Haunted Mansion Graveyard

Building "Disney-like" Haunted Mansion graveyard is really quite simple. All you need you can find at your local Home Depot or hardware store and around the neighborhood.

Note: Since this project uses knives and soldering irons, young children should be monitored by adults when building this project.

Difficulty: Beginner hobbiest

Parts List

Building Instructions

  1. Cut the styrofoam into tombstone shapes using the electric knife
  2. Use the knife to shape the tombstones to create chipped edge effects
  3. Use the knife to shave off the front styrofoam to create 3D sculls, bats, crosses, etc.
  4. Use the soldering iron to carved names and cracks in the styrofoam
  5. Painted the tombstones with flat grey paint (note: enamel dissolves styrofoam so prime the styrofoam with laytex or another non caustic paint)
  6. Select a spot in the yard for your "graveyard"
  7. Pound pieces of rebar into the ground where you want your tombstones leaving 2-3 inches above ground
  8. Push your tombstones onto the rebar
  9. Surround your graveyard with old metal fencing
  10. Drape the spiderwebbing on the stones and fence
  11. Light with a blue flood light

Backyard Imagineer: TR Shaw

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