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From: Nikki 18 NOV 01

When I was about 7, I was a majorette (baton twirler). We were invited to perform at the Disney Magic Music Days at Disneyland. I got there very early and met everyone in the front, and we all took trams around the back of the park, where all the magic behind the magic occurs. I saw soo much! I saw the Electrical Parade floats and things, it was all so interesting! My group of majorettes got our own dressing room building thing, and it had our clothes and things and there were TVs around the room playing Disney cartoons. We got readya and met all the other groups from around the US and got hyped up and stuff. We then took trams to the side of Main Street where the parades normally start and we all did our routine down Main Street till the side of the Matterhorn and we all went to the Fantasyland Theatre to watch people and groups perform individually. It was sooo fun to see the behind the scenes magic, its a real great experience for anyone.

From: Becky Richards 12 AUG 01

I was in Marching Band in high school, and every year we would go perform at Disneyland in front of the Main Street Train Station. Everyone who worked there for more than a year recognized us because we were the band wearing kilts--all of us. I think my favorite performance was my last one (in February of 1998), because at the end of our stand-still performance of our field show, we would play our school fight song, which is also Scotland's national anthem, Tunes of Glory. On this particular performance, I got the special role of Drum Dancer. As the Drum Dancer, I stood on a base drum with the plywood over the heads, attatched to a crosspiece nailed to the bottom, set on the shoulders of four guys who were six feet tall. And then, I would Highland Dance! It's well-known that the trees on main street are there so you can't see Sleeping Beauty's Castle from the street. Well, with my eyes over twelve feet in the air, I could certainly see the blue, pink and gold! I was so scared, but it was the best performance of my life! I will never forget that day or that feeling as long as I live.

From: Blaine 20 FEB 00

On my last visit to Disneyland, it was for Magic Music Days 1999. I sang with a Bay Area jazz band from my high school, and before we performed we were standing in line on the small, decorative bridge in the waiting queue for 'It's A Small World'. As we neared the tower, I started to quietly sing a couple of Disney songs appropriate to the area. The CM manning the tower heard me, and invited me up to sing! I also recorded for the Disneyland Park album, for 'Fantasy In the Sky', in 1997. (It's very wierd to go to Disneyland and hear yourself sing through the fireworks, on their huge system, but they are the nicest people to record for!) So I sang a few songs, and they all applauded! I felt so great to sing to those people; I feel like a part of Disney history!

From: Beth 20 NOV 99

I have had the privelege of performing at Disneyland several times. My college choir was scheduled to sing on what turned out to be an awful, rainy Southern California day. We did not get to perform, but we still got to spend a wet day in the park. They did ask us to come back and sing a month later, and we got another free day in the park. I was also a part of the Candlelight Procession for Christmas of 1992. It was an awesome, never to be forgotten performance, to be on the steps of the Main Street Train Station, singing to this enormous crowd. Several years later, I traveled to Florida with my younger brother's high school marching band as a chaperone, and got to go backstage at the Magic Kingdom. I would like to compliment your Magic Music Days organizers! I, to this day, still recall that we were to pass through the round top green door next to the Pirates of the Carribbean at 11:15. I will never forget any of these experiences!

From: sarha 08 JUL 99

Well, when i was in high school i was in music days al lthe time.. I must of went like seven times with my hs and other hs. I also went with the Rose Parade Band for four years so i guess i went like 11 times.. Every time i went it was the same thing over and over. I went to Disneyland and we parked in the back stage area and then they talked to us then took us to the Cast Member enterance near splash Mountain. We were to meet their at what ever time they told us to. After that they took us to a dressing room and walked us to main street. From their we marched to Small World and went back to the buses to change and go into the park. ONe time with the rose parade it was raining and they were gong to make us march in the rain.. well like an hour before we were to go on they called it off. So we got to go into Disneyland with no lines and for free. It was the best time i had ever had. I will never forget the feeling that i get when i march on main street. I went to Disney world my freshmen year of my hs years and it was so awsome. I now work at Disneyland and it is the best job ever. Everyone is so nice now i get to give people the best time like i did when i went to Disneyland as a guest.. I know many things so if you would like to know anything just email me and i will tell. I know many hidden mickeys so just ask and I will tell. Thank you Disneyland for making so many good memories...

