeymooners to check into the Grand Californian. What a wonderful experience. Everyone was just great...one of the cast members also asked us for our wedding picture to place on the employee board to commemorate the grand opening. After we checked in, my wife surprised me by taking me to the grand plaza. We looked around at all the bricks. I thought we were looking for some of our friends when suddenly(with my wifes help) I saw our brick. I was just overcome with emotion as I looked down and saw our name, the city, and the date of our wedding on it. My wife wanted to surprise me and she sure did. Since then we've been back, and we also took a second honeymoon in WDW and the cruise, this Fir 10-19 we going to Disneyland with our friends Jas and Walt and we're having dinner at Club 33. That's another story I'll have to tell. TTFN! alex

From: Daniel Montes 09 JUN 01

I've been to DisneyLand more times than I can count. So naturally I had to go to DCA. I have to say they have done a pretty good job. But anyway I went with my family, we got to go before it even opened. But the California Screamin was closed but that didn't discourage us. Our favorite ride is Souring Over Califoria. We stayed there as late as possible and were the last to leave and we had the gaint C-A-L-F-O-R-N-I-A to our selves. Then we wen't agian about a week after that when it officially opened and we were able to go on California Screaming, of course we liked it. The only complaint we have is the price but that doesn't really matter to us for that we have a season pass to California Adventer and Disneyland.

From: Amanda 18 JUN 01

Let me first say that I have always been a huge Disney fan and will always be faithful to Disneyland. I was very excited about the California Adventure and was so anxious to see what the excitement was all about, but I was so terribly dissapointed at Disney's newest theme park. Upon arrival at Downtown Disney, I was elated that there was a sephora and many other great shops, and expected that the new adventure would be wonderful, but the bad experiences started the minute I walked in when we were trapped in the middle of a hokey pointless parade. In Disneyland, the parades are very enjoyable and are entertaining, but this parade was just made up of parts of the Mulan parade (with the fortune cookies, etc) and a couple of dancers. It was pointless and poorly organized, making me and my family stand and watch the whole thing before we could cross the street to get to Mcdonald's. Once we made it to the Mcdonald's, my family and I were outraged by the high prices of the food, but we like Mcdonald's so we let itds of corporate individuals, not from the hearts of imagineers, as are all of the rides in Disneyland. The "lands" are nothing more than carbon copies of Universal Studios and other heartless theme parks, and don't belong in Disneyland. I live in Las Vegas, and maybe some of you are familiar with the MGM Grand Hotel. The Hotel has a theme park with many of the same rides, and I will admit that the cast members are much friendlier here and also that the park is much cleaner than in Vegas, but the California Adventure does not deserve to be called a part of the Disney Legacy, and should be somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip, not next to the happiest place on earth. On a positive note, Soaring Over California was a beautifully made ride, and was very exciting, the "Bug's Life" 3-d show was a hoot, and the restaurants, although overpriced, were wonderful. The quality of the cast members has not changed, they were very friendly and welcoming, as expected, but the park itself was a dissapointment.

From: Justin 22 APR 02

I do not agree with Amanda at all. I think California Adventure is a lot of fun. My favorite time is at night with all the lights. It looks so magical and fun. You can never compare it to Las vegas. Las Vegas has lots of light and looks neat but it is boring after a few days and you feel you are surrounded by smoke from all the smokers. It may not be as good as the original Disneyland but it is still a lot of fun and it is much better than you say it is.

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