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Released 18 June 1999

Disney Adventures Tarzan

  1. I noticed on the Tarzan Video cover, there is a hidden Mickey. The light forms Mickey's head on Tarzan's right shoulder.
    REPORTED: anon 10 FEB 01
    In the AD for the online Disney Store for a purchase of a Tarzan DVD, you can clearly see a hidden Mickey on Tarzan's right sholder, just like on the cover of the video. It is not on the Tarzan - Collector's Edition
    CONFIRMED: Pluto22 26 JUL 01
  2. I just received the Tarzan Summer Spectacular at the El Capitan mailing and noticed that Kerchak, the leader of the gorilla family has a Hidden Mickey on his chest!! In fact his whole chest is a Hidden Mickey. (I will try to e-mail a picture of this) It will be cool to see if this Hidden Mickey is present through out the entire Tarzan movie. For that I guess we will have to wait a few months.
    REPORTED: Xavier and Marci 10 APR 99
    Throughout the movie the shadows of/on Terk's chest reveil a hidden Mickey. There is a particular scene that I first saw it in. I believe that it was after Tarzan has the confrontation with the cheeta. I saw it several other times. The outline on the face of Terk also resembles a Mickey sometimes more than others.
    CONFIRMED: Helen Pandeli 23 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    Kerchak does look like he has a Mickey on his chest and it does appear a few times throughout the movie.
    CONFIRMED: CHRISTIAN 13 FEB 02 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. I found a hidden Mickey in a Tarzan Poster. I saw the poster displayed at my local Disney Store at the Newpark mall in Newark, California. I found another poster that had the same thing but it is smaller. If you look at the trunk of the Elephant it is circular and if you look at the cheeks of the elephant they make the ears of the Mickey. I definitely think this is a legitimate Mickey since it was on two different posters.
    REPORTED: pHluid 18 JUN 99
  4. When Kala first enter to Tarzan's tree house, and hears Tarzan whimper, look at the background. At the left of Kala's head there is a three circle lamp that form a Mickey head!!!
    REPORTED: Irving 20 JUL 99 Tarzan
  5. In the scene where Kala is looking for the baby Tarzan. Her first sight of the crib, after she sees the family photo, reveals a teddy bear in the left hand corner. The teddy bear's position is a distinct hidden Mickey. The body as the head and the hands as the ears.
    REPORTED: Jeff Dougher 19 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    I agree that the teddy bear in Tarzan's parents hut looks like a Mickey.
  6. Look at the start of the bubbles that come out of Tarzan's (the baby) mouth. They quickly form a Mickey head!
    REPORTED: Ariel Leviathan 03 JUN 99
    At the beginning of Tarzan, when Kala first picks baby Tarzan up, he blows some bubbles that briefly form a hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Schub 21 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Catherine Bowen 23 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: David Dingley 13 OCT 01
    Baby Tarzan does make Mickey bubbles when Kala picks him up out of the crib.
  7. When Tarzan is a little boy and he looks at his reflection in the pond, he hits the water with the back of his hands like a gorilla. The ripples in the water form a couple of hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Douglas Urquilla Jr. 17 JUN 99
  8. When Terk and company trash the camp, the elephant blows bubbles and of course, a few bubbles form quick tri-circle Mickeys!
    REPORTED: John H. Shin 20 JUN 99
    I agee that at the Trashin The Camp scene, the elephant does blow bubbles that look like Mickey. It is around 43:40 on the DVD and you might have to pause the movie to see it.
  9. In the "Trashin' the Camp" song of Tarzan, there are some papers scattered around in the background (just before they show the globe hidden Mickey). On one of the white sheet of paper, there is a distinct Mickey head drawn on it!!!
    REPORTED: Julie & Kelly 23 JUN 99
    The scattered paper in the Trashin The Camp scene does have a Mickey on it. It's around 42:35 on the DVD and it is in the lower right corner.
    CONFIRMED: CHRISTIAN 13 FEB 02 Tarzan Tarzan
  10. There is one hidden Mickey in the movie "Tarzan". It's only visible for about 2 frames, so it will require someone with a very fast eye to see it until the video is released. I know it's there because I put it there. I'll give you a hint: You'll have to look "around the world" to find it! It might be able to be seen in the downloadable trailer from the official Disney Tarzan site.
    REPORTED: anon 03 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Julie & Kelly 23 JUN 99
    During the "Smash the Camp" scene, Terk (Rosie O'Donnell's character) is seen rolling on a globe. If you freeze frame the globe when the Pacific ocean is present, there is a small island on the lower left side that is an upside-down Mickey Mouse head with ears. I thought I saw it at the theatre, and confirmed it while watching the DVD tonight!
    CONFIRMED: Gary Eckhardt 02 FEB 00
    Yes, the Mickey island in the movie Tarzan is there. And what's interesting is that it's almost in the exact same location as the Mickey island on the globe in the World of Imagination.
    CONFIRMED: Jorge Montes 13 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00
    There is a Mickey on the globe in the Trashin The Camp scene. You can freeze your DVD at 42:51 to see it real good.
    There is a hidden Mickey on the ship that comes to take Jane and her father home. As Jane and Tarzan are talking on the row boat, Jane reaches up for the ship's ladder. Just above her head, there is an indention in the side of the ship that is the shape of Mickey's head. It is a little rough around the edges, but it looks like Mickey to me.
    CONFIRMED: Chrissy Vengco 01 APR 02


  1. While watching the Disney Channel today, in the Zoog commercial that promotes Disney's Tarzan Video Game. If you look at the back of the Zoog character in the flying saucer, he has a black hidden Mickey on the back of his green shirt.
    REPORTED: Max Collins 05 JUL 99

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