Adventureland Swiss Family Treehouse

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  1. We noticed a hidden Mickey on the Swiss Family Treehouse. This was on the actual bottom part of the tree, where the moss is starting to appear on it. There was several hidden Mickey shaped moss on the tree, we noticed it going up, but double-checked going down.
    REPORTED: Anna Smith 20 OCT 98
    As you walk around the trunk of the tree before you get to the first room on the side of the tree is a side silhouette of Mickey.(not tri-oval) It is white with green moss splotched on it. I confirmed it with the cast member attendant who said he was told it was white and on the tunk. Another way to find it is lookup at the prayer room and you will see an oar sticking out of the bottom, the blade of the oar points to the place on the trunk.
    CONFIRMED: Gregg Wagner 06 DEC 98
    There is a silhouette of Mickey positioned about halfway up the back of the tree trunk. Darker moss forms the outside part of the silhouette outline. You pass it in easily viewable spots the first time you are heading up the stairs and the last time you are heading down the stairs.
    CONFIRMED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
  2. If you look at the candlestick and the two mugs, they look like a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Melanie 30 JAN 97 pict from
  3. clover
  4. Look for it in the kitchen/dinning area. This place setting was the only one with two mugs . . . hmmm . . . very curious. How could this one have not been spotted before?
    REPORTED: Louis Blanco 24 MAR 06
  5. there is a Hidden Mickey in the top 3 cannon balls in the Swiss Family Treehouse
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 21 JUL 01
  6. I noticed a Hidden Mickey in the carved design on the chair backs in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. It was in the room with the shell sink, which I believe is the dining room, and the distinctive three circles are there.
    REPORTED: Susan McDonald 17 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Casey Wolnowski 13 JAN 97
  7. When you're walking up the stairs to the Swiss Family Robinon's dining room. Walk around to the front of the dining room and look at the bamboo shoots on the left that make up the eave of the dining room - the bamboo shoots are out of alignment to form a hidden mickey.
    REPORTED: Jason 05 FEB 01

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