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Nightmare Before Christmas

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  1. At the beginning of Nightmare Before Christmas, there is a hidden Mickey. The camera is traveling through the cemetery and there is a Mickey on top of one of the tombstones.
    REPORTED: anon 22 FEB 02 Nightmare Nightmare
  2. There is a very clear hidden Mickey. When the three children are singing their song about going to get Sandy Clause, there is a part where they have a litle creature in a cage and they dip it in some green stuff. As the little girl says Mr Oogie Boogie man there is a hole with a blue light coming from it just behind her which is the head and then two swirly patterns above forming the ears.
    REPORTED: Ouch 13 AUG 00
    Just after the little girl throws the boy in the bath, the next scene is a clear front view of a hidden Mickey. in fact it's so clear that it's not even hidden.
    CONFIRMED: ouch 13 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00 Nightmare
  3. The two little girls and boy who receive the bat doll and the bullet-hole duck on wheels are wearing Disney pajamas! The litte girl has on yellow pajamas with Mickey Mouse heads and the little boy has on white pajamas with Donald Duck heads!
    REPORTED: Hecate Dracul 23 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
  4. When all the characters are singing "Making Christmas" there is one that should stand out perfectly. It appears right after the 2 ghost come out of the well. When they fly away there is this tall frogman with a dark-reddish suit. The wheel-barrel that he is moving contains pumpkins and the largest pumpkin with a face would be Mickey's head. Above it are 2 smaller pumkins resembling the ears, forming a perfect hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: John Lombera 11 FEB 06
  5. In the scene where Jack Skellington is telling the three kids to find Sandy Claws, the mayor spills ink on his depressed face. One ink blot, close to his right collar, looks like a Mickey silhouette.
  6. When the Halloweeners are singing "Making Christmas", there's a point where the Mayor is riding a snow sled over tables being put up. When he stops and stands up, there are clouds in the sky over his left shoulder, and the clouds billow in such a way that three of them come together in circles resembling Mickey. The head part is slightly obscured by the top of a tree.
    REPORTED: Hodgepodge 04 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Shante 07 APR 01 Nightmare
  7. When Jack Skellington crushes a Christmas ornament into a beaker over a bunson burner, there is a Mickey on the table screen right. The room begins to glow green and you can see it even better. You can only see it on the laserdisc because it gets cut off in the video version.
    REPORTED: anon 14 NOV 97
    It is a small Mickey Mouse doll turned with it's back to the camera. Mickey's body is obscured by a book lying on the table so just the top of his head (ears and all) can be seen over the top of the book. As was mentioned, this can only be seen in a "letterboxed" version of the film.
    CONFIRMED: Greg Bevier 04 FEB 98
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
  8. There is a hidden Mickey when everybody's singing the song "Making Christmas" (I think that's what it's called). When Jack comes out of his house and sings "I don't believe what's happening to me, my hopes, my dreams, my fantasy.", when he sings "my fantasy." The Clown of the Tear-Away Face walks by with a wheelbarrow full of black and orange balloons. There are three black balloons bunched up together. When the clown gets all the way to the left side of your TV screen, they form a near-perfect hidden mickey!
    REPORTED: Jessica 27 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: Shante 07 APR 01

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  1. Watch the short film called Vincent. When Vincent cranks a Jack-in-the-box to one of his inventions, a robot-like monster's mouth opens up reveling mini moster heads on hanging from springs. One of them is a Mickey head!!!!!!!!!!
    CONFIRMED: Brandon George Rogers 21 JUN 01

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