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Sleeping Beauty

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  1. In Sleeping Beauty, the moment the storybook closes and the movie begins with the people marching in the crowd, there is a man walking with a stick. There is a pair of Mickey ears on the top of the stick.
    REPORTED: Danielle Horner 26 OCT 01
    In the movie Sleeping Beauty there is indeed a man at the beginning carrying a stick with Mickey ears on it. Further, a few seconds later another man appears carrying an identical stick.
    REPORTED: anon 31 MAR 06
  2. At the very begining, when Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are talking about Maleficent Merryweather says "I'd like to turn her into an old toad" Look at the green bench she is sitting on. There is a very clear hidden Mickey carved into the front of it.
    REPORTED: Jane Ann Marie Grimes 17 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: J. Hudak 17 SEP 97
  3. At the beginning of the movie, there is an upside down Mickey on the footboard of Princess Aurora's cradle.
    REPORTED: Janet Schneider 02 SEP 00
  4. In the scene in which the two kings discuss their children's wedding, there is a balcony. The balcony wall pattern is comprised of alternating right-side-up and upside-down Mickey ears, about half the height of the wall.
    REPORTED: Phil Stern
    CONFIRMED: shannon lipscomb 17 SEP 97
    The scene in which Kings Stephen and Hubert get in an argument begins with King Stephen on a balcony. If you look to the right of the King's robe, in the architecture of the balcony, you see two or three classic Mickey heads.
    CONFIRMED: Kate 01 FEB 98
    The part where the kings are talking about their children's future there are lots of hidden Mickey's on the balcony along with on a piece of furniture behind King Hubert in his first appearance.
    CONFIRMED: Jessica 02 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Susanne Bayes Koenig 29 APR 00
  5. When Briar Rose starts singing "I Wonder", and as she walks over to the owl on the tree branch. Look in the background at the tree upward diagonal to Briar Rose's head, you will see several light green circles on the dark green tree. The largest circle is the head and the ears are the two smaller circles right the larger circle. The circles are not connected, but the ear circles are evenly seperated from the head, that you can see a Mickey head pop out at you.
    REPORTED: Brightii 08 APR 99
  6. When Briar Rose and Prince Phillip are singing in the forest. One of the bushes has a Mickey in it. It isn't shaped like it, but the shadows make his head. It is just when Phillip starts singing with her and she says that she can't talk to strangers and he says that they have met before.
    REPORTED: Vanessa 02 JUL 99
  7. If you look on Aurora's blanket the flowers make a Hidden Mickey. It's kind of streched out though.
    REPORTED: John Foster 28 SEP 99
    It does appear similar to Mickey, but it's only several circles. Too many to be a hidden Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 23 DEC 99
  8. In the scene when the three fairies are discussing how to help the king and queen, the are conjuring up tea and cookies for themselves: the cookies are in the shape of Mickey's head!
    REPORTED: Cathy Wolfe 08 JUL 97
    Yes, indeed, the cookies that Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna are eating early in the movie while having their tea is deffinatly a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Joyce Hudak 17 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: shannon lipscomb 17 SEP 97
    I noticed Fawna (while serving tea) is eating a cookie that is Mickey in the scene where The Good Fairies are trying to decided how to keep Aurora safe.
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer K Carling 19 SEP 97
    When the three faries are having a cup of tea and talking about what they should do about Maleficent's curse on Aurora, if you look at the cookie that the blue farie eats with her tea, it's in the shape of a Hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Glen Hidalgo 19 SEP 97
    When Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather are discussing how to keep Aurora from pricking her finger they are drinking tea. Merriweather is materializing cookies to eat with her cup of tea. Look closely, and you will notice that they are shaped in the form of Mickey. There are two small circles and one big one, which makes the Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Amy Ramsey 28 SEP 97
    I definitely saw the hidden Mickey when Merriweather magically made a second cookie, when discussing what to do about Auroa's safety.
    CONFIRMED: Heather Thomson 09 OCT 97
    The three fairies discuss what they can do to stop Malificent's evil spell from coming true. During this discussion the fairies are drinking tea, and Merryweather (the blue fairy), makes her own cookies to eat with the tea. The cookies are in the shape of Mickey ears.
    CONFIRMED: Rachel 21 OCT 97
    Merriweather does conjure up cookies in an oblong looking Mickey's head! My husband Michael was excited to find it until we saaw the extensive list of people who had aready noticed it!!
    CONFIRMED: Emilie Anne Hill 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Michael Coutermarsh 04 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Jenna 20 APR 00
    The Good Fairy Maryweather eats a mouse-head shaped biscut. It is in the scene where the three fairys shrink themselves in the throne room and go into a clock or something to discuss what to do with Princess Aurora to try to protect her from the evil curse put upon her. They are all drinking tea, and Maryweather conjurs up a biscut that looks like Micky's head!
