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Fun Facts
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  1. The shadows of the light poles form a definite Mickey shape at the Odyssey Restaurant.
    REPORTED: Emilio J Power 23 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Jim Swift 22 NOV 97
  2. In the area with the different countries at Epcot there is a small substreet - I think the name has something to do with love (ex. Lover's Lane). It is like a small bush garden that runs paralell to the main street. There is a bush that is wearing a pair of sunglasses. It looks almost as if someone lost them there. But look more closely as it is actually a hidden Mickey! (I do not recommend trying to find this at night as it is harder to see the sunglasses because there is no reflection.) Best wishes in finding it.
    REPORTED: Former Main Street Cast Member 26 OCT 99
  3. About 10:15p.m. I was standing at the edge of the lake by England. There was an announcement that there was going to be a final tribute for the evening which was followed by a large explosion on the island used for illuminations. The smoke arose from the flames and formed a classic Mickey (probably using lights aimed at the smoke.
    REPORTED: Kurt Suppes 31 MAR 06

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