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DisneyQuest Chicago

  1. At CyberSpace Mountain, after you have designed your coaster in the Design Lab, look up when you are next in line to be sent up the stairs to the Launch Bay. The lighting here is mounted on round metal bars, three round metal bars, in fact, that form a perfect Hidden Mickey. There are actually two here: one above the Cast Member station at the front of the line, and one above the stairs themselves.
    REPORTED: Mike Ripplinger 28 JUN 00
    I just got back from a weekend in Chicago and went to DisneyQuest. The first virtual reality simulation at the Chicago Interactive Theme Park I went on was the "CyberSpace Mountain" build-your-own-and-test-it rollercoaster. While waiting in line I noticed three peculiar steel-like rings hanging from the ceiling at the entrance to the "ride," one big and two small, that form an obvious hidden mickey. As I got closer to test my coaster simulation I noticed two more similar hidden mickeys. In addition, I talked to many cast members and some told me that there are many hidden mickeys all over DisneyQuest Chicago. The only simulation that doesn't have one is Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. And although I searched high and low, a cast member told me there is a hidden mickey imbedded in the carpet in the line for Hercules In the Underworld 3-D simulation.
    UPDATE: Tim Andrassy Jr. 15 AUG 00
  2. At Disney Quest Chicago, if you go on the 4th or 5th floors and look down upon the "Ventureport" on the 3rd floor, you will see the shape of Mickey Mouse's head disguised as hyroglyphic-like shapes on the carpet.
    REPORTED: anon 24 APR 01

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