1. I go to school with Sam Huntington, (Mimi Siku), and he told me that if you look at the begining, he is the only kid there with long hair, because it is a ritual for the kids to have short hair!
    REPORTED: Dan Cote 04 AUG 98
  2. A reference is made to "Pirates of the Carribean"
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 MAR 97
  3. A reference is made to "Binford"
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 MAR 97
  4. While "Jungle2Jungle" was being filmed, somebody stole a piece of the film and the the scene had to be re-shot.
    REPORTED: Maeve C. 09 JUN 97
  5. In Jungle2Jungle, Martin Short is trying to break down his daughter, Karen's, door because she has locked herself in right when the Russian Mafia is on their way to his house. He tries to knock down the door by slamming into it. When he slams into the door the 3rd time (I think) after, he says,"That's a pain that's here to stay", a reference to his well known role as Ed Grimley in Saturday Night Live skits.
    REPORTED: Josh Scott 08 MAR 98

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