Autopia Fun Facts

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  1. Mobil Oil sponsered Autotopia
  2. This is the only original Tomorrowland attraction left from 1955 when Tomorrowland first opened.
  3. The cars were originally meant to teach youngsters how to drive safely. But within the first 10 days of operation, young test drivers reduced the number of vehicles from 36 to six by smashing into each other. Large bumpers and a guide rail were required to be added to increase safety.
  4. Current cars were designed by WED in 1967.
  5. During its first decade, Autopia freeways were a bit too free for their own good. The center guide rail, which keeps cars on the roadway, was added in 1965.
  6. MOBIL OIL used to give a "drivers license" to each guest at Autopia
    REPORTED: Lauren Jensen 05 AUG 97
  7. After the park closed the Autopia workers would override the governors and race them around the track Since they overrode the governors by stepping on the bumpers there were many ocations when the cars would leave a trail of sparks
    REPORTED: anon 16 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: japheth 20 MAR 98
  8. You can actually screech the cars to a stop by pressing the pedal all the way to the floor and then pulling the pedal towards you.
    REPORTED: Raul Perez 04 AUG 98
  9. In Tomorrowland, between the tracks of T/A and F/A, there is a cement path. This path leads up to the F/A Fire extinguisher, located on a light pole beside the track. On the cement, just out of the view of guests, Walt Disney scrawled his name in the cement. He did this when the ground was wet, before the new Autopia tracks were opened.
    REPORTED: Jeff Hensley 26 JAN 98

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