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Ticket and Transpotation Center

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  1. I found the coolest hidden Minnie! The best hidden character I've seen so far. When you are exiting the monorail from the Magic Kingdom to the Ticket and Transportation Center, there are several round "skylights" in the ceiling. One of them is surrounded by white lights, look up into it as you walk under it....Minnie! none of the other holes have this...and I only saw it at night.
    REPORTED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
    I looked for the Minnie again this year, and she's still there...although I saw it in the daytime this time, and it looks kind of smeared, like maybe a Minnie sticker was there and it was pulled off...theres also one in the TTC when you get off the Epcot monorail, in the skylight with the white lights around it, but this one is more distorted. The one when you get off the MK monorail is the best.
    UPDATE: Selena Parisher 07 APR 00
    Selena Parisher claims to have seen 2 Hidden Minnies on the monorail platform at the Ticket and Transportaion center, one the Magic Kingdom beam and one the Epcot beam. Well, I regret to inform her that I beleive she is mistaken. Having seen these skylights numerous times, they are not cleverly placed Hidden Minnies; instead, some poor little kid lost his balloon. What they are, are mylar balloons, one side has a Mickey head the other a Minnie head. What happens is the child (unfortunately)loses his balloon, it floats to the top of the skylight where it stays and basically melts to the top of the skylight. It is then taken down, but part of the balloon still stays on it because it is essentially melted to it. That's why it may look like, as S.P. said that, " looks kind of smeared, like maybe a Minnie sticker was there and it was pulled off..." It's not a sticker, but a mylar balloon.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Amanda 27 JAN 01
    I just wanted toĘcomment on the "Mylar Balloon" Hidden Mickey I thought I saw (A Minnie, I believe) years ago on the skylights in the TTC. After reading it was actually a balloon imprint, I did feel silly, but now when I see them I can't help but point them out to whomever I'm with and tell them the story of how I thought it was a "Hidden Minnie!"
    UPDATE: Selena Parisher 17 JAN 06

Main Street

Crystal Palace Restaurant

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  1. In the Crystal Palace Restuarant on Main street there is a Hidden Minnie. It appears this may not have been there since the building was built, but it is certainly there now. If you look at the glass windows above the center of the restuarant there is a hidden Minnie directly above the flowered TIGGER statue.
    REPORTED: MickeyMania 26 APR 99
    In the Crystal Palace if you look up at an angle and the sun is in the right place there is a painted Minnie face at the side of the top of the arch of the center window in the ceiling. Would this be a hidden Mickey or 'Minnie'?
    CONFIRMED: Patricia Chandler 29 OCT 00


Jungle Cruise

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  1. The Pygmy Beach does have a hidden Mickey carved on the canoe. But, it also has a hidden Donald and a hidden Goofy. They're very surreal, but that's what they are...
    REPORTED: chief namee 04 APR 99
    Yes, the Goofy and Donald are there with the Mickey on the canoe. Also the "Trashing the Camp" scene looks alot more like the scene in Trazen it always has, so has the rock structure where the lions are. It's alwaysl looked like Pride Rock before there was a Pride Rock. Go figure that Disney would base new movie scenes on one of the greatest Disney park rides
    CONFIRMED: Jason Gallagher 10 APR 00
    First, on the Pigmy beach, yes the canoe is a Hidden Mickey, but the two canoes next to it are also hidden Disney characters. One is a Donald, and one is a Goofy.
    CONFIRMED: Skipper Clay 06 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Skipper B 21 JAN 02

Pirates of the Caribbean

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  2. In the Pirates of the Carribean ride, between two of the treasure rooms, there is a huge rock outcropping, when you look up at it (it's pretty high off the water) it's Goofy's silhouette, the left side of his face. Then the boat goes under it and if you turn around to look at it from the other side, you can see his hat and a whole where his eye should be.
    REPORTED: Wendy Mora Angela Darling 06 AUG 98 pict from
  3. There is a hidden Sid Ceasar. Near the end of the ride when there are some people in the jail. The man closest to the dog is the spitting image of Sid Ceasar. I wouldn't report this unless it was as obvious as it is.
    REPORTED: mark 07 JUL 97
    Walt and Sid were very good friends
    CONFIRMED: Jim Chasen 15 SEP 97
    In respect to the report of having Sid Ceaser located in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, I'd bet money that it's true. It's fairly common knowledge that the imagineers placed themselves and many influencial Disney personel and friends as pirates inside the ride.
    UPDATE: anon 10 SEP 98
    The pirate in the cell trying to coax the dog into giving them the keys, yup, that's Sid Caesar alright. My girlfriend agreed with me to.
    REPORTED: disneyman 05 OCT 98
    In the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, one of pirates trying to lure the dog with the key is the likeness of Sid Caesar. Sid was the friend of one the Pirate Imagineers and a great Disneyland fan, so they modeled a pirate after him as a joke. That fact was located in one of the "about disneyland" books that is sold in the gift shops. I bought my book with this fact in 1999.
    CONFIRMED: pam22 07 SEP 01