From: anon 18 MAY 99

When I was younger I marched in a High School/Youth Band. They would assemble us somewhere back stage, walk us to the starting point, march us through the park and then we would end somewhere in the front of the Park. I remember the Floats were piped with the Music we were scheduled to play (Each one was playing the same music)and were actually louder than what we played.

From: Lynda D. 03 APR 99

As I have noticed many reports regarding guest performances and such...some of you may wonder about the guest performers' travels around the "backstage" areas of the park. It used to be that guest performers (I went with a dance troupe that was invited during Magic Music Days) would go in through a special back entrance that went past warehouses that stored costume heads and such. We weren't scheduled to perform till the evening so we met back at the special entrance which used to be located by splash mountain. This led to a dressing area very far from where we needed to go. now, they have special tickets for guest performers, and the gate to backstage is located in ToonTown. as a chaparone for the troupe this past time, i was asked to stand at the door until the last of our dancers wentthrough, so that no visitors went through, as it was near an attraction (i won't say which one). this made it quicker and easier to get to carnation plaza. and yes, performers do go through that gate. smiling of course

I performed in Disneyland. In the sixth grade!

From: Bruce Moen's daughter 21 SEP 96

This isn't really to tell about something that went bogus in Disneyland. Or clear up a rumor. I just wanted to say that my chorus and a couple others sang on the Pocahontas stage! (And in the Crystal Cathedral) My chorus, Seattle Children's Chorus, and a couple others had spent many grueling hours in the hot sun rehearsing for the concert that we foolishly believed would be a main attraction in Disney land that day.

Finally it was time for our first big show. The 2nd would be in the Crystal Cathedral). We were all decked out in our very hot uniforms. Marching on stage I felt like queen of the world! I looked in to the audience to see how big it was! How many people were there to see us sing?

Never in my life had I been so crushed!! Three, maybe four families had come to see us. All our hard work , for naught! Later I discovered we weren't even in the program!!!

One good thing came of it! My chorus and I got to spend about three whole days in Disneyland, Just for performing for no one!

REPORTED: Scott Kooiman 07 AUG 98

I played in Magic Music Days 5 or 6 times in different bands and in the Tournament of Roses Honor Band back in High School. We saw a LOT of backstage, and were informed that if we took photos our cameras would be confiscated, and they did confiscate one or two. We got a lecture on how at Disneyland, vehicles have the legal right of way and so if we got hit, we would be liable for any damage to the vehicle and any injuries to the driver. They had a line painted on the road and you had to stay to one side of it. They had lots of props and pieces of characters, as well as a couple barns I saw in Roger Rabbit.

From: chernabog 20 APR 98

Recently I returned from the Heritage music festival with the rest of my Band Class. Our awards ceremony was held in Disneyland (in the Festival of Fools area), but we had to be sneaked into the park. I'd heard stories about people who had this great oppertunity, but never did I imagine that it would happen to me so soon. They took us through the backstage area directly behind ToonTown. I was very excited when I saw several of the animatronics that hed been removed from the park. I also saw the backlot and a bus that was made to look like Goofy. My friend and I were able to snag a couple of pictures before we were informed that photo's of the backlot weren't allowed. We entered the park right across from Big Thunder Mountain.

From: John Snell 13 JAN 97

I don't know how rare this is, but for the last four years, I performed at Disneyland with my high school band. Now here's the cool part. We dressed in the back lot behind Splash Mountain. We entered the park from the "It's a Small World" side. This means I got to walk through all of the behind the scenes stuff and see where they made everything. From there we marched down to Main Street and exited by the Fire House. We then walked behind the back of the Indiana Jones ride back to our buses.

I saw the character head workshop, which was pretty scary. It looked like a trophy room with hundreds of heads lining the walls. I saw the ride maintanance shops, which was especially fun because this was during the time when they were building IJ and had closed the Jungle Cruise. I saw all of the parade floats, the train warehouse, the extensive landscaping nursery, the music studio, and the employee credit union. You talk about Hidden Mickey's, you should see how many are begind the scenes.

On the way out, I passed the Indy ride while they were building it. They had a large door open on the side so I could see the inside of the ride. It was pretty exciting.

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