Hidden Mickeys

The Sword in the Stone (1963)

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  1. I have spotted a hidden Mickey on the box for "The Sword in the Stone." On the back cover, there is a small square picture in the lower right corner. In this picture, if you look right next to the tip of the handle of the sword, there is a perfect Mickey head formed by three bubbles. I watched this part of the video and this picture isn't an actual frame from the movie.
    REPORTED: Brandon 18 FEB 97
  2. I spotted a Mickey in the video of "The Sword in the Stone." While we were watching the video to see if the scene on the box cover is in the video, I spotted a Mickey in the bubbles. It is a different Mickey than the one on the box. If you have a VCR that moves frame by frame, watch as Hector is at the bottom of the stairs and Kaye is coming down the stairs behind him. (This is the scene when they are going into the kitchen to see what is going on, while the dishes are washing themselves.) There are three bubbles connected in the shape of Mickey's head floating around to the right of Hector's arm. It stays intact as it floats in front of his body. Just before it pops, it looks like a profile of Mickey's head. The profile is only in one frame, so watch closely!
    REPORTED: Carolyn 18 FEB 97

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