Hidden Mickeys
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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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  1. If you look at the spatula XR is holding the end looks like 3 circles in the shape of Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: Cassie 25 MAR 02
  2. In the episode Enemy Without a Face Mira, XR and the Kronozian capsize into water there are bubblesthat resemble Mickeys head before they burst out of the water.
    REPORTED: Cassie 24 MAR 02
  3. Episode Holiday Time, 3 coloured cogs in motion at Santa's Work shop resemble Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Cassie 24 MAR 02
  4. The episode Enemy Without a Face, Buzz and Booster are bombed, the smoke that clears around them is in the shape of Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: Cassie 24 MAR 02
  5. In the episode Holiday Time where Buzz and Zurg fight there is a Pinnochio puppet among the toys they fly past.
    REPORTED: Cassie 29 MAR 02

Life Size

  1. In the Disney Channel movie, Life Size with Tyra Banks, there is a very obvious hidden Michey. At the immediate beginning of the movie, it's a commercial for the Eve Dolls. The camera scrolls up past a fake moon, which has a distinct Mickey head in the craters of the moon. No idea how I managed to see this one. It was very accidental!
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 21 JUL 01

Up, Up and Away

  1. In the Disney Channel Original Movie Up, Up and Away. There are two Mickey heads on the computer screen at the end of the movie, when the Earth Protectors are using their program to brainwash the superheros.
    REPORTED: Tiggeriffic 28 JUN 01

Zenon the Zequel

  1. In the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zenon the Zequel, there is a Hidden Mickey. I thought I was seeing things at first, but then I kept noticing throughout the scene, and I pretty much confirmed (to myself) that that was a HM I saw. Near the end of the movie, when Margie's father is telling the group of people what they did wrong, there is a piece of the set wall (it's quite huge) next to some space suits, in the corner, that has a HM on it. If you miss it the first time it's up, don't worry, cause it's on screen for (maybe) close to a minute in total (or more!). The HM is right-side up, no turning your head in an odd way or anything. In most of the scene it's in between the speaker and the addressee (the group of people), and sometimes its over the speaker's left shoulder. When I saw this, I just about screamed: There's a Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Quest2068Girl 02 FEB 01

The Golden Girls

  1. In an episode of "The Golden Girls" (owned by Disney), Dorothy goes to a local audition for contestants on JEOPARDY! In the "classroom" where the auditions are help there is a chalk board. And amongst the doodlings on the board are a drawing of Mickey's head! There were often references to Disney World in the GOLDEN GIRLS scripts as well.
    REPORTED: Chris Babbage 17 JUL 00
  2. In the episode where it was Rose's Birthday, she receives and authentic Mickey Mouse Club Sweatshirt.
    REPORTED: Dayna 16 JAN 01
  3. In the episode where Sophia get's married again, they go on their honeymoon to Walt Disney World
    REPORTED: Dayna 16 JAN 01
  4. On the Golden Girls, if you look, in some episodes in the kitchen, there is a string of plastic onions hanging in the back. Has anyone but me ever noticed that the last onion hanging down is actualy 3 onions... 1 large one and 2 smaller ones on top of it forming the tri-circle Mickey. If anyone doubts this, just watch, the onions are actualy connected!
    REPORTED: Jacob 15 JUN 01

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

  1. Hidden Mickey on the stage of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". ABC being a Disney co. could have placed this hidden Mickey on the set, if not then it is a remarkable look-alike. When the show fades to commercial and an overhead shot of the stage is shown notice the center circle where Regis and the contestant sit. There is a circle which forms the head and their two chairs form the ears. If you imagine it you can see it from the stage level angle also. See how the chairs are off centered. WOW!
    REPORTED: Mister Creatine 15 MAR 00
    The claim is that the center circle that Regis Philbin and the contestant are located is the head, and the chairs form the ears. I have to say that this is Wishful Thinking. First, Buena Vista TV must follow the set design defined by Celador Productions when they bought the rights to the show. So it is highly unlikely that the original British producers would have thought of a HM. Second, the chairs are not positioned in the correct place to even resemble a HM. The chairs' bases are inside the circle, not on the edge or outside. And third, the chairs themselves are much smaller than the large circle, thus not achieving the desired "ears to head" ratio seen in other HMs.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Dean Scungio 17 JUN 00

