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  1. Phil Collins wrote 5 songs for Tarzan and sings four of them. He also recorder them in French, German, Itallian and Spanish (both Latin American and Castillian). This is the first time Mr. Collins has recorded song in those languages and is the first time that a Disney animated feature has been released with international versions of songs by the same recording artist.
  2. When the professor is being held upside down and things start to fall out of his pockets and coat, the mini bean bag plush of "Little Brother" (the dog from Mulan) falls out of his coat.
    REPORTED: Nikki Freeman 20 JUN 99
    By now I'm sure all of you have seen Tarzan on DVD, one of the trivia questions is what falls out of Mr. porter's pocket when he up side down? for all of you that don't have dvd, it'll be interesting to know thats it's Little Brother from Mulan.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Allen 10 FEB 00
  3. In the movie Tarzan, when the grown up Terk, Tarzan, and Tantor are playing, there is something hiding in the bushes. You can see Sabor in the bushes when Tarzen looks at them right before the cat jumps at him. It's easier to see the first time if you pause it but after that you see it everytime.
    REPORTED: Jennifer 27 FEB 01
  4. In "Tarzan," there is a tea pot that looks remarkably like Mrs. Potts (from "Beauty and the Beast") at Jane's campsite, seen just before the "Trashin' the Camp" scene.
    REPORTED: CVDrake 05 MAY 99
    It does look like Mrs. Potts but to confirm that I can tell that chip (the cup) is right near her!
    CONFIRMED: Ariel Leviathan 03 JUN 99
    I'm a Disney Store Cast Member, to prepare for TARZAN we were given special preview clips of the movie to be released on the 18th. I noticed that if you take a look at Turk in the squenct "trashing the camp" at one point she it tapping a bunch of old teapots with a spoon or something of that sort for a brief second. Take a look! Its Mrs. Potts and Chip along with some others with the same design.
    CONFIRMED: Josh 06 JUN 99
    In the scene when the gurillas first see the cap, there's a table with a teapot and some cups, which are exectly the same as in "Beauty And The Beast"!!!
    CONFIRMED: Moran Lefler 18 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Ashley 19 JUN 99
    When Terk and company trash the camp, there is a flash to a tea set with tea pot and cups. They are, of couse, Mrs. Potts and Chip and his brothers and sisters from Beauty and the Beast making a cameo appearance...."Nice touch".
    CONFIRMED: John H. Shin 20 JUN 99
    It is definitely Mrs. Potts, and in fact, if you look closely, you'll see one cup with a "chip" in it - that's Chip!
    CONFIRMED: anon 22 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Courtney 23 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Sharon Balik 24 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Kelly 01 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 05 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Goofy 14 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Goldsmith 29 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Fiona 04 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: indiana jones 19 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Tinkerbell 02 MAY 00
    CONFIRMED: Misty M. 12 MAY 00
    CONFIRMED: fernando perdomo abella 17 AUG 00
  5. Tarzan's parents resemble Aerial and Eric from the Little Mermaid!
    REPORTED: Celestina 05 JUL 99
    Tarzan's parents do not resemble Ariel and Eric; instead, they closely resemble strong features in Tarzan himself - especially in the father. Imagine him without facial hair and it's pretty obvious.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Risagirl 05 JUL 00
  6. In a preview from Tarzan, I saw Rafiki, from Lion King, swinging in the tree.
    REPORTED: Tammy King 27 MAY 99
    It wasn't Rafiki, it is the head of an apparently Baboon group. Rafiki is indeed a Baboon.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Ariel Leviathan 03 JUN 99
  7. In the scene where Tarzan first sees the three people and is watching them from the bushes it looks very similar to the scene in Pocahontas when she is watching John Smith. Even the shadows on their faces look similar. Without the video it is hard to tell but I suspect they have some parts that are exactly the same.
    REPORTED: David & Laura Garrett 22 JUL 99
  8. Is it just me or does anyone notice how much Tarzan's parents look like Ariel and Eric from the "Little Mermaid"?
    REPORTED: Karia 21 JUL 99
  9. We found an apparent blooper in the scene where young Tarzan is in the water with the elephants. The elephants are standing about knee deep in water. When Tarzan goes under water we see from below and he is under their feet and they are swimming, when he comes back up, they are standing again.
    REPORTED: David & Laura Garrett 22 JUL 99
  10. Is it just me, or does the "Trashin' the Camp" sequence have more than a passing resemblance to the Jungle Cruise scene in which a group of gorillas trash a poachers' camp? Makes one wonder if Disney might revamp the ride to match the movie...
