Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. (2001)

Released 2 November 2001

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  1. In the opening credits is a drawing of an open closet. There is a toy truck in the closet. On the side of the truck is what looks like a stylized Mouseketeer hat. This shot is repeated later (closing credits, I think).
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 12 NOV 01
  2. Where it is showing the the overhead view of the town scene, where Mike and Sulley are going to work there are 3 buildings that make a Mickey head!
    UPDATE: daniel 26 DEC 01
  3. Early in the movie, while Sully is working out, there is a poster behind him (NOT the "Jazz" poster). In one shot it looks like there might be a three-circle Mickey in the poster.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 12 NOV 01
  4. At the beginning when the monster is in the training simulator, there are three monsters watching and taking notes. The yellow one on the far left has three eyes that really look like that famous Disney mouse. Even though it is at a side-view you can clearly see the three distinct circles.
    REPORTED: Jennifer & Kyle Bagwell 02 DEC 01
  5. In the begining of the movie, the snake monster is going through all the doors it goes through a door that has a bunch of toys on the ground and one of them is a toy truck. On the side of the toy truck is a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Christian 13 NOV 01
  6. In Boo's room, the snowman on her chalk easel has pink Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01
    There is a child's drawing of Mickey Mouse on the drawing board in Boo's bedroom. Can best be seen toward the end of the movie when Sullivan is returning Boo to her room.
    CONFIRMED: Lynda Roberts 03 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 12 NOV 01

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