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Construction and Changes at Tokyo Disneyland

  1. TOKYO (AP 5 Feb 2000) - Masatomo Takahashi, who oversaw the opening of the world's most-visited amusement park, has died. He was 86. The former president and chairman of Oriental Land Co. died Monday of heart failure, company spokesman Koji Morita said Thursday. Takahashi joined the property development company in 1961 as managing director and became president in 1978. Under his leadership, Oriental Land built the first Disney theme park outside the United States in an eastern suburb of Tokyo. Tokyo Disneyland, which opened in 1983, has since become the most-visited amusement park in the world, with more than 16 million fun-seekers expected to pass through its turnstiles this year. Takahashi, described by the company as "the father of Tokyo Disneyland," became chairman of Oriental Land in 1988 and served as a special adviser from 1995 until his death. Oriental Land is set to open Tokyo DisneySea next year.
  2. Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt has opened newly at Tokyo Disneyland! It's located at the corner where FANTASYLAND and TOONTOWN meet. I'm already old enough to know that Winnie's not my kind of guy, but when I went with my 5 year old friend, it was actually pretty cool! They have used some new technology and it 'keeps you interested from the entrance! The entrance is made in a shape of a huge book of Pooh, and you enter through it. Just try it once! It's pretty cool!
    REPORTED: Mongoose 26 MAR 01
  3. Port Disney Official! - Originally planned for Long Beach, the Disney Sea Project is heading to Tokyo Bay and it's a lot bigger than I had ever conceived! Several themed areas are linked together by a universal waterway that is plied by various watercraft.

    The Lost River Delta is an adventure-themed area with jungles, idols, dangerous creatures featuring escapes to the mysterious far east and a volcanic island and the second planned version of the Indiana Jones Adventure.

    The Indiana Jones Adventure will have a far different storyline and possibly a different conveyance system. It won't be a rollercoaster.

    Mermaid Lagoon is a whimsical section that features a carnival-type attraction that features Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" and a unique bumper-boat attraction called the Aquatopia. Aquatopia takes guests on a boat ride through whirlpools and something called a "water vanguard."

    The American Waterfront is styled to look like a nice, 20th Century city skyline, and on that skyline is a high-rise skyscraper that, unbeknownst to visitors, will contain the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The only version of this attraction planned outside of the United States. A new storyline will greet visitors.

    Mickey's Boatbuilders will be an entertaining restaraunt based on the Mickey, Donald and Goofy shorts of the 30's. The Arabian Coast features attractions based on the film "Aladdin" as well as other newly created storylines for dark rides and shows.

    The Mysterious Island is a crater, craggy and imposing in the center of the park. Here, submarines shaped like the Nautilus dive into the deep unknown, and one can even take a Journey To The Center of The Earth. An attraction utilizing EMV's (Enhanced Motion Vehicles), this promises to be a heart stopping descent into the very ground below this island, culminating in an encounter with one of the largest Audio Animatronic creatures ever created.

    Journey To The Center Of The Earth launching from within a huge volcanic crater, these EMV's (Enhanced Motion Vehicles) will take you on a thrilling journey to meet up with a ferocious subterranean creature.

    Aladdin's Magic Carpet where you can fly Carpet in a Dumbo-type attraction.

    The Port Disney Electric Railway is an elevated train that transports passengers from one side of the park to the other.

    Rollercoaster Rabbit is still looking iffy for the moment. Loosely based on the Roger Rabbit short, this coaster promises to start out fairly conventional and end up taking riders on a crazy course that zips you through quickly changing scenarios, just like a cartoon!

    Disney Sea is currently undergoing site evaluation and financing. Completion in the Spring of '98.
    REPORTED: Bing Futch 06 DEC 95
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 26 JUN 96
    There is a picture of the model for Tokyo Disney Sea in the book "Imagineering" on page 75.
    UPDATE: Jim Kelly 30 DEC 96
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 21 JAN 97
    On November 26., 1997, there was another anouncement for Tokoy DisneySea. The new park will be opened in the autumn of 2001 on 120 acres near Tokyo Disneyland. The two parks will be connected by a monorail. The total cost is 2.65 billion dollars. The park will have 23 attractions and shows, 24 restaurants and 26 shops. They hope to attract 10 million people annually. There will be seven sections or "ports of call": - Mediterranean Harbour - Mysterious Island - American Waterfront - Port Discovery - Lost River Delta - Arabian Coast - Mermaid Lagoon. In the middle of the entrance plaza there will be a fantastic earth-shaped fountain called "AquaSphere" that seems to be flying over the ground. From there you will head on to the "Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta" that you'll cross in the ground floor. The fantastic hotel includes 502 guest rooms, three restaurants, a wedding chappel, swimmming pool and meeting rooms. Most of the rooms have a view on Mediterranean Harbour that is styled after the Italian city Portofino and on the Mysterious Island. At Mediterranean Harbour you'll have the chance to get on a tour boat that cruises the whole theme park. At MH, there will also be an interactive discovery area celebrating the Golden Age of Exploration. Mysterious Island will look like a volcano. There will be two thrill-rides: Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20'000 Leagues Under the Sea. American Waterfront will be divided into the disctinct areas: New York and Cape Cod. In New York there will be a Broadway Show, the station for the Port Disney Electric Railway and most probably a version of the Tower of Terror too. Port Discovery, a futuristic marina, looks a bit like the New Tomorrowlands. There will be Aquatopia, something like Autopia, but instead of cars they will have bumper boats. In "StormRider" guests will soar high above the clouds and dive into the eye of a storm. There will also be a station for the Electric Railway. Lost River Delta (situated in Central America's rainforests, not in India how at DL's Indiana Jones) includes a theater and a version of the Indiana Jones Adventure inside the ruine of a Mayan pyramid. When you get to the Arabian Coast you will feel like in 1001 Nights and Aladdin. You'll enter a fantastic city with onion-shaped towers where you'll find a live magic show hosted by Genie from "Aladdin" and a majestic carousel. Or you can experience a storybook journey in "Sinbad's Seven Voyages". Finally, at Mermaid Lagoon that is most probably situated inside a giant hall, there will be a deep-sea live entertainment show and an interactive playground. This will be Ariel's world.

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