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  1. In the movie, Mary Poppins, when Mary is trying out for Mr. Bank's nanny job, her gloves are white. When they move in to show the tears in her newspaper clipping, her gloves are black.
    REPORTED: anon 05 JAN 99
  2. Garber, Matthew. Child actor; appeared in The Three Lives of Thoma (Geordie), Mary Poppins (Michael Banks), and The Gnome-Mobile (Rodney). He died at a young age while living in Africa
    REPORTED: Scotland Mc Fall 04 MAR 99
    In Dave Smith's Disney A to Z
    REPORTED: anon 08 MAR 99
  3. When Mary Poppins and Bert are in the chalk pavement picture, just after Bert hits himself over the head and kneels on the ground you can see where the back scenery meets the floor
    REPORTED: Robert 06 APR 00
  4. In Mary Poppins when Mary is doing her magic to clean up the kids room, the little girl snaps her fingers and her hats float to the racks in the closet, but a few seconds later in a later scene, they are on top of a shelf in the closet...
    REPORTED: Jamie Marie 05 APR 00
  5. In Mary Poppins, as the children are leaving for their first outing after they have cleaned their room, there is only half of a bed in front of the closet.
    REPORTED: Liisa 22 MAR 01

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