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From: anon 04 MAR 06

This story is about me when I was about four. My family went to Disneyland about once a year. One time we were walking along and someone walking along said that Pirates of the Carribean was open (it had been closed most of the day). Anyways, as soon as I heard that I shot off running. I just kept running and it took my dad a while to catch up to me and I was just a short little kid. I don't know how but I knew exactly which way to go. POTC is still my family's alltime favorite ride.

From: Ryan J. 20 MAY 99

On my last trip to DL, I went with my girlfriend (fiance) and my mom. On our last night there, we had stopped by one of the restaraunts..I cant remember if it was the mint jupep or the french market. But anyways, we had sat down to eat, and it was already dark. A young cast member who was handicapped noticed us sitting there went inside and got a lighter and lit the candles for us and offered to take our picture. I thought that was the nicest thing. He is truly what Disneyland is all about. I hope to meet him again when I go back.

From: Chris Jacques 04 JUL 98

In january of 97, I was lucky enough to dine at Club 33! The reservations were obtained by my girlfriend's friend, who had babysat for musician John Fogerty. If you look to the left of the Doorway, on the outside, there is a brass knob that you push, and a voice comes through an intercom asking for your name. I remember we lifted up the knob instead of puching and there was just a simple plastics red button underneath, i felt a bit silly after seeing that. After entering, there is a Wrought Iron Elevator to the right, which the host(ess) send's you up in. I've heard that Walt, while searching for antiques in New Orleans, saw the original of this elevator, but was unable to persuade the owner to part with it. He then had someone take pictures from all angles of it, and recreate it for Club 33. It was set up buffet style, on a Saturday, which conflicts with the info about buffet/menu style... Also i remember the food being so good that one of our party, who happened to be vegetarian, could NOT pass up the filet mignon (i think that's what it was), his girlfriend was a bit shocked, i just laughed and agreed with his reasons! I wondered if there was a balcony to go out, but being a guest... i didn't want to go exploring... I guess I should have!

From: Tiffany 24 MAY 98

The other day (opening of Tommorrowland), my friends and I went to D-land. We were walking near Club 33 and saw a huge group waiting to be escorted in. I dared one of my friends to ask them "Excuse me, but what ride is this line for?" So she did. The woman she asked got very flustered and said, "um, well, Oh, got to go!" and proceeded to enter. Then right after we rounded the corner, one of my friends had to go to the restroom, so while we were waiting for her, one of the Club 33 diners thought it would be funny to spook the passerbys and started booing like a ghost, jingling bells, and being very annoying, until I realized where exactly the noises were coming from, and gave them the "evil eye". must have scared them, cuz the noise then stopped

From: AMber marie 08 JUL 98

After reading the submission of the Westside Diner (the secret 50's diner) one of my good friends and I left our huge group and followed the directions. Near the New Orleans Train Stn., there is a men's bathoom and just beyond that there are two western swinging doors that say cast members only please. After repeating no guts no glory, several times, we ran in. (There weren't many people around) Right off the bat theres a sign pointing to stairs leading to the Westside Diner. We all pretended to be dancers, carrying my drill team backpack. All of the people are really sweet. Just go before nine o clock if you want to eat. At least, that's what we were told. Have fun!

Pirates of the Caribbean

From: Shelbyandashleyp 16 APR 06

A few years ago me and my sister were on Pirates of the Carribean. Well the ride had broken down for like an hour an a half. The people on the ride were getting really restless and people were getting mad. Then one of the cast members walked out but dressed as Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones started walking people off the ride (after the show they had prepared for us). This was at Disneyland during the summer of 2003.

From: Eric 24 MAR 06

Something cool I did a few years ago at Disneyland was hide a quarter in a small hole in a rock in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I was excited to find the same quarter the next summer a year later in my hiding spot! I almost forgot the location though, but while floating along and checking each rock, I found it. However, reaching out of the boat too many times sometimes causes a cast member's voice to appear out of nowhere from a hidden speaker to inform you to please keep your hands inside the boat.

