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  1. On the new Space Mountain, as you walk into the area where you are boarded onto the ride, look at the giant screen that shows the huge red planet. Once it is in the bottom left hand corner while you are skimming over the surface, there is a slight impression of a mickey face on it. You can actually see most of the mickey face including his eyes and nose. It's fairly difficult to see, but if you look hard, you will be able to find it.
    REPORTED: Trevor White 10 APR 06
  2. On the new Space Mountain, when you are sitting in your rocket, the speakers between the seats form a perfect hidden mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 19 FEB 06
  3. On Space Mountain after you go up the first lift, you go around in a circle to the third lift. After the third lift you go into two quick turns. If you look at it from above it looks like a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Pablo Bernal 28 JAN 02
  4. When you are going up the third hill if you look to your right as you start to go down there is a comet flying it is in the shape of micket
    REPORTED: joey 12 JUN 06
  5. The hidden Mickey is in the second set of star clusters (nebula)just as you enter the dark part with the stars. Look up and to the left they swirl to for Mickey's head and ears. This was confirmed by a park employee prior to me going on and I looked for it and saw it.
    REPORTED: anon 06 FEB 06
    In the new Space Mountain, after you first enter into the darkness (after the tunnels and all that), you go left around a large meteor. Look up to your right, and a minute after you pass the meteor, you'll see a holographic meteor fly by on the ceiling: if you watch as it goes by, it turns and you can see the entire Mickey head!
    REPORTED: Marste 27 MAR 06

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