One of the funny (and infinitely interesting) things about the human mind is the fact that it tries to make sense out of random patterns, that it tries to make sense of chaos. A lot of the 'Hidden Mickeys' people see around Disney were not put there intentionally by the art department/imagineers, but are rather a random placement of objects which, given the circumstances - guests being at Disney and expecting to see Hidden Mickeys, appear to be Mickey heads. Some are quite a stretch of the imagination, others are more obvious. Sometimes people see what they want to see...

These are confirmed, 'stretch of the imagination' sightings.

>Also included are erroneous secrets. Erroneous secrets can be urban legends that appear mysteriously and spread spontaneously in varying forms Urban legends make for very good storytelling. Erroneous secrets can also be stories that seem to be true and have been passed on so many times that they have the air of truth. Cast Members (and other employees) are not necessarily a good source of information about Disney. It's not that they deliberately lie, but many people at Disney have heard the same stories for so long, they've come to believe them as the truth. And as the old-timers leave the company through death or retirement, there's nobody around to correct them. So many of the myths about Club 33 are spread by well-meaning employees who think that what they've been told is true and don't know any better.

Animal Kingdom

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  1. Inside the main building there is a small wishing well and stage area. The metal grating on the floor around the trees contain blue Mickey designs.
    REPORTED: Neil Marchadie 11 MAY 98
    The grating around the trees in the main building by the wishing well do not form a Hidden Mickey. They are all the same size and do not touch each other.
    WISHFUL THINKING: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
    WISHFUL THINKING: Karen Tribbe 25 MAY 99

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