From: Ben 23 FEB 02

I'm a fairly frequent (at least 7 times a month) visitor to Disneyland, so I tend to get bored occasionally and try new things on my favorite rides. One thing I'd been doing for awhile was after both drops in Pirates of the Caribbean, putting my feet up on the seat and leaning back to relax and enjoy the pirates. Well, I learned there's a hidden camera in the first skeleton cave, because I timed my getting comfortable a bit wrong, and ended up hearing (of all things) "PLEASE REMAIN SEATED! THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY!" over the loudspeaker. The people in front of me turned around, and I just shrugged. I still wonder why they thought I was climbing OUT of the boat...

From: Julie 17 FEB 02

My cousin and I were on our way out of the park when it was closing when we thought we would catch the last ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean. We made it onto the last boat but it got stuck right on the top of the first drop. ( just under the skull that talks) The operators would not let us get off of the boat and we had to listen to the bones repeat his message for about an hour. Finally someone came and fixed the ride so we went through the whole ride about one hour after the park closed. Everyone was so glad to get off of the ride!!!

From: Ryan Hougardy 05 DEC 01

One time my family and I went to Disneyland on a Saturday (mind you, this is a very bad idea due to long lines and enormous crowds). We had waited in line for Pirates of the Carribean for nearly 45 min. When we got to the inside part of the queue we noticed that they we running a lot of boats, so many in fact it was beginning to get a little backed up near the loading platform. We finally got onto the boat and began our ride. Everything seemed normal at first except that we were very close to the boats throughout the ride. We had just gotten to the room where the town was burning and there was a donkey and two pirates singing "yo ho". We bumped into the boat in front of us and were stuck. Apparently the lift had stopped and all the boats hit eachother causing a giant bake-up. About five minutes after our "back-up" a loud speaker came on saying "please remain seated, your ride will begin again momentarily." While we were sitting there we were "delighted" to be stuck at the part in which all the pirates were singing "Yo-ho, Yo-ho". About another ten minutes later, all of the pirates and scenery went silent. A loud intercom came on and said that they were experiencing technical difficulties. While all 12 boats sat there nose to back, people were taking pictures, standing up, and dancing on the boats. After nearly 35 minutes about 15 maintenence workers came out of a room wearing long orange water suits. They escorted us out.

From: Pony Horton 08 SEP 01

When I was on Pirates in July, we approached the first drop, and this fool in the front STANDS UP!. Well, we stopped right in front of the talking skull & crossbones at the head of the drop, and I tell you, his dialog went like...

"Psssst! Avast there... it be too late to.... SIR, WILL YOU PLEASE SIT DOWN IN THE BOAT?! THE RIDE WILL NOT MOVE UNTIL EVERYONE IS SEATED!... waitin' ta board. Sit closer..."

you get the idea. Well, the guy sits down, and just as we are inching our nose over the drop, the guy stands up again and gesters to the skull! Now, the boat lurches hard to a stop, we all groan at this moron we're having to endure, and the skull says,

"...repel boarders. And mark my words, mateys...SECURITY WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU AT THE END OF THE RIDE. HAVE FUN!"

The heck of it was, they never did grab him; we all just got off at the end of the ride and that was that!

From: Ryan 24 NOV 00

It was about 2:30p.m. when we decided to go on the family favorite, The Pirates of the Carribean. We had been standing in line for about 45 min. when we finally reached the loading dock. We noticed that they had about 12 boats running that day because of all the people. When we entered the boat we had no time to get situated they just pretty much sent us off. The ride wasn't as fun as the other times because we were right behind one boat and one boat was right behind us. After we passed under the bridge with the drunken pirate we saw about four boats in front of us stopped. When we were right next to the scene with the donkey in its barn and the two pirates singing "Yo-Ho" we came to a sudden stop. We had apparentley hit a boat in front of us. All the sudden about 7 boats hit us. So while all twelve boats were crashed together we got to listen to the singing pirates for about 45 min. Eventually they put a mute to the pirates, but all of there mouths were moving. We didn't get to take pictures though. ventually we were "rescued" from the ride. As they took us out of the ride we went backstage and got free passes to any ride. After that day at Disneyland I knew the "Yo-Ho" song, for about 2 weeks, by heart.

