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You can also find other information on fun facts and secrets of Walt Disney World by consulting with your local independent bookstore or visit our online bookstore. These are real Disney secrets. For more Disney secrets and trivia and bloopers try DISNEY Ever Notice... ?. If you are interested in rumors (some true, most not), checkout Disney Urban Legend Reference Page and Urban Legends Archive.

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  1. At the France Pavilion, at the rear of one of the shops, there is a door that says "Door Must Be Kept Closed" or some reasonable facsimile. If you open it you'll see the Eiffel Tower from almost directly below, and a service road.
    REPORTED: Aaron H. 25 FEB 98
  2. The music in the movie "Impressions de France" includes "Carnival of the Animals" and other amazing excerpts of French composer Camille Saint-Saens. Buy a copy from our music store. Very inspiring. You'll also motice one of his songs is included in the yo-yo twirling flamingo scene of the new Disney's Fantasia 2000. There are current plans to revamp this movie to current decade standards. I hope they keep the tunes. This is one attraction I NEVER miss. One late evening near closing time, the host, with his thick French accent, welcomed the guests to the theather by saying "Once you enter the theater, prior to taking your nap, you can talk, take flash pictures, smoke, drink, I do not care". Everyone giggled.
    REPORTED: Mark Thompson 11 JUL 01
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