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  2. As the heroes escape on the solar sailer they fly over a Hidden Mickey! The silhouette of Mickey Mouse on the ground is made to look like part of the terrain. It's visible for less than one second.
    REPORTED: Shawna M Benson 23 AUG 93
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Sydor 23 APR 94
    CONFIRMED: BS Kramer 06 JUL 95
    CONFIRMED: Christoph Marquardt 02 SEP 95
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    CONFIRMED: Ed Stastny 26 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Michael Gordon 26 FEB 97
    The left facing Mickey Head is shown below the Solar Sailer it is in grey with a very fine grid pattern and the surounding territory is in a larger brighter grid pattern.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Heward 10 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jay 23 MAR 97
    During the Solar Sailor ride, watch the landscape of the ground under the sailor. You will see, amid the grid background, a solid Mickey silhouette looking to your left!
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 01 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: leo reuter 11 JUL 97
    There's a hidden Mickey in "Tron"! As Tron, Flynn, and Yori head towards the I/O Tower in the Solar Sailer, they fly over a desolate vista of hills in various sizes and shapes. One hill is leveled off, more like a mesa, and as the camera tracks to follow the Solar Sailer, this mesa moves underneath... resembling Mickey's profile in silhouette -- the nose is on the left and the ears on the right, but once you see it you'll never miss it again!
    CONFIRMED: Andy Evanson 22 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Stephen Matthews 03 JAN 00
    If you own the DVD of TRON you can find the Hidden Mickey by going to chapter 21 "Tron finds Flynn". It is about 49 seconds into the scene.
    CONFIRMED: Lane Acker 28 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: detelony 06 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Mitch Capalbo 09 JUL 01
    On the 20th Anniversary DVD edition of Tron, at 01:12:24 you can see this clearly in the background.
    CONFIRMED: nothing 19 JAN 02
    In TRON when the solar ship ship comes out of the mountains it flies over a lake shaped like Mickeys head. Found this listening to commentary track on TRON DVD. Chapter 14 around 70min mark.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Hamilton 27 JAN 02
    I located an obvious hidden Mickey in the movie TRON. In the DVD it is in chapter 14 just after TON saves Flynn from falling off of the simulaion. The camera pulls back to a top view and you see Mickey's head in the canyon below.
    CONFIRMED: Kevin 31 JAN 02
    At 1:12:25 scene 14..
    CONFIRMED: Flynn licks + Bubba 21 MAR 02
    CONFIRMED: Ken Robinson 24 MAR 02
    There is a blatant (and easy to spot) Mickey head in the computerized background of the film... To see it, you must view a widescreen copy (or click on this link to view). Pan and scan versions of the films which match SDTV 1.3 aspect ratio by chopping off the sides would make it impossible to notice due to the shear size of the mickey head which is slightly wider than the full width of the original true widescreen image. The scene where it shows up is one of the travelling shots where the characters are riding on the solar sailer with the butterfly shaped solar sail. As the camera pans over several sand dunes it flies over, one large dune clearly forms a side profile of Mickey laughing. My copy taken from the Japanese extended laserdisc (extra scenes) has this scene timed at exactly 1:12:19 to 1:12:23 if you set your counter to 0:00:00 the moment the "Distributed by Buena Vista" text displays on the screne at the beginning. US versions of the film may have a different counter reading to find this scene due to the cut scenes. I don't have a US copy to examine off hand, but have included the clip here in iPod format (view with Quicktime or iTunes) to prove the scene's existance. To find the scene by the dialog, the shot immediately preceding it has one character asking Jeff Goldblum "Where's RAM?" and Jeff Goldblum answers "He didn't make it" and then the other character says, "Come on..." Immediately after that last remark, they fly over the hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Matt Carrell 30 MAR 06

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