Other Disney References: Television

General TV

  1. On the show Invader ZIM , Gir watches Chip and Dale cartoons. This happens in 2 episodes: parent teacher night, and Invasion of the idiot dog brain. In the latter episode the same scene appears after a transition that says "1 year later"
    REPORTED: joey 23 JAN 02
  2. There's a Disneyland reference in Futurama. I was watching the latest episode where they went to Hollywood, and the tour bus was called "Star Tours". Is this just some crazy coincidence, or did they actually get the name from the ride? I'd like to think they got the name from the ride, because of the space age theme, and they kind of showed it as if it were a reference...
    REPORTED: Smitty 25 FEB 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  3. This is just a weird thing. I was watching TV today and noticed that Lucille Ball was wearing a hat that made her look an awful lot like our favorite Mouse. What do you think?
    REPORTED: Kyle Duarte 23 AUG 00
  4. In the Honey Nut Cheerios comercial, the one with the princess and the toad. There is a hidden Mickey a the very beginning in the archway of frowers. In the top right hand corner the Mickey is formed by the shadows of flowers. It is easy to see and very noticable.
    REPORTED: wummpy 20 FEB 00
  5. In the new Sprite commercial, with the blonde martial arts master, the theatre which hosts his movie's premiere is the El Capitan theatre! This theatre belongs to Disney, and many Disney premieres are done in that theatre!
    REPORTED: Ariel L. 17 AUG 99
  6. My mother has spotted a Mickey in the opening segment of the TV show "ER". Though this is not a Disney produced show(to my knowledge) there is no doubt a Mickey in a x-ray. I have tape the begin to see if it were true and have seen if for myself. the Mickey head is turned a little to the left, but its there. I would like some feedback from other viewers, if anyone else has seen it.
    REPORTED: Debbie 02 MAR 99
    I saw the hidden Mickey on the opening credits of E.R. tonight. It's teeny tiny on the x-ray, but you can see it.:)
    CONFIRMED: Elizabeth 17 MAY 99
  7. I was watching the Simpsons earlier (episode simpsoncalifragilisticexpiali(D'oh)cious ) the one where the get a nanny called Shary Bobbins (this episode is of course a parody on Mary Poppins, anyway at the end of the last song , where Marge say's "the house is still a mess and im going bald from stress" she pulls two clumps of hair out, one of these clumps forms a very distinct Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Amy (disneymainac) Duggan 21 JAN 99
  8. In an episode of Babalon 5 (set in the 23rd century), the securtity officer mentions a place called Disney Planet.
    REPORTED: Josh Hollifield 18 APR 98
    Confirming that in Babylon 5, in Season 4, Episode7, Epiphanies, there is a worlds called Disneyplanet (and the author of The Babylon File (Andy Lane) wonders if it has twin moons that rises above its horizon like two ears!!!!)
    CONFIRMED: Vicki 13 SEP 99
  9. On Fox-Family's Toon-a-Casarole there is a Mickey in the lower right hand corner when it says Toon-a-Casarole, check around 2:30 PM(Real Ghostbusters) during the week and 12:00 on weekends (same show).
    REPORTED: Bryan O'Connor 17 JAN 99
  10. On the TV show Blues Clues there are four hidden mickeys in the four corners of the picture frame in what looks like the living room. I'm not really sure of the room though.
    REPORTED: Mike Rifino 23 AUG 01

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990-1992)

  1. This is a Disney Reference made in "Tiny Toon Adventures" where Plucky is trying to get into a celebrity club. Then, a group of people walk in wearing Mickey Mouse Club "Ears"!
    REPORTED: Smitty 12 JUL 00
  2. In another episode, where someone I forgot who it was (I think it was Buster) is having some sort of dream where no one knows who he is, and Plucky suspiciously asks him if he's a spy from Disney.
    REPORTED: Smitty 12 JUL 00

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