Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget (1999)

  1. In an poster ad for the Disney film "Go! Go! Gadget!" ... the ad features the movie title, with randomly-spaced cogged wheels in the background behind it. One of the O's in "Go" and two of the backgroud cog-wheels make up a slightly lopsided but certainly distinguishable Mickey head!
    REPORTED: AprilDecember 22 JUN 99
  2. We believe we may have spotted a Hidden Mickey in the previews for "Inspector Gadget,' starring Matthew Broderick. When they cut to a shot of Inspector Gadget's car (Gadget-Mobile?), there is a work table in the background, with a large, round fan sitting on it. There is another round object, behind it, where the right ear would be, and possibly another round object where the left ear would be.
    REPORTED: Debby and Bruce Forrest 07 DEC 98
  3. When he is in the operating room you can see a Mickey in the brain scans. It is easy to spot
    REPORTED: BGriggs 16 SEP 99
  4. Near the end of the movie after Claw has been defeated at the PBG Building in Pittsburgh, look at the back of the Doctor's blouse. The wetness formed by the water forms the outline of a Mickey Head.
    REPORTED: John H. Shin 06 AUG 99
  5. At the end of the movie, where Gadget and the Doctor are viewing the fireworks, look carefully at some of the formations of the bursts. Three, at times, get together to form the tri-circle Mickey Head.
    REPORTED: John H. Shin 06 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: matt wolbrink 07 MAY 00
  6. Almost at the end of the film, when Gadget and the doctor girl fall with the orange parachute in the water, Gadget declares his love to her, and on his hat there is an animated writing, with some hearts made by red leds...well, if you see all of them, you'll find EVEN the 3 circles which make Mickey's Head... this is all...can someone confirm this? Bye! Nicola "ATMB" Del Monaco from Italy
    REPORTED: Nicola Del Monaco 03 JUL 01
    CONFIRMED: APpg235 14 JUL 01

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