From: Lilian Cavanaugh 13 AUG 00

On the day of the Pirates Event, Sunita (my sister) and I saw Maynard put some guy's Pirate patch on his nose and Maynard took out the lizard and sang,"Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me!"

From: DFreak1313 12 JUL 00

Two yrs ago, I was with my bestfriend, her two little brothers, and my little sister at D-land (my favorite place in the world!!!) Anyway it was at the end of the night and we decided to go on Pirates. There was NO one there and we got to ride it twice in a row (FUN!!) The second time we had the boat all to ourselfs and just before the part with the talking skull and crossbones, one of the boys decided to skip rows. I told him not to but he paid me no attention. Anyway he was successful, so he decided to do it again. This time he wasnt so lucky. A voice said please do not stand in the boat. I thought for sure we were going to get kicked out and banished, but fortunately we didnt. At the end of the ride we got off and appologized. They said it was all good. So thank you to that cast member who didnt kick us out! It will never happen again. I promise

From: Nikki 19 MAY 00

I was on the Pirates of the Carribean ride with my friend Ashley and her brother John, and as we were passing the part where the jail cells are, I got this premontion that I HAD to look back. I did, and there was a cast member in the cell with the skeleton making sure we were all behaving. When he caught me and Ashley looking at him, he gave a shy wave and dashed as fast as he could backstage. What a cutie!

REPORTED: Audrey 20 APR 00

Two years ago my sister and I took vacation without children and husbands and spent five wonderfull days at Disney Land. We usually go once a year(this was the first without the kids) and never get tired of it. We went at the end of May. Great time to go. Not too crowed. The last day we were there, apparently it was the day of the Senior Class Trips. There must have been students from at least five different High schools. On the most part, there was nothing unusual. Untill we went on the Pirates Of the Caribean. Talk about annoying!!! In our boat there was about six seniors. Each yelling, cussing and taking flash photos!!! The boat in front was full of teenagers, also screaming, trying to shake the boat and generally being jerks. One guy in our boat yells to his buddy in the boat in front. "Hey, come back here with us!!" His buddy in the front boat STANDS UP!!! I couldn't believe it. He starts to climb over the seats to the back of the boat. Suddenly this calm voice from nowhere says, "Please sit down in the boat." Obviously, there are cameras and security is watching. This kid in the first boat sits down for half a second and then I guess figures, "Oh well, what are they going to do?" and stands up again. This time the voice booms, "I SAID, SIT DOWN!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??? DO NOT STAND UP AGAIN!!!!!" He sat down embarrassed and I was very smugg with Disney security. Once the boat pulled in to dock, security was standing there and escorted the kid out.

From: anon 17 MAR 00

In the Pirates of the Carrabean notice at the bride auction there is a fellow on top of the bridge swinging a beer bopttle around. Usually he will drop some of that on your head (if you are sitting in the very back left side. I paid close attention to him once. His beer bottle was about half way full but he still flung it around enough to get some on my head. Then I looked behind me and say that some felll into the water. We went back later that night and he was still dropping some water and his bottle was still half way full. If hw was dropping that much water the first time I went don't you think he would have run out. Hmmm...wierd.

From: Ray M. 07 JAN 00

We were in Disneyland from Dec. 11 - 16, 1999. So, of course we went on POTC about a billion times. Well, the second day that we went on it, we noticed something that had changed since the day before. Near the beginning of the town, before the fires, there are 3 pirates standing to your left. They are singing and I believe the two on the outside are playing instruments. The third stands in the middle singing with his hands clapsed on his belly in front of him. But the second time we went on POTC we noticed that he stood with one open hand resting on his belly in front and the other he held behind his back. Weird.

From: Jenny Finster 04 JUL 99

When my sister was in college, she went to Disneyland with her Drama group. When she came back she told me the following: During Fantasmic, two of her friends, who happened to be a couple, went to ride POTC.While they were on the ride there was no one in the boats ahead of and behind them. As they were alone in their own boat, they decided to have a, shall we say, "romantic escapade". Needless to say the CM that greeted them as they exited the ride thanked them for the "show" and told them never to do it again or they would be escorted from the park.

