Fog Mist

Building "Disney-like" Fog Mist is really quite simple. All you need you can find at any electronic store, such as Radio Shack and at your local Walmart, Home Depot or hardware store.

Note: Since this project uses electricity and water, children should be monitored by adults when building this project and water and electricity should not mix. A GFI outlet or GFI circuit breaker should be used in this project.

Difficulty: Beginning hobbiest

Parts List

Building Instructions

Always keep bare wires apart from each other so the will not short and always unplug the transformer when connecting wires so you will not short the transformer.

  1. Take a look at your garden or patio at sunset and determine where you might like fog to eminate from. I thought you might like to know that Walmart now sells a mist sytem similar to the system used by Disney to produce a fog mist. It is pretty neat and runs off of a out door hose hook up. It is also pretty inexpensive and can be found in the garden section. The one in my area sells 2 types by differnt manufacturers but the nozzels look the same and are probably from the same supplier. Have fun.
Note: Be sure to turn off the submersible pump when you aren't using it, as you will burn it up since the water has no place to go when there are no valves open.


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Backyard Imagineer: magicjim & TR Shaw

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