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Peter Pan DVD

  1. In Return to Neverland at the very beginning when Tink is flying through the clouds, showing us characters from the original Peter Pan, when Tink shows us the crocodile if you look in it's stomach the clock has a pair of Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: Ozwald the rabbit 23 MAR 02
  2. During many of the scenes on the ship, you can see cannon balls that form hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 16 FEB 02
  3. Many of the bubbles formed from the octopus group together to form Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 16 FEB 02
  4. When Tinkerbell is flying through the clouds when it comes to the crocodile the clock inside it's belly has Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: andre smith 27 FEB 02
  5. When Jane Is by the Fire, there are there rocks that look like a hidden Mickey! (wait till the camera zooms back.)
    REPORTED: anon 01 MAR 02

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