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Fun Facts of Downtown Disney's Marketplace

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  1. After 4pm, you can get a boat from the Marketplace to the West Side from just outside the Rainforest Café.
    REPORTED: Stuart Cowper 05 JUN 02

The World of Disney

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  1. Disney's Marketplace has gone through a number of name chanes: Lake Buena Vista Village, Walt Disney World Village, and the most recent, Disney Village Marketplace.
  2. The World of Disney, the Disney Store at the Marketplace, is the largest Disney Store in the world. At the widest point it is just shy of the width of a football field. It has twelve rooms full of Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Charles Cape 20 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Bill Salus 17 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Joe Cutroni 08 MAY 97
  3. In the World of Disney there are several murals around the top of the Grand Hall and the accessories Dept. They begin with the characters in a car and end with them waving Good-Bye! This is the first time that the Disney characters have been used out of context to tell a story. The murals have the characters visiting different countries and places in the world, hence the name of the store "World of Disney."
    REPORTED: Charles Cape 20 SEP 96
  4. Although many people know that the Cheshire Cat appears in the mirror in Disneyland's Mad Hatter shop every few seconds, few know how he's done. This is the setup: first, there is the mirror. it is a type of one-way mirror, also known as a 50% mirror. This type of mirror allows you to see only your reflection as long as anything in back of the mirror is not lit. To make him "appear" they bring up the lights in a room behind the mirror. Now he is semi-visible. To make him dissapear, they dim the lights. The Cheshire Cat is relly a solid animatronic. This effect is used extensivley at Disney parks. It's how they do the Hitch-hiking ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. Also, it is used in the "World of Disney" shop at Walt Disney World in the jewelry room. Watch the mirror in back of the cash register. Every few seconds, a reflection of the Evil Queen from Snow White will appear in the mirror, and turn into that of the witch. Same effect, just with a rotating table.
    REPORTED: Chrisfoxx 08 JUL 98
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LEGO Imagination Center

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  1. A 30 foot sea serpent made of more than 1 million offerid=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >bids=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >LEGO bricks and a 16-foot offerid=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >bids=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >LEGO replica of Cinderella Castle are on display at the new offerid=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >bids=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >LEGO Imagination Center in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. It is a 4,400-square-foot retail store and model exhibition and a 3,000-square-foot outdoor play area. More than 100 fanciful offerid=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >bids=97760.10000047href="">type=3href="">subid=0" >LEGO models are on display.
    REPORTED: anon 06 NOV 97

Pooh Corner

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  1. This isn't a hidden Mickey, rather a hidden Pooh, of course. He's in the clouds on the left side near the cash registers
    REPORTED: Patrick Collins 30 JUN 99

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