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Tom Sawyer Island

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  1. As you ride the Liberty Belle or a Mike Fink Keelboat, look off to the right side of the boat, on the right side of the burning building on Tom Sawyer Island there are three wagon wheels that make a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Gary 13 NOV 95
  2. As you ride Big Thunder Mountain at night you will notice a burning building on Tom Sawyer Island. The flaming hole in the center is in the shape of MICKEY. You have to be real quick because you only have about 2 seconds. I did confirm this one with a cast member.
    REPORTED: Jule 23 NOV 98
    A friend of mine spotted this one during our first Splash Mountain trip at night. The whole group saw it and it was later confirmed by a cast member. You're first view of the burning cabin on Tom Sawyer's Island is off to you're right the first time you get to the top of the ride, outside. I really don't think from the Tom Sawyer raft ride to the island that you can see it this well. The roof is burning in the shape of a Mickey head!! It's too perfect to be an accident, and truly looks amazing. You can only see it from the top of Splash Mountain, and maybe only at night, but you can spot it quickly a few times - just keep looking in the direction of Tom Sawyer's Island - hidden Mickey lovers, you've got to see this one!
    CONFIRMED: Julie F. 23 NOV 98 pict from
  3. This one is actually on the side of Big Thunder Mountain, but can only be seen from the island. The best place to see it is from in the fort. When you are in the fort facing the mountain, go in the "turret" (where the guns are) on the right closest to the mountain. Look out the hole of the gun on the right, and you will see a small white area on the mountain. Its three rocks in a Mickey head, almost sideways! It's the only white spot in that area.
    REPORTED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
    This is only visible from Tom Sawyer Island, either from on top of the Fort, or on the dock next to the the Fort where there's a few rocking chairs.
    CONFIRMED: Rob Steere 12 DEC 99
  4. There is a Hidden Mickey in the Magnetic Mystery Mine. After you go through the slanted floor room, look through the boards in front of you (left of the waterfall.) A Hidden Mickey is formed by the shadow of lights. It is difficult to see after the recent rehab in this area.
    REPORTED: B 12 AUG 96 pict from
  5. We just celebrated my daughter Audra's 5th birthday at Disney World, and had my first Hidden Mickey sighting. While crossing over from Tom Sawyer's Island back to the dock on the "raft", I spotted a Hidden Mickey built into the rocks on the east side of the north end of the bridge. The Hidden Mickey is between the 2nd and 3rd railing support from the left (water side), and is about one feet down from the top row of the rocks.
    REPORTED: Marc Daniloff 03 JUN 02

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