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Reopened June 24

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  1. The shape of the Autopia is a Mickey. First you go in a figure eight then a circle that makes the Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Ty+Jenny 18 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Todd Loewen 04 APR 01 pict from
  2. On the Autopia as you enter the "Car Park"; you pass through a wrought iron gate. If you look at the pinnacle of the gate there are three pieces of metal bent into three swirls. This may be a Mickey profile siloughette. The reason this part of the gate sticks out from the rest is because the rest of the gate is symmetrical except for this one part.
    REPORTED: anon 07 FEB 02
  3. While waiting in line for Autopia I was watching the big television screen. I noticed a hidden Mickey while watching the part where it shows a cop's dashboard and it has a speaker in the middle. You can clearly see on big cirle in the middle but if you look closely you can see to smaller ones attached creating a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: David Donaldson 28 NOV 00
    It's there in the center of the speaker. It's really faint, but definitely there.
    CONFIRMED: Paul Reid 01 FEB 01
    In Autopia, in the show on the big screen, they show a police dashboard with a speaker. It has been reported that there is a Hidden Mickey in the speaker. I saw it but it is wishful thinking. You have to use your imagination too much to consider it one. The one on Haunted Mansion with the plates is a true Hidden Mickey and anyone can tell that is a Mickey!
    WISHFUL THINKING: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01 pict from
  4. In Autopia, on the big screen, somewhere in the show they show two rows of what looks like car trophies. They are green and the camera angle is it zooms out from the middle of the two rows. The trophy figure is a car kind of sitting on a big ball. The ball is right in between the front and back tire, which forms a Mickey! It's tilted and all the statues or trophies make it. The only thing is you have to wait till it zooms out far away enough
    REPORTED: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01
  5. On the autopia, in the queuing area, while the line goes inside, there are several 3D displays with Chevron cars. On one, which features a camping scene, there is a bee hive. Several bees are circling around the hive and then they suddenly form a perfect Mickey.
    REPORTED: Steve Goodwin 05 FEB 02
    pict from
  6. The second billboard is a sign for a car wash. There's a lot of bubbles, and on the left midway down the sign is a big bubble with two smaller ones above it. It sits at a 45 degree angle, but it's unmistakable.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 26 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Hawton 24 JUL 00
    The bubbles move on the right, so they're constantly changing
    The billboard for the car wash has a hidden Mickey in the bubbles. I used to work there and we are told by leads and supervisors that this is an intentional placement of a Mickey head. CONFIRMED: Anon 26 APR 06
    pict from
  8. The park opened up the new Autopia for a little while today even though the grand opening will be next week. On the right track after the first corner there is a sign that says "Caution: Mouse Crossing" and below is a picture of Mickey's ears.
    REPORTED: Shannon 21 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Meg 25 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 24 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Burchard 01 MAY 02 pict from pict from
  9. The license plate "registration sticker" on the Autopia cars has a tri-circle Mickey next to the registration number.
    REPORTED: Meg 25 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 24 SEP 00
    CONFIRMED: Rob Wong 09 JUL 01
    pict from
  10. When I was leaving the Autopia ride while walking back down to Tomorrowland I was looking at fruit tree (not sure what kind), but i came across 3 fruits in the shape of Mickeys head. (One on bottom and two on top) I guess this is not a real "hidden Mickey" but it seems weird for a tree to grow fruit like this.
    REPORTED: Jason White 21 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Bongoville 12 JUN 01

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