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Peter Wood is a wonderful independant artist living in the United Kingdom. He has crafted these beautiful color playing cards especially to celebrate the Millennium. Each pack contains 2000 pips for the Millennium and more Hidden Mickeys!

I have met with Peter in London and besides being an exceptional artist, he is a wonderful gentleman and has been selling limited edition artwork world-wide to the collectors market for over ten years. We are extremely proud that he has decided to create such wonderful playing cards for Hidden Mickey collectors.

These playing card packs are a limited edition. There are only so many available for sale world-wide with 20 of these colored playing card packs signed by the artist! You may view some black and white samples here.

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For International orders, you will need to send a check, bank draft or other international funds instrument in pounds sterling (£), payable to Peter Wood, to finalize your order with him at:

Peter Wood
7 Brixham Close

For North American orders, you will need to submit a valid credit card in the "Other Instructions" field above or send a check, bank draft or money order ($US), payable to T Shaw, to finalize your order at:

Hidden Mickeys
POB 73
Melbourne Beach

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Don't forget Peter's Hidden Mickey playing cards!

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