1. The complete list of the hidden tunes at disneyland.com. Also Innoventions at Disneyland continues to use the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow song, so the inclusion of it on the website is not as odd as I originally thought it was.
    UPDATE: Kirby Bartlett-Sloan 01 JUN 02
    Each time the cursor hovers over something, it plays the next note in the area's theme song.
    CONFIRMED: Stuart Bentley 25 JUN 02

    Disney Television

    Dharma and Greg

    1. On the season opener of Dharma and Greg a scene takes place at Dharma's parents home. (The scene opens the show.) To Greg's left side (audience's right) a picture hangs. It looked familiar to me. When I looked at it again I realized it was the exterior blueprints for the Disneyland Haunted Mansion I had seen on eBay. I guess it figures that a Disney owned network like ABC would have this in one of their shows.
      REPORTED: Alex Cohn 10 OCT 00


    1. This was a funny thing that I saw in an episode of Zorro, i don't know which one it was, but i can describe what was happening. The miltary was trying to keep this one guy inside a building and wouldn't let certain people inside. Diego came outside with Bernardo. Diego went to talk to someone and told Bernardo to stay there. So, while Bernardo was waiting by the door, he was off center and standing on the right side of the tv screen. And nest to him, on the left side, there were shadows of hands, and they were making shapes of doggies and stuff, it was really funny, and I was like, hey!!! Look at this!!! Not really a fun fact, but FUNny when you see it.
      REPORTED: Becky 02 SEP 00


    1. In one of the episodes, Bonkers the Toon cop must rescue the kidnapped corporate icon. There is a Hidden Donald and Goofy. When Bonkers and Lucky sneak into Corkscrew Studios, they jump into a costume/prop truck. Inside the truck are two statues of Donald and Goofy. It is difficult to see at first because it is dark inside and is only lit by a flashlight.
      REPORTED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    2. In Bonkers on Disney`s & Toon Disney`s Winter Break, at the beginning of "Casabonkers" there were Lady and Tramp.
      REPORTED: Billy G. 22 DEC 98

    Miscellaneous Cartoons

    1. In a Donald Duck cartoon about hunting, Donald goes hunting with a relative who came off of a painting. Right after Donald lines up behind many other hunters, it shows a river with deer drinking. As some garbage flows by in the river, it pans over to the deer. The deer are actually Bambi and his mother, and she says a line from Bambi.
      REPORTED: Josh Hendrix 27 AUG 97

    Disney Stage Productions

    Beauty and the Beast

    1. The lighting design requires over 1.2 million watts, enough to light a football stadium.
    2. The Enchantress' fireball, which transforms the prince into the Beast, is a patented device which took over a year to develop. The Ball of fire can be held in her hand without damage.
    3. Lumiere uses about an ounce of butane fuel per show per arm -- four pounds per month.
    4. The show uses six pounds of butane, total each month.
    5. Every Cast Member -- that's 38 actors - has a wireless microphone.
    6. When it first tour, Disney's Beauty and the Beast was the largest touring production ever to tour the United States, and is still one of the all-time biggest. It takes 27 semi-tractor trailer trucks to move the touring production from city to city.
    7. After recreating her role in the premiere of the Los Angeles production (1995), Beth Fowler returned to the Broadway production where she is still playing Mrs. Potts.
    8. In addition to Beth Fowler and Eleanor Glokner (Madame de la Grande Bouche), ensemble members Gregory Harrison, Alisa Kelin, Anna McNeely, Bill Nabel, Wendy Oliver, Gordon Stanley and Linda Talcott Lee remain from the original Broadway company.
    9. During the first 1,000 performances on Broadway, champagne bottles in the musical number "Be Our Guest" have used nearly 2 tons of explosives -- 3,720 pounds of solid explosives and 187.5 pounds of liquid butane.
    10. During the first 1 000 performances on Broadway, 3,000 ounces of liquid butane were used in the flaming hands of Lumiere -- the equivalent of 6 million flicks of a BIC lighter.
    11. The musical's Tony-Award winning costumes were worn and removed 201,000 times during Broadway's first 1,000 performances.
    12. Over the course of the first 1,000 performances on Broadway, securing the 84 wigs and hairpieces that are worn during each show took 3,763 pounds of hairpins.
    13. More Beauty and the Beast trivia

