Mickey's Toontown Goofy House

Goofy's Bounce House

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  1. Where the pool is, there is a hole where Goofy fell in the ground and if you look hard enough you will see a Mickey head!!
    REPORTED: kirsten 08 NOV 96
  2. In the yard of Goofy's Bounce house on the side of the pool there are some bubbles in the shape of Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: CindyP 02 APR 97
    The circles are the right sizes but way too far apart.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. Above the exit, there are 2 jelly jars used as lantern covers. On the one on the left (the one hung upside down) you can see a Hidden Mickey. The 3 red dots run together and form a great Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: J Kosek 02 JUL 97
    The red dots on the jelly jar are opposite in size, two large and one small.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
  4. It appears as though holes in the floor of the bounce room are repaired with Mickey-shaped patches. decor
    REPORTED: Frank Carrillo 05 JAN 97
    Red Mickeys for repairs!
    CONFIRMED: lori guidi 21 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97

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