Tomorrowland Club Buzz

Club Buzz

Formerly Coke Terrace
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  1. At the New Club Buzz Stage there is a hidden Mickey inside the little alien invention, I can't remember the name of it. It pops out when Zorg "zaps" it.
    REPORTED: Jasmine 06 AUG 01 pict from
  2. There is a Hidden Mickey at Club Buzz (previously Tomorrowland Terrace). When you're facing the stage, there is an area where the alien puppets are set for the shows (the left side of the stage from the audiences POV). Above them is a sculpture of silver ball and rings made to rezemble a technological gizmo. One of the balls is Mickey-shaped.
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 31 AUG 01
  3. In the Buzz Lightyear show there is a hidden Mickey head inside the "asteroid". You can see it after Zurg blows it open and the smoke clears.
    REPORTED: Monique Marris 10 DEC 01
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