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  1. Grandma (in the begining) walks across the street to test out if the cricket is really lucky. Towards the end of this part, you see a horse's feet trying to stop, right after that a cloud of dust comes up and it forms a huge hidden Mickey which takes up the whole screen.
    REPORTED: shelly 24 FEB 99
  2. Near the top of the film you will see the Rooster. The Rooster crows, the camera pans down and on the box that the Rooster is standing on there is a clear, classic profile HM.
    REPORTED: Missy Wigley 08 JUL 98
  3. During the Matchmaker song, the mother and the grandmother seat Mulan on a low platform with a vase on either side of her (happens very quickly). The Hidden Mickey appears as decoration/engraving on the left vase.
    REPORTED: Missy Wigley 20 JUN 98
    The one on the left is said to have one, but it wasen't there. I'm not saying that it wasen't there in the first place,I just think I need the wide screen version of it to see it. Well if someone does see it please post it up for us.
    LOST: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Ethel E 18 AUG 01
  4. The most "obvious" hidden Mickey is when all of the girls are lined up to be inspected. The girl on the far left side of the line had her hair up in perfect Mickey ear circles.
    REPORTED: Bboy 19 JUN 98
    It only shows up perfectly for only a second.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  5. When Mulan gallops off on her horse after changing her appearance, the screen goes to a dragon face with glowing blue eyes and then zooms in on it really fast and then cuts to grandma waking up. When the screen is zoomed in on the dragon, look at the glowing eyes and the nose. They make a not perfectly round but good hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Dot 09 JUL 01
  6. Just before the sword is presented to the Emperor, there are fireworks shown above the palace. The very last firework burst shows one blue firework and two red ones above it that, if you outline them, form the Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Kitsune 14 FEB 00
  7. After the "Fireworks" (you will know this when you see it, I say this so as not to give away the ending) Mulan falls on top of Shane, look at the railing behind them... You, if you are like me will see some Mickeys. True they are not perfect, but they resemble Mickey too much to be coincidental...
    REPORTED: Clay Duncan 19 JUN 98
    After the "fireworks" and after Mulan falls on Shane, behind them is a stone railing. Don't look at the hole in the railing's wall but at the stone between each hole. There are several Mickey ears with some not so perfect shaped round Mickey heads.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
  8. The captain's (Shang's) horse has two sets of 3 circles that form a Mickey. One is on the horse's rump while the other is on the neck.
    REPORTED: anon 19 JUN 98
    When the troops are in the mountains, one can see the spots on the Captain's horse forming the tri-circle Mickey on the front flank and rear flank. They are not directly connected but it screams of a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: John H. Shin 19 JUN 98
    There the hidden Mickey in Mulan, on Shang's (the captian of the chinese army) horse there are several grey Hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Josef Faulkner 20 JUN 98
    There are four hidden Mickeys. All four are on Captain Shang's white horse. There is one on each side of the neck and also on both sides behind the saddle. they are three gray spots and in certain movements come together to form Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: marci 23 JUN 98
    Shang's Horse has 4 hidden mickeys, two on each side. One on each side of the neck and the others on each side of his hind flanks.
    CONFIRMED: JC do 26 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Ariel Leviathan 10 JUL 98
    Shang's horse does have a Mickey shape on his neck and it is on both sides. It is also on his rump.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  9. While watching Mulan on my DVD player, I noticed a hidden Mickey. It's really cool! During the scene right after Mushu tells Krikee that "they're moving out," there is a scene where there is a really far zoomed out shot of the soldiers marching through the snow. The soldiers look like nothing more that little black dots. One of the little black dots in the row of men is a very small hidden mickey!!! I looked at it three times and confirmed it with everyone in my family.
    REPORTED: Dot 09 JUL 01
  10. When the soliders are singing the song "a girl worth fighting for" they make sculptures in the snow of women. Well the landy on the far right has a head shaped like Mickey. Ear and all!
    REPORTED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    When soliders are singing "Girl Worth Fighting For" they create women snow sculptures. The lady on far right head and hair bun is a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Marisha West 06 APR 99
  11. During the matchmaker song after Mulan's bath and hairdo, Mulan and her mom are walking through the town street going to get her dressed and makeup done, 2 little boys are fighting with swords and a little girl is playing with a doll. One of the little boys takes the doll away from the girl and Mulan takes it away from the little boy and returns it to the little girl. The little girl has a "widow's peak" and her hair up in two buns making her a hidden Mickey candidate.
    REPORTED: R_Leigh 10 SEP 99
  12. When Grandma crosses the street with Crikee in hand, the dust clouds that appear are in the form of a very large Mickey taking up the entire screen.
    REPORTED: Deborah P 15 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Victor 17 AUG 01
  13. When Shang is going to present the sword to the Emperor there are two ladies with fans, the base of the fans have each an upside down hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Deborah P 15 FEB 99
    When Shang in presenting the sword to the Emperor there are two girls in front of him with fans each does have an upside down hidden Mickey on them. I'm not sure if they were placed there on purpose though.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    When the emperor enters to congradulate Captain Lee, the two long fans the girls are holding appear to have an upside-down hidden Mickey on the bottom of each fan.
    CONFIRMED: Patrick 07 JUL 99
  14. On the stairs of the Emperor's Palace, look at the hand railings. A Mickey silhoulette is visible. My Wife and Sister-in-law also saw it.