    REPORTED: David Dill 12 JUN 99
    It does, as many parts of the movie look like they were taken from the Jungle Cruise. In the scene when Tarzan is supposed to get an elephant hair, the elephants pool looks exactly like the one on Jungle Cruise for example.
    CONFIRMED: Ariel Leviathan 03 JUN 99
    None of the boats in Tarzan are Jungle Cruise boats. At least not the new or old boats from WDW. I don't believe anything even resembled the new Disneyland boats... As for Jungle Cruise at WDW being turned into a Tarzan attraction, that was suggested after the George of the Jungle rehab went under. Jungle Cruise at WDW has a rehab scheduled for this spring that will revamp alot of things in need of repair... but Tarzan will not be invited. He has a home at Animal Kingdom.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 16 FEB 00
  11. There was a reference to the Jungle Cruise in the movie "Tarzan". When the gorillas begin shoving Clayton around and inspecting his personal belongings, one of them grabs his shotgun and sits back, peering into the barrels, exactly like the gorilla at the ransacked camp on the ride.
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 04 SEP 00
  12. My husband noticed that during the "Trashin' the Camp" scene, when Terk is playing on the typewriter, the typewriter goes in the wrong direction. Is it just us, or does this typewriter go backwards?!
    REPORTED: Kelly Erickson 08 JUL 99
  13. When Tarzan is saving Jane from the baboons she has just put the picture of the little baboon in her waistband. It disappears until the end of the scene when the big baboon "asks" Tarzan for it. He turns to Jane and it has reappeared, he takes it and gives it to the baboon.
    REPORTED: David & Laura Garrett 22 JUL 99
  14. In the scene where Terk and the elephant head out to the ship to save Tarzan and everyone else, the two are on the outside of the ship in the water. Then, the scene switches inside for a few seconds as the ship tips over. When the shot returns outside, the elephant and Terk have somehow ended up on the side of the boat.
    REPORTED: Tom DeRosa 26 JUN 99
  15. Closing to the end of the movie, there is a scene exactly like in The Haunted Mansion and in Phantom Manor! A person is hung and a lightning strikes! Just like in the attic!!! The reason I don't give more details about this scene is because this message was posted before Tarzan was released and I don't want to spoil!
    REPORTED: Ariel Leviathan 03 JUN 99
    Regarding the report of a similarity in a scene to the Haunted Mansion...I saw it! It happens toward the end when Clayton dies. There is a flash of lightning while Tarzan is standing on the ground looking up. During the flash, you can see the shadow of a man who is hanged. It is much like the elevator at the Haunted Mansion. Very cool! I just caught it. It took a few seconds to register. I look forward to watching for it in slow motion when the movie comes out on video!
    CONFIRMED: Kelly Erickson 08 JUL 99
    Believe it was done to make it easier for young kids. When I saw the film, the little girl behing me asked her father, "What happened?" She never noticed. Her father explained it to her in terms she could understand. UPDATE: TR Shaw 08 JUL 99
  16. I have noticed that during the final scene where Jane is in the boat and decides to stay that something is going on in the clouds in the sky. They definately look as if they are trying to suggest different things. I would welcome everyone to look and see if they can figure this out. I know that one cloud looks distinctly like the FOX from Pinoccio. But just about 3/4 of his head is showing in the shape of a cloud.
    REPORTED: Stephen P. Forsythe 01 JUL 99
  17. Clayton is the hunter's name in Tarzan. Clayton is also Tarzan's real last name (John Clayton), is this a coincidence...Hmmmmmmm!
    REPORTED: Rochelle Kenney 25 AUG 99
  18. During the cat attack, Kala and the baby jump into the boat hanging from the pully or what ever. Anyway, they go down and the rope gets wrapped around the cats foot and pulls the cat up. When Kala and the baby get out of the boat, the weight of the cat should've brought the boat back up, but it just stays. I thought that was a little weird.
    REPORTED: Christina Martin 17 APR 00
  19. In the second cat attack, Tarzan get scratched across his chest by the cat, but it suddenly disappears.
    REPORTED: Christina Martin 17 APR 00
  20. Where he takes Jane and her father to go see the apes, the boat they are in is the Jungle Cruise boat from the Disney ride.
  21. It is a little-known fact that when Disney animators produced the "tree surfing" stuff, they copied the body positions from a Tony Hawk skateboarding video.

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