SkyWay Fun Facts

  1. The Skyway of the Magic Kingdom actually is run by the Fantasyland operations. Fantasyland cast members work both the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland sides.
    REPORTED: anon 21 NOV 98
  2. If SkyWay is not operating, regardless of what the Cast Members may be trained to say it could be due to inclement weather: thunderstorms, high winds or rain. SkyWay doesn't operate in the rain. Walt Disney World doesn't make the rain. Therefore, asking Cast Members when the ride will re-open (while it is raining) won't help you.
    REPORTED: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98
  3. Since Florida is perhaps the lightning capital of the USA, and since SkyWay is elevated above the ground, Magic Kingdom Operations Management can be quick to close it in the event of a storm. So if you're visiting the park during the warmer months, and you saw that SkyWay was operating earlier in the day but is not now, chances are you may be about to get wet.
    REPORTED: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98
  4. You may know of the 2 SkyWay stations called Fantasyland and Tomorrowland Stations. Cast Members are also trained on their technical names: "drive" and "tension," respectively. But there is also the third station, somewhere in the middle, called "transfer." At the transfer station the cabin releases from the cable, rides on the rails through the station, and then clamps onto the cable again on its way out of the station.
    REPORTED: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98
  5. The propulsion system for SkyWay is a large motor in the drive station (in Fantasyland.) It is responsible for moving the cable via huge "bull wheels" in the stations. In the middle of the Tomorrowland station, inside the cage that's in-between the load and unload areas, is a large trough that contains lead weights, which is used to apply tension to the cable. Maintenance Cast Members check the cable every day for safety.
    REPORTED: Chris Cooper 19 SEP 98

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