    CONFIRMED: Kathleen Vickers 27 JUL 00
    There is a very obvious Hidden Mickey in the scene where Merryweather is producing cups of tea and biscuits from her wand. If you look you can see that the second biscuit she produces and eats is a definate tri circle Mickey shape!
    CONFIRMED: Tom 01 AUG 00
  9. During the scene where Maleficent's crow is flying over the forest, looking for Briar Rose, you can see an overview of the trees in the forest. There are light-colored circles over the dark areas of the trees. They are shaped like Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Leonda Hill 21 AUG 00
    When the crow is flying over the forest looking for Briar Rose the trees are made up of circles and together they are in the shape of mickey heads!
    CONFIRMED: Nicole Kuchta 30 MAY 01
  10. When Aurora is following Malificent into the fireplace just before she goes in there are upside down and right side up Mickeys on the wall to her left!!
    REPORTED: Jenna 05 JUN 01
  11.  When the crow is looking for Briar Rose over the forest there are trees.  The trees are made up of circles and the circles form into Mickey heads!!
    REPORTED: Blondi9309 at aol.com 03 JUN 01
  12. After the fairies send Briar Rose out to pick berries and throughout the scene, look at the carving on the lower exit door. Sure looks like Mickey to me!
    REPORTED: Paul Sonnenberg 26 SEP 97
    The so-called Mickey on the lower exit door of the cottage in the glen. The carving sorta looks like a Mickey, but are the 'ear' circles smaller than the 'head' circle? When Briar Rose comes back from picking berries and she closes the door, the carving on the door looks more like a Mickey head there then at the other time.
    CONFIRMED: Brightii 08 APR 99
    In the scene where Prince Phillip goes to the cottage to find Briar Rose, as he enters the cottage, and the door shuts behind him, there is a Mickey head in the design on the lower panel of the door.
    UPDATE: Janet Schneider 02 SEP 00
  13. When the 3 fairies are taking away the baby (Princess Aurora) right when they walk out of the door of the castle the on the bottom right hand castle columns there are hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Marci & Melinda Conley 28 JUN 99
    When the fairies are taking baby Aurora away from the King and Queen to raise her in the forest, when the King and Queen are looking out of their window, above the arch and pillars are Hidden Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: JamieMeghan 25 JUN 01
  14. In the scene where the Fairies are taking Aurora away, and Flora stops to cover the head of the baby, the outstanding bricks have a Mickey print.
    REPORTED: anon 04 JUN 00
  15. There are several times throughout the movie when the good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather use their wands and in the process create fairy dust. A lot of these twinkles are in the shape of hidden Mickeys... just pause the movie here and there and you will notice several throughout!
    REPORTED: Emilie Anne Hill 28 DEC 97
    Right when Flora give Aurora the gift of beauty there is a Mickey head in the magic swirls right when it says beauty rare ....
    CONFIRMED: Amber Tolley 14 SEP 99
  16. When Briar Rose is in the forest...it looks like there are many Hidden Mickeys in the "grass," or ground. There also appears to be some in many of the bushes.
    REPORTED: JamieMeghan 25 JUN 01
  17. I recently bought a small art plaque of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland. It shows the scene where Aurora is picking berries. Some of the berries in her basket are in clusters which form Mickey heads. They are probably in that scene in the movie, too. If you see the art plaque (they have other movies too), look for the little Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Kate 18 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Marci And Melinda 29 JUN 99
    I have a poster from Sleeping Beauty with Aurora dancing in the forest and picking berries. Although I've had it for years, I never noticed some of the berries in the basket are hidden Mickeys!
    CONFIRMED: Karen Crockett 16 JAN 00
  18. During the scence where Fauna is making a cake for Briar Rose the sugar jar and sugar spoon dance across the table. If you look carefully you can see there is an upside down Mickey on the handle of the spoon. Also, the handles on the sugar bowl are Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Tara J. Chaney< 29 JUN 98
    The sugar jar and spoon do have a Mickey on them. If you put the tape in slow-motion and watch the spoon and jar turn, when they reach certain directions you will see the Mickey head and ears.
    CONFIRMED: Brightii 08 APR 99
  19. When Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather are outside of Aurora's castle room talking about her marriage the tapestry behind them has little hidden Mickeys across the bottom.
    REPORTED: Jenna 05 JUN 01
  20. Right after the fairies take Aurora to raise her on their own, the movie turns into the "Storybook" form. There is a stone structure one the right side of the picture, and on it there appears to be Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: JamieMeghan 25 JUN 01
  21. Right after they give Sleeping Beauty her crown and leave the room outside the room where Fauna & Merrywether are sitting on a bench there is a carpet right above them. Along the bottom part of it there is Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Marci & Melinda 30 JUN 99

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