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  1. On the front of the Alice in Wonderland DVD, on the top of the chairs the king and queen of hearts are sitting on, three circles form an upside down Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Jumbo Jr 31 MAR 02
  2. I found a hidden Mickey on the cover of the Alice in Wonderland video in the flower backround on the cover of the video.
    REPORTED: TigerGrin 25 JUL 98
  3. After the song about painting the roses red, the queen comes and the three cards that were the painters jump down on the ground. The card in the middle has Mickey Mouse ears. Later when they're shown again, a line is added to make it look like the clubs symbol on the card.
    REPORTED: Andrew 16 APR 98
  4. I noticed a bunch of little Mickey heads in Alice in Wonderland, The movie. Watch all the little flowers on the ground. There are some colorful little flowers around a tree...and at the tops of their stems are all little Mickey heads.
    REPORTED: Annabel 20 APR 00
  5. During the part when Alice talks about her nonsense world .. right while she's climbing down the tree look right at the clouds in the background they form a perfect silhouette of Mickey.. ears, nose, body and all.. you don't even have to slo-mo or go frame by frame .. it's sooo easy to see..
    REPORTED: anon 24 JUN 02
  6. A Hidden Mickey voice! Right near the beginning of the croquet scene, after the White Rabbit runs in: The voice offscreen at the end there is definitely Mickey's.. but he doesn't appear at all. So it's a Hidden Mickey voice.
    REPORTED: Joe Navratil 02 NOV 94
    CONFIRMED: Krissy 27 AUG 96
    Mickey's voice is not in the movie Alice in Wonderland. The voice is just too, well, not Mickey. It's more nasaly than the Mickey's voice.
    WISHFUL THINKING: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    In the Movie Alice in Wonderland, the arguing about the hidden Mickey voice in the croquet scene is about to end. I have found that the voice of the the card that yells hooray is voiced by JAMES MACDONALD II. Who also voiced the doormouse and surprise surprise Mickey mouse. So that is a Mickey Mouse voice
    UPDATE: Brian Malcolm 27 AUG 01
  7. The chair in the White Rabbit's House in Alice in Wonderland is has a Mickey head for the back of the chair.
    REPORTED: Kim 06 MAR 99
    The chair backs in the White Rabbit's house in Alice in Wonderland are not Mickey heads, they all have rabit ears as do much of the other objects in the house.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Mickey'sDaughter 23 JUN 01
  8. During the tea party scene, the Mad Hatter clears away some stuff, including a Mickey Shaped pillow.
    REPORTED: Tom Long 05 APR 97

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