Disney Channel

  1. In the Disney Channel commercial where it shows Mickey in a submarine, there is a hidden Mickey on the right side of the sub when it shows Mickey. There are many colored lights and three of them make a tri-circle.
    REPORTED: Jerry Lakin 20 MAY 02
  2. I was watching T.V. one night and I spotted a Hidden Mickey. It is not exactly the tri-circle mickey, but it relates to Disneyland. During the 2000 Winter Holiday broadcast on the Disney Channel between commercials there is two girls having a snowball fight. In the backround you can see clearly a mountain thet resembles Matterhorn in Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Zuniga 01 DEC 00
  3. I've seen bus ads/billboards for the Disney Channel w/ Tinkerbell and tagline "a movie every night @ 7:00" and the TV behind Tink has "ears."
    REPORTED: Meli 04 APR 97
  4. Right before a Disney movie is about to begin on the Disney Channel they show a scene in a castle with movie clips projected onto drapes as you enter the castle and leave it (over a balcony) the railing posts have Mickeys cut out of them.
    REPORTED: Gates Browne 28 SEP 97
  5. In the Disney Channel commerical with the Mickey posters, look at the gate. The circles make the Mickey symbol.
    REPORTED: Mickey 13 DEC 98
  6. On the Disney Channel, they have Vault Disney at night, and most nights, at 11:00 PM, there is Walt Disney Presents. As it's opening, there is a song about the wonderful world of color. Watch closely! After a shot of horseback riders making their jump, there is a shot with a background that looks like a kaleidoscope, and within the design are Mickey faces. It only lasts a moment, but is easy to see once you look.
    REPORTED: Sarah32384 03 JUL 99


  1. On KABC-7 (ABC, Los Angeles) during the entertainment report on the news, there is an imitation of the Daily Variety newspaper with only one visible headline: "Disney TV".
    REPORTED: Jon Fether 04 APR 97

Out of the Box

  1. Sitting in the large window is a teddy bear with unmistakenly large Mickey-esque ears.
    REPORTED: Andy 03 JAN 02

    Dharma and Greg

    Phsst: Fun Facts
    1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

    Life Size

    1. Saw a Hidden Mickey in Life Size (the Tyra Banks-Lindsay Lohan movie on ABC tonight -- about bringing a fashion doll to life). There was a Hidden Mickey on the moon that was a prop for Eve's ball. You see this very early in the movie and then again at the company headquarters at the end. An Aladdin doll also makes an appearance on Eve's beach set, he's dressed in swim trunks.
      REPORTED: Missy Wigley 06 MAR 00
      I saw a Hidden Mickey in the movie Life Size with Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks. It is in the very beginning of the movie. They are showing different things the Eve doll can do. There is a shot of a moon when they show Eve at a ball. There is a Mickey on the moon.
      REPORTED: Darlene 05 SEP 00

    The Adventures of Zorro

    Phsst: Fun Facts Video Tape and DVD
    Zorro, Vol. 3: Zorro And The Mystery Of Don Cabrillo
    1. Zorro's Adventures in Monterey - (Welcome to Monterey) Episode 43 "The Señorita Makes A Choice" - The chest of money that Anna Maria finds to ransom her father has a lock on it that looks just like the Mickey Mouse ears logo that always appear on the lower right hand corner of the TV screen.
      REPORTED: The Zooper's Home Page 07 MAY 00
      In Episode 43 "The Señorita Makes A Choice" - when Anna Maria moves the books to get the chest for the ransom, the lock is unmistakably a Mickey Head. I saw that episode just last night and pointed out the shape to my little brother. I remember I thought it was weird it was shaped like that instead of a sqaure or circle.
      CONFIRMED: Becky 02 SEP 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
    2. Zorro's Adventures in Monterey - (The Law of Joaquin Castenada) Episode 48 "Ambush" - The lock to the leg irons that Joaquin Castenada used on both Diego and Bernardo looks just like the Mickey Mouse ears logo that always appears on the lower right hand corner of the TVscreen.
      REPORTED: The Zooper's Home Page 07 MAY 00

    Home Improvement

    1. The one where Tim has stomach problems and cant sleep and is watching all the tool times he is drinking stomach acid stuff out of a straw and the straw is made of three circles.
      REPORTED: Figment 02 MAR 00
      Tim is, in fact, drinking antacid through a curly straw with 3 circles. However, the 3 circles are the same size, and not connected.
      WISHFUL THINKING: Jaime 11 JUN 02
    2. There is a Hidden Mickey on Home Improvement. I really don't watch the show but yesterday I saw one in the lamp shade on the table next to the couch in their house. It is a sort of western motif (like one you might see at Wilderness Lodge). The kids (I don't know thier names) were playing a board game with Al in this episode.
      REPORTED: anon 16 APR 99
    3. I was watching "Home Improvement" (Owned by Disney) last night and I saw a hidden Mickey in one of the scenes. It was an older episode, the one when "Brad" shaves his hair on the sides and wears a ponytail and "Tim" gets mad at him. The scene was when Tim walks into Brads bedroom to talk to him and to tell him he is sorry for freaking out about the haircut. It is located on the wall and it is a white cut out of Mickey's ears and face with writing on it. It was unmistakable, even my kids saw it. I never thought to look for them on television shows!
      REPORTED: Wendy 04 SEP 99


