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Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade

pict from The Main Street Electrical Parade closed the first time November 25th 1996 and was brought back 1 June 1999
  1. I found a hidden Mickey that you can only see in a photograph. It's in the Main Street Electrical Parade. Check out the pumpkin coach of Cinderella. The circular door, along with the green wheels, forms the head of a very famous mouse.
    REPORTED: Jaycub 24 FEB 97
  2. Look at Casey Jr.'s float. If you look at it straight on, you will see the Hidden Mickey. There are 2 red ears and the face is yellow in the middle.
    We have seen the parade about a dozen times, own the Farewell video and I've taped the parade. At first I thought this was a maybe but the proportions are not correct.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Sharren, Jacob & Kim Greenblatt 07 SEP 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Benjamin Rockwell 10 NOV 96
    The Mickey ears were clearly visible on the cab and on the back of the bass drum on the Casey Jr Circus Engine from the Original WDW Main Street Electrical Parade
    REPORTED: Danny Eyheralde 18 MAY 99

"Disney's Magical Moments" Parade

  1. I spyed with my little eye a very subtle, yet very real, Hidden Mickey in the parade. In the "Aladdin" section of the parade are two "pods," one in front and one behind the genie float. These pods are covered with gold coins, gems, and magic lamps and are driven by nascar-type middle-eastern men. On at least one of the pods, but I believe it appears on both, is the hidden Mickey. There is a magic lamp on the front left corner of the pods, and on this lamp, made with one large blue gem and two smaller green gems, is a Mickey. Check this out next time you watch the 3pm parade at MK. It would be easier to spot if you just go right up to the pod during a magical moment stop during the parde and look, but make sure you follow Genie's directions or you may be hoisted out by security.
    REPORTED: Mindy 05 MAY 01
  2. In the Disney Magic Moment's Parade look on the 2 treasure cars for the Aladdin Float. Each have a hidden mickey using 2 black jewels as the ears and one larger red jewel for the head. On one it is located in the left side near the back of the car. On the other it is located on the back side of the car.
    REPORTED: anon 05 MAY 01

"Fantasy in the Sky" Fireworks

  1. In the beginning there are three torches in the sky which form a hidden Mickey when they explode for a few secs.
    REPORTED: rudie van Berkel 10 SEP 00
  2. It may have been only by accident but I saw a hidden Mickey in the fireworks show on November 14th. Near the middle of the show, there was a loud explosion (louder than the rest). A few moments later, three of the smoke rings from the already exploded fireworks formed the shape of Mickey's head. i talked to my father the pyrotechnic and he said that it is possible to make smoke rings form intentional shapes when fireworks are shot electronically as this show was. Being that i only saw the show once, i don't know if this Mickey was intentional or accidental - but it definately WAS there. my boyfriend saw it too.
    REPORTED: karen 23 NOV 99
    I can confirm that there is a hidden Mickey in the Fireworks display, I have been looking through some vidios and have found one, from a holiday to the park in 1992.
    CONFIRMED: Tom Palin 15 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: Nancy Newbould 02 MAR 02

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