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  1. On the cover of the Fantasia Anthology (DVD), the treble clef has been formed to look like Sorcerer Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jen Temple 25 FEB 01
  2. During the part after the soundtrack in shown it shows you images you may get in you head when listening to the music and three spots go past at one point which I think is a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Adam 24 JUL 00
  3. The Mickey occurs in the movie when Sorcerer Mickey is going down the river, just before the whirlpool scene. The Mickey Head appears in the foam of the water just ahead of Mickey. The whole sequence happens in a split second.
    REPORTED: Eric Johnson 09 JAN 97
    Confirming the Hidden Mickey during Fantasmic right before Mickey goes down the whirlpool. I pulled out my Fantasia video and confirmed that this clip exists in both places.
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 06 JAN 98
    When the big storm is taking place, and a wave hits a rock and as it spills over, a Mickey Mouse head appears in the curl of the wave.
    REPORTED: Julie Smith 10 FEB 99
  4. During the sequence with the ghosts and large demon around the mountaintop. Flames and smoke swirl around the demon. If you freeze frame the video at the right moment, you can see Mickey dressed in his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit in the swirling smoke. It's a fragmented image, but you can see that it's him.
    CONFIRMED: kris 05 MAR 99
  5. In the Rite of Spring sequence, there is a small Mickey made out of rocks in the middle of the screen right after the beginning of the solar eclipse and right before the earthquakes begin.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 05 AUG 98
  6. During The Nutcracker Suite, when the goldfish is swimming at the end of the Arabian Dance, it disappears into a bunch of bubbles. The bubbles are the transition to the Russian Dance. There is one bubble that comes to the center of the screen and the Russian dancers will appear in. Just before they appear the bubble has two other bubbles that make Mickey's ears. The bubble for the right ear is smaller than the one for the left ear.
    REPORTED: The Wizard ZOTTOZ 02 DEC 97

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