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Rainy Days

From: Mike Koyle 16 MAR 01

Going to Disneyland on a rainy day is the best!!! Our family had a family reunion at "The Happiest Place on Earth" about ten years ago. It was in the middle of the week and so the park closed at 7:00 p.m. We woke up that morning and realized it was raining pretty hard! We weren't sure the trip to Disneyland was going to happen in lieu of the rain. In the end we decided to brave the elements and head on out to Anaheim.We finally got there and it was cold and blustery, but the rain had stopped. The first place we headed to, after entering Disneyland, was the snack bar right outside the "Pirates of the Carribbean" to grab some hot chocolate. After that, we decided to take advantage of the small crowd at Disneyland and head over to "Big Thunder Mountain." The lines were so short and non-existent that you could ride "Big Thunder" and jump off the train (you were just on) and get on the exact same train! We did this over and over, and everybody was doing it too, we rode the train with the same group of people for a while. Everybody was in a good mood that day, and all the cast members were in happy moods with care free attutudes. During that memorable day our family, no kidding, went on every single ride in the park (after the day was over we all got together and figured that out). Finally, the clock hit 7:00 and the day at Disneyland was coming to an end. On our way out of the park, while we were walking down Main st, we heard the famous words, "Disneyland is now closed." At that exact moment the "downpour" started and the rain that had avoided us all day long was once again coming down in "sheets." It was the end to a truly memorable day at Disnelyland! I've been to Disneyland many times since but that was one of the funnest times I ever had there!

From: Val 26 JUN 00

I went to Disneyland with two friends, Gina and Sara, and Sara's parents. We were kind of upset by the rain but we decided to have fun anyway. Being the weird people that we are, we started acting weird. For the whole day, no matter where we were, we pretended that we had lost one of our party members (his name was Jerry.) All day long we would randomly yell out "Jerry, where are you?" and pretend to look for our imaginary friend. Sounds totally bizarre and immature, I know, but it was so funny! Then Gina bought this leash in Toontown that looks like you're walking a dog but there's no dog on the end. We named the dog Jerry. You should see all the attention we got with it, it was hillarious. Anyway, just goes to show that rainy days in Disneyland can be just as much fun as sunny ones! If nothing else, the lines were very short on all the rides and we got some cute pictures of us soaking wet, all bundled up in jackets and hats. I'm almost 17 and I still love going to Disneyland - I can't wait until this summer, we're planning a trip for the 45th anniversary!

From: Lane 16 MAR 99

So about 3 years ago my family and I went to Disneyland on a really dreary day. All day my Dad kept saying it looked like rain and my brother and I kept telling him to shut up. But nevertheless it starting drizzling during an Aladin parade so we just went into a restaurant and had some cookies and watched the parade from there. But about 6:00 it started to POUR. Everybody crowded into all the shops and restaurants in thier yellow Mickey slickers. I swear you couldnt even find a place to sit down! But about an hour later it stopped and the stars came out and the air was clear and we got to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade from the front since so many people had left.

From: Tangaroa Jr. & Ghost Host 15 FEB 98

We had early admission, and we were on the train at a quarter to eight so we could ride it as soon as the park opened. we were really mad, too, because we saw Mickey ad the Mad Hatter below, who we had never seen. Anyway, at exactly eight o'clock when the people came pouring in, I felt a drop on my hand. At 9:30 it was pouring rain. It was miserable. If anything, it got worse as the day went on. Everybody was wearing Mickey yellows. Plus, with the new hotel-tram route you have to walk through half the parking lot to get to the tram stop. Now, Disneyland plans for heat, right? With drinking fountains and girls who spray water on the crowd before parades. But why don't they plan for rain? There is no drainage anywhere in the park. You cannot avoid the puddles on Main Street; the whole street had at least 1" of water over it by aternoon. One puddle that we couldn't avoid came over my foot and must have been half a foot deep. All the parades, shows, and the special Valentine's Day character appearances were cancelled. Did you know that they have a backup plan, called "Mickey's Rainy Day Cavalcade"? It is the omnibus, horseless carriage, and fire engine riding the parade route with all the characters they can cram in. It wasn't much, but I guess they tried. Anyway, Disneyland in the rain is miserable. There are still lines for every ride, though!

From: E. Haugh 15 NOV 96

About four years ago, my parents decided to take the four of us (my family) to Disneyland. We were only going to stay one day, and that day it rained, hard. The park became less and less crowded throughout the day. The stores were crammed with people buying the bright yellow ponchos with Mickey on the back. We all had one, as did everyone else in the park! It certainly was a sight. I bet if you were in a plane or helicopter at the time and looked down at Disneyland, all you would be able to see was yellow! The next day, we were in the car ready to leave, and my parents stood outside talking. As my brother and I were sitting in the car, little knowing what our parents were discussing, my mom opened the door and said, "So are you guys going to the park with us today, or are you going to just sit in the car?" We later found out that they were outside flipping a coin. My mom told us, "We didn't want to leave just like you guys, so we decided to flip a coin. Heads, we go home, tails, we go to Disneyland another day. When it turned out to be heads, your father looked at me and said, 'Two out of three?' The next two were tails." Our luck held the rest of the day. Less than 1800 people walked through the gate that day!

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