Translation Information

  1. To understand the magnitude of the effort scan the English pages for Disneyland, Paris or Tokyo Disneyland
  2. You need to understand HTML enough to translate around the HTML commands or be able to use a HTML editor/authoring tool.
  3. Let me know in advance so multiple people will not be working on the same pages and the copyrights are maintained properly.
  4. You will have to download the English pages, including the submission form, to your local hard drive using your browser's "Save as source" or "Save as HTML command.
  5. You will have to translate the English pages into your language. You may relayout as has been done for Italian and Spanish if you desire. After translating, send the HTML text files back to me via email attachments or via ftp. Don't forget to add yourself to the pages as the translator.
  6. You will have to accept new reports via email and incorporate them in your local copies of the translated pages about once to twice an month. If the report is in your language you must also send me the English equivalent. There are not a lot of new reports per month as you can see by reading the English pages.
  7. When translating you will have to use the HTML escapes for accented characters. I'm not exactly sure on what to do for Japanese and other non roman languages.
  8. Notes for Techies
    1. Server supports HTTP 1.1
    2. Server is WebStar 2.0
    3. Can support CGI's as required (pref AppleScript, Java - less pref Perl)

If this works for you, please contact me. If not, thanks for your consideration.


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