    Phsst: Fun Facts
    Disney Adventures
    1. While it is not at all odd to see Donald Duck guest-starring in one of the Disney Afternoon cartoons, it is another matter entirely to run into Mickey. In one of the episodes of 'Bonkers', Bonkers the Toon cop must rescue the kidnapped corporate icon - The Mouse. Mickey himself never appears in the cartoon and is always locked in a box or hidden behind a wall, but it is his unmistakable voice. The plot involves The Mouse (the name 'Mickey' is never used) being kidnapped and replaced by a disgruntled rat, who disguises himself in the typical Mickey-wear of red shorts/yellow buttons/white gloves. Although this is not a Hidden Mickey of the typical type, the rarity of Mickey's appearances in this Disney medium makes it of note.
      REPORTED: StocDred 16 MAY 94
      CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    2. I was just watching Bonkers on Disney`s & Toon Disney`s Winter Break. I noticed at the beginning of "Casabonkers" there was a Mickey Mouse phone at the left side of the screen.
      REPORTED: Billy G. 22 DEC 98


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    1. You know every episode right before they go to commercials they show a postcard with a picture on it and they say "we'll be right back" or something like that....there's a postcard with a ship and they're dressed in Norwegian clothes and there are 3 shields on the ship:
      • A dollar bill,
      • A duck head,and
      • In the center a Mickey!

    2. In the episode "GizmoDuck" (Part III of the 5-part pilot for the second season) the Beagle Boys are being chased by GizmoDuck, when Ma Beagle suddenly turns their getaway car into the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant. Burger Beagle decides at that moment that he is hungry, and leaps out of the car to order a snack. The ordering intercom box is a statue of Mickey in a chef's hat with a burger in his hand. The statue is painted red.
      REPORTED: Chris Sherman 25 JUL 95
    3. In one of the Duck Tales Movies, called Masked Marauders, in the second cartoon, when the Beagle Boys jump into the waterfall and are floating away to the boat, they are in the shape of a hidden Mickey.
      REPORTED: anon 22 DEC 98

    101 Dalmatians: The Series

    1. In the episode On the Lamb, where the pups go after a Rambo-like black sheep, look closely at the beginning of the nursery scene. One of the hedges resembles Mickey Mouse's head.
      REPORTED: Joe Klemm 05 DEC 97
      When Lambo hides in the Grutley Nursery, we see a Mickey Mouse-shaped shrub as we pan to his hiding place.
      CONFIRMED: William Raymer 01 APR 99

    Magical World Of Disney

    1. Before the Magical World Of Disney, they do a little 10 second lead in where it takes you through the castle and you go out on the balcony and on the railing there are a row of giant Mickey heads.
      REPORTED: Eric B 18 FEB 97
      It's only there for a second or two, but it's clear.
      CONFIRMED: Gary Navo Jr. 02 NOV 97
      Right before a Disney movie is about to begin on the Disney Channel they show a scene in a castle with movie clips projected onto drapes as you enter the castle and leave it (over a balcony) the railing posts have Mickeys cut out of them.
      CONFIRMED: Brandon Alpert 28 NOV 97
      CONFIRMED: Christy 11 FEB 01
    2. On The Magical World of Disney, right before you come out of the castle at the end of the opening sequence there are small "pictures" on the inside walls, you will see a Hidden Mickey picture...and it's framed. It is blurry though. Best if you look to the left bottom corner.
      REPORTED: Jim Murphy 04 FEB 99

    Double Teamed

    1. In the Disney Channel original movie, Double Teamed, the entrance to Heather and Hedi Burge's room has beads hanging down instead of a door, in the doorway. These beads are all Mickey Mouse heads. The best scene to spot them in is when Heather's mother gives her a pep talk about playing basketball, after she hurts her ankle.
      REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 30 NOV 01

    Even Stevens

    1. In the Disney Channel original show, Even Stevens, there is a well known episode in which Louis and Ren get to meet the group BBMAk. In a scene during the episode in which Ren and her best friend are at her friends house, they go into her bedroom. Sitting in the corner is a giant "Big Bunny" stuffed animal from the Disney movie, Honey I Blew Up the Baby. Awesome!
      REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 22 AUG 01

    Sabrina the Animated Series

    1. In the one when she finds the dog, after they attack the house, look on the oven there are 3 Knobs that form into a hidden Mickey.
      REPORTED: anon 24 MAR 01

    Darkwing Duck

    1. On Darkwing Duck, episode "Stressed To Kill", there is a scene where MegaBolt and that imposter Darkwing guy are leaning over Darkwing with ray guns and you see it from Darkwing's view. Above them are three lights shaped in circles that form a hidden Mickey!
      REPORTED: Samantha 21 JAN 01