From: Mike (a.k.a. Mickey) 21 JUN 99

While at Disneyland last summer I went on Pirates with my Godmother and Mother. We sat in the back row and in front of us sat 5 college students. They were on the rowdy side and they decided that they would sit backwards while going on the first drop. Right before we dropped, the ride stopped and a voice came of the intercom thingy and said, "I've been watching you and I don't like what I see! Now we can escort you out in front of everybody and make a scene, or you can be quiet, sit down, and enjoy the ride! Thank you 3 in the back for being so patient." WOA!!! They did hush up and they did enjoy the ride. Thank you to that cast member.

From: Javier Lopez Jr. 19 JUL 98

My wife Laura and I decided to celebrate our Wedding anniversary by tossing a necklace into the sundry baubles of jewelry in the dead pirate captain's room in the Pirates of the Carribean. My wife closed her eyes made a wish and threw the necklace inconspcuously over her shoulder, so that the cameras wouldn't notice. We even found it later and recorded it with the video camera.

From: Scott SPACE ACE Oliverson 24 MAY 98

At Disneyland we went on Pirates. I read that it was supposed to be changed to the Politicaly Correct Pirates but unfortunately none of the scenes were ever changed! The only changed part of the ride is the BURNING CITY where the baddies are stealing treasures, getting drunk, and chg women. Instead the scenario features 1 pirate chg a wench carrying food or wine, one chg some chickens with a net and a woman chg a pirate trying to escape with food. All the other scenes are still the same in the ride... There is another new scenario near the end, in the fort that has the baddies playing target-practice shooting at some barrels of gunpowder tied to a rope from the ceiling, drinking and singing. As we proceed up the magic waterfall going back to the Loading Dock we notice 2 pirates attempting to escape with their booty. One pulling on a rope tied to a chest and another pushing from behind. And nearby are some skeletons of dead pirates who fell victim to the CURSE! "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!"

From: John D 06 APR 98 Graduation Clock

I just thought I'd mention that besides the cameras and infared lights on the Pirates of the Caribbean, there are also Cast Members watching in person. In the little cubbies and caves two, sometimes three Cast Members stand there keeping a personal eye on things. I know because when I was there on Grad Night my friends and I took turns trying to flash bulb each other with our cameras, just for fun, when the other wasn't expecting it. Well, one of my friends noticed during a camera flash what looked like a person hiding in the shadows. So, he took out his pocket Mag-Lite and shined it there and, lo and behold, three cast members were watching us. And let me tell you, they were TICKED that we found them out. They started yelling for us to turn our lights off and stop our camcorders.

From: juice janisch 07 FEB 98

Hidden in Pirates of the Carribean (the corney fighting scene) the main pirates hat cast an errie shadow on the sails that resembles a Mickey head. My friend told me and pointed out in a excited tone , " there it is, I told you, look everyone, the hidden Mickey, she screamed over joyous with happiness and excitedness. The whole boat cheered and praised her like she was a god or something. She then got peoples input and they said to get the internet so that she could advertise this exciting message, so one year later she recieved the internet and gracefully opened the present and held her cat tenderly, and she yelled, M-I-C-K-E-Y mouse , Mickey mouse, my house, and she told a friend to type this story because she was kind of embarrased of the piers, but from this day forth people in line on the pirates of the caribbean and the workers praise her name and will aways sing it, because and important Mickey was found. So Im telling you this ,so you wont be afraid to cast your shadow, like Mickey, on the sails.

Disney Gallery's Balcony

From: Robert L. Archuleta 06 APR 96

Just to add onto the story of the initials of Roy/Walt Disney in the balcony ironwork on the Disney Gallery's balcony. I have a piece of artwork that was made by Herbert Ryman (one of Walt's original constructors of Disneyland). Herb went on many trips to New Orleans with Walt to get ideas on how to portray it in the park. In the original painting of this area of the park the initials in the cast iron were W.D. and L.D (for Lilian, his wife). But since Roy had the check book and probably just a little more "pull", we see his initials up there today. Just a little piece of interesting info for anyone who cares. I actually was told this story from a woman who had worked in the park for over 30 years, and personally knew Walt.

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