    Legend of the Lion King

    1. There are more than 232 puppets in the show, including rod puppets, shadow puppets, and full-sized puppets.
    2. There are 25 kinds of birds, animals, insects and fish are represented in the Lion King.
    3. Originally, the tallest animals in the show were the 26-foot flying giraffes in the song "I Just Can't Wait To Be King". However, they were cut from the show during its out of town run in Minneapolis leaving the second tallest animals in the show to take its place. The 4 "exotic" giraffes in "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" are approximately 18 feet tall.
    4. The tiniest animal in the show is the trick mouse at the end of Scar's cane: 5 inches.
    5. The longest animal is an elephant: 13 feet long, 11'3" high, and 9 feet wide at the ears. It collapses to 34 inches wide to go down the aisle at the New Amsterdam.
    6. More than 750 pounds of silicone rubber were used to make molds for the masks in The Lion King.
    7. Nearly 700 lighting instruments were used to create the effects
    8. 60 pounds of grass were used for the Grasslands headdresses.
    9. It took 37,000 hours to build the puppets and masks for The Lion King
    10. The masks in The Lion King are made of a tough, lightweight material called carbon graphite. First, the "face" of the mask is created by spraying silicon onto a mold made from paper or clay. When enough layers of silicon build up, a rubbery shell is formed. This shell is removed from the mold and becomes the imprint for the mask. The mask is completed with the carbon graphite. Although they may look very heavy, Mufasa's mask only weighs 11 ounces, and Scar's mask weighs 9.5 ounces.

    Disney CD-ROMs

    Walt Disney World CD-ROM Explorer

    1. Tinkerbell's wand Sparkles.
      REPORTED: Rob Collier 28 SEP 96
      The Hidden Mickeys are all in the last picture of each ride/attraction so that Tinkerbell comes and her wand lights up when she has found one.
    2. There is a game in which you are to find the Hidden Mickeys. When you find 10 you get to see a short film with Walt Disney himself. The Hidden Mickeys by the way are very easy to find.
      REPORTED: Matthew Tobias 15 MAR 97
      You must be careful not to double-click that 10th Hidden Mickey or the program will bypass the video clip cue.
      CONFIRMED: William's mom 24 MAR 97
    3. When you click the More Stuff section of the United Kingdom the narrator states: "Ideally situtated on the bank of the Seven Seas Lagoon, the patio of the Rose & Crown Restaurant...". Sitting here you would be looking over the World Showcase Lagoon. Oops.
      REPORTED: Gckeppley 19 JUL 97
    4. I'm not sure that this qualifies as a "Magic Kingdom" secret, but I have another odd observation about shooting at the hippos. While many skippers still ignore the new policy about only firing warning shots, it surprised me that Disney has published an MPEG in their new (version 2) WDW Explorer Software. In the motion picture clip found in the program's Jungle Cruise section, the skipper clearly fires directly at the hippo. I guess someone at Disney interactive got a hold of an old stock clip and had never heard of the new policy.
      REPORTED: PatrickRG 15 FEB 99

    Ariel's Story Studio CD-ROM

    1. In Ariels Story Studio, in the scene where you are underwater with Ariel , Flounder and Sabastian and you can click on misc items like a fork, a globe, and release Sabastian from the cup and Jack in the box, click on the globe and Flounder will say "It is a Small World After All"....

    D Show CD-ROM

    1. In the D Show CD Rom, there is a very noticeable error in the category Disney University. The question has to do with "Encino Man" and they mispell and say Brendan Fraser's name wrong! The question is as follows: Before BRANDON Frasier took to the trees in "George of the Jungle," he was caveman on campus in Encino Man. What high school did he rock?
      REPORTED: Laura Throp 28 OCT 98

    Miscellaneous Disney CD-ROM's

    1. Not quite a Hidden Mickey but in the Ready to Read with Pooh you can get Pinocchio as a prize.
      REPORTED: Diana 03 OCT 97
    2. In the CD-Rom Hades Challenge, Scar makes a cameo appearance. When the game is going through the introduction, you are taken to Phil's Island and you see a view of Hercules's trophies while Phil is talking. Well, smack dab in the center is Scar!
      REPORTED: Laura Throp 12 FEB 98
    3. If you have the Aladdin game for Sega Genises you can find this secret - a very helpful secret. In the desert level you will come acros a clothes line. On it there are Mickey ears. If you leave Aladdin alone for half a minute to a minute he will start moving on his own looking left and right. If you get just on the right spot and Aladdin starts to move and if his head get perfectly under so he is wearing Mickey's ears, you will get an extra life at the top of the screan. You only have a limit of one time for it.
      REPORTED: LIsa-Anne Mitrovic 11 JUL 98
      In the sega mega drive game there is indeed a hidden goofy, but also a hidden Sebastion (little mermaid) in the sultan's dungeon level he in chained to the wall. and there is also a hidden Beast (beauty and the beast) in the sultan's palace level he is in astack of toys just like in the movie.
      CONFIRMED: Adam 30 JUL 00

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