The Great Mouse Detective

  1. When Basil is with Olivia and they are on the trail of the one legged bat. You will find Dumbo sitting on the shelf along with the other toys.
    REPORTED: Bonnie D 29 JUN 96
  2. When this film was originally released its title was "The Great Mouse Detective." When Disney re-released it years later they gave it the title of "The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective." When the film was released on video a few months later, the title on the box was back to "The Great Mouse Detective" but the title on the film itself read "The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective."
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  3. The box that the white girl mouse cries on is "Gaston's Liver Pills", a reference to the father of one of the artists.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  4. The Dumbo seen on the shelf in "The Great Mouse Detective" is one that blows bubbles and is based on a toy that I had as a child.
    REPORTED: anon 04 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Renard 11 NOV 98

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