Tunnel Filckering Lamps

Building "Disney-like" Indiana Jones flickering tunnel lamps is really quite simple. All you need you can find at any electronic store, such as Radio Shack and your local hardware store.

Note: Since this project uses electricity, young children should be monitored by adults when building this project.


Difficulty: Intermediate hobbiest


Parts List


Building Instructions


  1. String the lights in series to the electrical wire using wire nuts (wire - light socket - wire - light socket ... wire - light socket - return wire)
  2. Drill three holes into the hobby box. One to hold the switch. The other two to allow entry and exit for the electrical wire.
  3. Mount the switch and grommets in the holes.
  4. Mount the two prong electrical plug on a six foot section of electrical wire.
  5. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off the end on the six foot wire with wall plug, the start of your lamp run, and on either end of a 6 inch single wire section
  6. After pulling it through the grommet, attach one end of the six foot wire to the switch and tighten the restraining screw
  7. Attach the 6 inch wire to the other side of the switch.
  8. Protect the switch with electrical tape
  9. Attach the free end of the 6 inch wire to one end of the flourescent light starter (you can use a starter socket or just twist or solder the wire to the lug)
  10. After pulling it through the grommet, attach one end of the wire attached to the lamps to the other end of the starter
  11. Cover the starter connections with electrical tape.
  12. Attach the last two wire ends together using a wire nut.
  13. Close the hobby box.
  14. Attach the light bulbs to the light sockets. Changing the wattage will change the effect so you might want to experiments with various wattages and mixes.

  15. Plug it in and switch it on.

Backyard Imagineer: Brian Walsh

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