    REPORTED: Rich Ostry 21 JUN 98
    On the stairs of Emperor's Palace, look at the hand railing in the upper left hand side, you will see the Mickey silhoulette.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
  15. There is a Hidden Mickey in Mulan during the scene where Mushu attempts to wake up the Great Stone Dragon. Just after the statue crumbles, and just before the dust clears around its remains, three clouds of dust towards the bottom of the screen come together momentarily to form a Mickey Mouse head. There were probably dozens of other Mickey heads hidden in various other clouds of dust throughout the film, but this is one of the easiest to spot.
    REPORTED: Katherine Nunn 17 AUG 99
  16. In the scene where Mulan is sitting, crying, at the base of the dragon statue, look carefully. As the camera pulls down, from the top of the statue, and the lightning flashes, you'll see a Mickey head silhoutted, between the lightning flashes, on the dragon's face.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 23 JUN 98
  17. When Mulan, and her cross-dressing fellow soldiers enter the palace (to save the emperor), look at the lips of the soldiers. They all have perfectly round bottom lips, and two circles for both sides of the upper lip. Ruby-red lipstick Mickey heads!
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 23 JUN 98
    Where the soldiers are dressed in drag, take a look at their lips, and you'll see our good pal Mickeys face-his head is formed by the bottom lip, and the two ears are formed by the top lip.
    CONFIRMED: Dave Ande 21 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  18. As Mulan was taking a bath in the river, there were three lily pads between her and the rock that were arranged in the shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Tai&Eve 23 JUN 98
    Mulan is bathing in a pond. Three guys jump in a create a wave. when the wave comes near Mulan there is a frog next to her on a lilly pad. The water comes towards them and the bubbles right it front of the frog before he jumps off the lilly pad form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    Just after she falls in the bath and the short lady pushes away the screen, above her head can be seen a perfect upside-down classic HM made of soap bubbles.
    CONFIRMED: Fjalgar 07 NOV 01
  19. When Mulan is talking to the guys next to the rock when Ling introduces himself there are three lilly pads behind Mulan which form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  20. After Mushu makes contact with Mulan and Khan (the horse) steps on him, Mulan lifts him up ("My ancestors sent me a little lizard?"), the traces on the ground form a skew Mickey.
    REPORTED: Fjalgar 07 NOV 01
  21. When Ling swims away scared from Mushu thinking that he is a snake, behind him when he is swimming are three lilly pads behind him that form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  22. Just after Ling gets bitten and spots Mushu, he lifts his hands up out of the water. The water that goes with his left hand forms a somewhat distorted Mickey. It's only on a couple of frames, then it dissolves.
    REPORTED: Fjalgar 07 NOV 01
  23. When Cri-Kee is "typing" the message from the emperor the second time, he jumps on the table before jumping on the paper and leaves a spot of ink. You see the table at an angle, so it looks like ovals, but if you could see the table from directly above, it would look like Mickey's face.
    REPORTED: Wally 27 JUN 98
    The second time the cricket who is typing a letter from the General to the army jumps in the ink and then on the table and then onto the paper. When he jumps on the table he leaves a little print that looks like a Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    AS Cri-Kee gets ready to start "typing" the second message from the Emperor, as he jumps from the inkpad to the piece of paper, ink drips from his back legs. When it lands on the table it forms a Mickey Ink Blob.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
  24. When the Huns attack, Shang yells out "Hold the Last cannon". After you see the hill and the smoke drifting away from it. In the smoke are three circles made from it.
    REPORTED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  25. Towards the end of the movie, as Mulan is being congratulated by the emperor, the railing behind them is supported by a row of Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: Frank Blum and Kevin Graham 27 JUN 98
    The stone railings along the stairs up to the imperial palace and hidden Mickeys, some more perfect in proportion than others
    CONFIRMED: Paula Hepola 05 NOV 98
    After the fireworks and Mulan lands on Shane, look at the stone railing behind them. If you lookat the stone between the holes on the hand railing the stone forms several Mickey ears with a not so round Mickey head.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
  26. In Mulan, when she is sitting on the statue of the Stone Dragon with the rain pouring down, when it flashes the scene with her face in the puddle, you can see three raindrops form a perfect Hidden Mickey. However, to get a clear view, you must put it on slow-mo.
    REPORTED: Veronica Jinks 22 MAR 00
  27. During "I'll Make a Man Out of You" (I have the Mulan Sing-a-long,) at the very end, when the fire-bomb-thing blows up on the target guy, the smoke (very quickly) forms a hidden Mickey, and then it kind of dissipates. I had to pause the VCR so many times on this one, I'm pretty sure it is one!! :)
    REPORTED: Mina (Sailor Venus) 14 AUG 98
    At the end of the song right before the jump kick a bomb shaped like a dragon explodes on a target if you run the tape in slow motion a hidden Mickey forms.
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
    When the Huns attack and after Shang yells "Hold the last cannon" look very carefully in the sky after the you see the hill. In the smoke drifts away, you will see three small circles in the smoke.
    CONFIRMED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99
  28. After Mulan grabs the last dragon cannon and lites the fuse, you see a trail of smoke. Put the movie in slow mode and as the smoke swirls around you see the smoke swirl to form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: brightii & scooter 06 APR 99 pict from
  29. I found a Hidden Mickey in wallpaper image that was part of a large group of Mulan-related wallpaper given out via In the upper left-hand corner, on the pink butterfly's wing. It's not a perfect Hidden Mickey, but it was close enough to make me go "Hmmmm..."
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 13 AUG 98
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