    The Wonderful World of Disney

    1. In the recent Wonderful World of Disney movie (11/19/00) "Santa Who" -- Leslie Neilson plays Santa and the "ball" at the tip of his hat forms a Mickey icon! It can be seen several times throughout the movie!
      REPORTED: Jaye Efland 20 NOV 00
    2. In the opening sequence of The Wonderful World of Disney, there is a hidden Mickey to the left of The Lion King scene.
      REPORTED: Brian Ernshaw 12 MAR 98
    3. The front of the castle has a Mickey on it.
      REPORTED: Mr.Toad 22 OCT 98
    4. Tinkerbell makes a Mickey with the fireworks.
      REPORTED: Mr.Toad 22 OCT 98

    Gummi Bears

    1. There are at least two episodes with hidden Mickey and Donald. In Sinister Sculptor in the scene when we are first shown how the sculptor petrifies the animals, in the moment he puts an animal on the shelves of his wagon when the camera switches from behind those shelves we clearly see petrified Mickey and Donald, between them the sculptor puts that new animal. In Someday My Prints Will Come in the beginning we can see the bathroom in Gummi Glen. The rubber toys on a shelf are Mickey and Donald
      REPORTED: Sergei Zubkov 13 FEB 97
      Gummi Bears Episode: Sinister Sculptor In the scene when we are first shown how the sculptor petrifies the animals, in the moment he puts an animal on the shelves of his wagon when the camera switches from behind those shelves we do indeed clearly see a petrified Mickey and a rare glimps of Donald, also petrified.
      CONFIRMED: anon 29 NOV 98

    Tymon and Pumbaa

    1. I saw this during an episode of Tymon and Pumbaa set in Switzerland (I didn't catch the title). As they skiied thogh a snowdrift the hole left behind was the classic 'Mickey'. It was only on screen for about a second.
      REPORTED: Mike Bartlett 16 JUN 98


    1. On "Dinosaurs" on Disney Channel, there is a Mickey made from dots on the Baby's head.
      REPORTED: Redsox275 06 NOV 98

    Disney's One Saturday Morning

    1. This particular episode aired on January 9th 1999. It was on the "How Things Werk" portion. It was on a cow, the cow's black spots were shaped in a Hidden Mickey! It flashed by really quick!
      REPORTED: Stephanie Hansler 31 JAN 99
      In Disney's "One Saturday Morning" tv show, there's a segment called "How Things Werk", a short science cartoon, with a boy and Mr. Werks. In the Momentum cartoon, someone on a bike runs into a cow with spots -- one of them a familiar two ears and a head.
      CONFIRMED: Cedric Chin 11 JUN 99


    1. In one scene of "Brother's Keeper" of Disney's Gargoyles, the trio is trying to land an aircraft and one of the instruments on the console is actually a Mickey Mouse watch. The close up of Hyena's helicopter dashboard (after she says 'Rich man, dead man...), a Mickey Mouse clock behind her hand. Confirmed by Roy Sato, an animator from the show
      REPORTED: Leva 17 JAN 99
    Zoog Disney

    Zoog Disney

    1. If you look at the Zoog Disney Logo in the word ZOOG, look right between the two yellow letter O's. There is a small red circle (which is part of the border), and it forms a hidden Mickey!
      REPORTED: Dan 27 JUL 01
    2. At the end of the Zoog Disney introduction, MZ says "Welcome to this happy place,welcome."And I think that is what Walt Disney said when he opened up Disneyland!
      REPORTED: Dogger120 10 AUG 00
    3. During "Zoog Disney" on the Disney Channel, there is a thing called "Disney's Magic Shop." Look in the corner. There is a picture from "Fantasia" of Mickey.
      REPORTED: anon 14 DEC 98
    4. While watching the Disney Channel today, in the Zoog commercial that promotes Disney's Tarzan Video Game. If you look at the back of the Zoog character in the flying saucer, he has a black hidden Mickey on the back of his green shirt.
      REPORTED: Max Collins 05 JUL 99
    5. I Saw A Zoog Disney Commercial And The Cartoon Characters Were Forming A Band. I Looked At The Drum Player And It Formed A Perfect Mickey. 1 Big Drum With 2 Little Ones On The Top.
      REPORTED: Tim 25 JUL 99
      I am confirming the Zoog Disney Hidden Mickey about the Zoogs with a drum set forming a band. I have seen this many times.
      CONFIRMED: anon 13 JUN 00

    Mouse Works

    1. While watching Disney's new Mickey's Mouse Works, during the credits, there is an obvious hidden Mickey in the center of the screen made out of rotating gears.
      REPORTED: Max Collins 12 JUL 99

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