Fun Facts of Disney's Pleasure Island

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  1. At Pleasure Island, the security uses Motorola's Talkabout radios for communication.
    REPORTED: Dominique V. 17 MAY 00
    Yes, the security at Downtown Disney uses Motorola Wireless Radios, but they are not Talkabouts, the hosts at Mannequins uses Talkabouts, but they are not specifically Disney Security.
    UPDATES: John Sterk 15 NOV 00
  2. The adminstrative buildings are on the backside of the island behind the Adventurer's Club - and the Rock and Roll Beach Club. If you walk down the stairway beside the Adventure's Club, you will see a bridge along the side of the island to you right while walking down the stairs. The three windows, that you see above the shop on the opposite side of the street from 8-Trax, are windows of adminstrative offices. Anyone can walk into these offices, there is a stairway connecting the offices with the "Missing Link" store. There is also another walkway leading from these adminstrative offices to the small side stage.
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 29 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: John Sterk 15 NOV 00
  3. In the summer, and possibly for the rest of the year, every Thurday night is Cast Member Night at Pleasure Island. Cast Members are allowed free admission into Pleasure Island and it's a good way to ask and find out who's wearing your favorite character's costume.
    REPORTED: Anne Pezzano 31 AUG 98
    My father and I talked to a Cast Member this past August at Epcot and she told us that Thursday night is Cast Member night at Disney's Pleasure Island, and cast members get in for free.
    CONFIRMED: Bryan Bindman 17 AUG 99
  4. This year Cast Members get in free Mondays and Thursdays.
    REPORTED: John Sterk 15 NOV 00

Mannequins Dance Palace

Motorola's Talkabout radios for communication.
  1. The hosts at Mannequins uses Talkabouts, but they are not specifically Disney Security.
    REPORTED: John Sterk 15 NOV 00

Comedy Warehouse

  1. The Comedy Warehouse was not designed by Imagineers. It was designed and built by SAC theater, a local comedy club who first operated the Comedy Warehouse.
    REPORTED: Andy Stetzinger 10 JUL 95

The Adventurers Club

  1. Joe Rohde, the executive Imagineer for Animal Kingdom, also was executive Imagineer for the Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island.
  2. The Adventurers Club was modelled after a 1930's British explorers club and is filled with memorabilia purchased at garage sales around the world.

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