Stories Behind the Scenes


From: Cecelia 05 AUG 01

When I went to disneyland, about a year ago with my cousin,sister, and my best friend. They opened "Mickey's Toontown" After the fireworks(because thats where they shoot them) There was a large crowd waiting for the cast member to open it. Before he let us in he told us that we are not to run so that we dont knock over any kids in the front. But I was feeling a little "breaking rules". So I was the first one to Run as fast at my feet could carry and my friend started to run after me and soon enough i spot a elder women running with her baby's stroller down the hill, and then more running people behind her. Turns out that everybody in the crowd was running. I actually started something. that was funny. Then after we were done riding "Rogers car spin", We went to go see mickey in his house and take pictures. Well on our way to the photo room just before you see the large movie screen, there are a bunch of boxes. One of them started to talk and we were all wondering where it was from it was saying stuff like "help me" "get me out of here" and then "hey you- the one in the black hair(me) help me" it was kinda creepy untill i heard the cast members laughing. They were the one's doing it! They have a microphone that they use to make the box say whatever they say. It was so funny. Has anyone else got this trick done to them ?

From: Becky Richards 06 SEP 00

It's sometime worth it to wait in line, even if the ride breaks down! One time my friends and I were waiting in line for Cartoon Spin (this was before Fastpasses) and the ride shut down. We were told that it would be operational again soon, and we could wait in line if we wanted. My friends and I chose to wait and started singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall". We got all the way through before the ride started up again (but not much before) and so many people had gotten out of line that it was as if the line had kept moving!

From: DFreak1313 12 JUL 00

I went to D-Land a few weeks ago ith my sis, and we were at toon town a few minutes prior to closing. We decided to go on Gadgets Go-coaster. No one was there so we got to ride multiple times. One right after another.We rode it eight time in a row. The CM said that the record was like 16 so I was aiming for more, but he regretable had to close down a few minutes after midnight. But at least we got to ride eight times.The most I've ever riden in a row. So the CM who let us, you're the man!!!!!!

From: James P. McDonald 10 APR 99

My first visit inside Mickey's House was in the first week of June 1996. And I will admit for my own selfish reason as an adult I just wanted to get my picture taken with Mickey. I must say that the castmembers on that particular shift were very nice and allowed me to use my own camera for a picture. The cast member was very gracious in taking the picture for me. I was playing it up a little with Mickey (Pardon me for this, I used to be in a Drama class years ago) it just brings out the nice side in me. I was a little embarrassed at first I must admit, however i am glad that Disneyland now has a commercial that an adult can be a kid too. Thanks Disneyland.

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