Main Street Walt and Mickey

Main Street's Central Plaza

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Casey's Corner

Casey's Corner

  1. I saw this one while waiting on line in the Ice Cream Shoppe. I was looking out of the window that faces Casey's Corner, the hot dog shop, when I looked up at the third story facade of the building and there it was---right in the right-hand corner of the left-most window. It appears to be a tri-circle Mickey cut out of the reflective window tint against the dark window tint. It is on the upper part of the window in one of the three pie-shaped windows the circle on top of the larger window. After I got my ice cream I walked across the street to get a closer look...and my eyes did not deceive me!
    CONFIRMED: Anna Maria Leon 14 MAY 97
    She was correct because it is exactly where she said it was in the top left window and it is silver.
    CONFIRMED: LeeAnn 13 OCT 97
    The Hidden Mickey above Casey's Corner in the window is gone. It seems to come and go.
    LOST: Chris Sullivan 01 JAN 98
    I am a cast member who works on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and a guest came up to me a couple of weeks ago to ask me about where the hidden Mickey was at Casey's so when I went to show him the hidden Mickey and to my surprise the hidden Mickey was gone. After discoverying it was gone I asked a supervisor about it and they said they remember somebody working on the windows so some thing might have happened to that window and the hidden Mickey is gone.
    LOST: LeeAnn 28 JAN 98 Grapes
  2. Outside of Casey's, on the trash barrel, with the large red mark in the center, there's a hidden Mickey in the grapes!
    REPORTED: Nicholas Dziadosz 08 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: George Nichols & Christine Smith 07 MAR 99

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Other Characters

Crystal Palace

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Castle Foreccourt Stage


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  1. No Hidden Mickeys Reported Yet

The Plaza Restaurant

  1. There is a hidden Mickey on the back of the menus. They are kind of hidden but they are there.
    REPORTED: J.T. Kuzior 06 APR 99
    The Plaza Restaurant hidden Mickeys are in the Art Nouveau design on the back of the menus, where it describes what Art Nouveau is.
    CONFIRMED: S & K Faulkner 23 FEB 00
  2. When you're facing the castle from the Walt Disney statue, directly to your right is a restaurant. The entryway consists to two large circular bushes, and one larger brick circle. Forming a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jack Bellows 02 JUN 99

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

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  1. Second level of Ice Cream shop there is a Mickey next to Walt Disney's name.
    REPORTED: Alanna Pasquale 20 DEC 96


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  1. At the end of Main Street by Cinderella Castle there is a landscaped area where they have a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. Around the base of the statue, there are flowers encircled by a rail. The shadow of the detail in the rail forms a hidden Mickey. We saw this one at about noon when the shadow landed on the concrete.
    REPORTED: Sam and Jennifer Backer 27 JAN 96
    My fiancé and I saw it at 8:45 a.m. on August 20th. The shadow was on the walkway.
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Savage 26 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Robin Fenclau 03 JUL 97
    We saw it several times, either on the walkway or the wall the railing sits on itself.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Carter & Kristy Miskoff 24 JAN 98
  2. Go to the statue of Walt Disney holding Mickey's hand in front of the castle at the end of Main Street. At a certain time of day the shadow the statue casts is the perfect Mickey head! Ask a cast member the time becasue it differs in the seasons.
    REPORTED: kc 28 DEC 01
  3. On the lawn surrounding the Statues of Walt Disney and Mickey there are 3 quite obvious concrete circles. Look on the side facing Tomorrowland
    REPORTED: Natasha 06 DEC 98
  4. Here is Hidden Mickey which can only be seen at night. While standing on the right side of Cinderella castle, stare directly at the Alien Encounter building. There is a big purple bubble design protruding out of the building. This bubble forms the head, right above that two shadows of light form the two ears.
    REPORTED: Joey G. 24 JUL 97 pict from
  5. In regards to the Walt/Mickey statue in front of Cinderella's Castle, there is a hidden Mickey on the ring in which Walt is wearing.
    REPORTED: Marty Loupe 23 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Ramona Pinter 12 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Melissa Thyne 24 FEB 99
    When you get to Cinderella's Castle and you are greeted be a statue of Walt and Mickey, Walt has a ring on which is the shape of Mickey's head.
    CONFIRMED: anon 30 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: quinn and dylan ogozelec 06 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 08 JUN 00
    On the Partners Statue in the hub in front of Cinderellas Castle the ring on Walt Disneys Hand is a mickey ring.
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 JUL 00

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