Armageddon (1998)

  1. Some of the props used in the film are now in the REPORTED: David Dill 17 JUL 98
    The gargoyle on the Notre Dame does look like the one from The Hunchback of Notre Dame!
    CONFIRMED: Ariel Leviathan 10 OCT 98
  2. There is a place in the movie where the US President is speaking to people via radio around the world. As they are scanning the globe to hear the message it shows many places supposedly at the same time. But the time zones accounted for, in some of those places it should be the middle of the night.
    REPORTED: Rochelle Kenney 25 AUG 99
  3. In a scene where the astronauts leap over the "canyon" and land safely, the russian guy falls off of the aradillo on to the ground. but when he gets pulled up a small hill to safety you can see GRASS on the hill! I noticed this when I first seen Armegeddon at the theater. also on the dvd,and the criterian dvd. that was the only disturbing scene to the movie yes, I do Own the criterian DVD!
    REPORTED: Jerry 22 APR 00

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