Splash Mountain

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  1. On Splash Mountain, there are 4 referances to Warner Brothers charecters. Throughout the ride, there are signs, in which each one reads either Bugs, Daffy, Road Runner, or Porky. They are part of other phrases in the signs, yet they are all in capital letters, so it's obvious. Could it be that Splash Mountain is home to more than just Disney Charecters?
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 21 JUL 01

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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  1. When you are waiting in line at night, and your closer to the right side of the station as youre facing the mountain, you can see two shadows on the front of the mountain. The one on the left looks just like Pluto (profile, facing left)!
    REPORTED: Selena Parisher 15 MAR 99
  2. In the beginning of the ride, right after passing the bats, you go up a hill where there are stalagmites and pools of water. In a large pool in the back, there is a silhouette on the bottom of the pool. You can't see it until you are right above it near the top of the hill and passing it, but it is clearly GOOFY.
    REPORTED: Al Branch 13 SEP 98

Tom Sawyer Island

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  1. Tom Sawyer Island is also home to the only hidden Goofy in the park. In the magnetic mystery mine, after you pass through the slanted floor, the glowing gems, to the right of the waterfall, form the head of Goofy.
    REPORTED: Stacy Ninnis 12 AUG 96

Liberty Square

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

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  2. Look carefully at the designs on the chairs while riding in the Haunted Mansion... you will be pleasantly surprised! You will see a hidden Donald Duck!
    REPORTED: Dan 03 SEP 95
    CONFIRMED: Carrie-Ann Dunn 08 NOV 95
    In the room you pass where it appears that the hallway goes on forever with a candelabra in it, there is an armchair on the viewer's left side of the room and a suit of armor (I think) on the right. Covering the part of the armchair where your back would be if you were sitting in it is a white design. But the design is actually an abstract face of Donald, complete with sailor hat! It's really big (you can't miss it once you know it's there!)
    CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 09 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Jose Munne 19 AUG 96
    There is definitely a hidden Donald on the Haunted House. If you pay attention in one of the beginning rooms you will see a red chair whith a white design on it. If you look closely you will se that it is a head on view of Donald Duck with his mouth open.
    CONFIRMED: Brianne Furstein 14 OCT 96
    There is a hidden Donald. When you are in the library area there are to chairs. The one on the left has a design that creates Donald's face and he's wearing his hat. You have to look carefully though.
    CONFIRMED: Morna Brown 10 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Melissa 16 JAN 97
    As you pass by the endless hallway with the candelabra floating midair, glance over at the the red armchair. It my look a little Picasso-ish but its Donald's face and Sailor cap.
    CONFIRMED: Vinny Iaropoli 13 FEB 97
    The hidden Donald is when you turn side ways ans the long hall a suit or armor is on the right and a candle holder is down the long hall there is a chair on your left side just look and you will see a Donald face hat and all. Both myself and my husband saw it.
    CONFIRMED: Angie Aleszczyk 21 FEB 97
    As you pass the long hallway with the candle floating way at the end, there is a red chair in the corner in front of the hallway. On the chair is the shape of Donald's head with his hat on (front view) created by the white lines.
    CONFIRMED: Christy 13 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Dave & Phil 25 AUG 97
    CONFIRMED: Leigh 13 OCT 97
    In a chair next to the Endless hallway...You must look really hard
    CONFIRMED: Dan Elliott 07 NOV 97
    In the Dining room scene, there is a ghostly figure that is Donald Duck.
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: Patrick Family 07 JAN 98
    I actually know of a hidden Donald!! It's in the Haunted Mansioin, as you are looking down the never ending hallway, the chair that sits to the side is decorated with Donald's face.
    CONFIRMED: Rachel 15 JAN 98
    We located this "Hidden Donald" on the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World. This hidden donald is located just after you see the floating candles that seem to be coming at you. It is located in the first chair on the back of the chair. It is an outline of donald's face.
    CONFIRMED: The Bennett Family 08 MAR 98
    In the endless hallway there is a hidden Donald. (lets not forget Mickey's friends) Thanks Franke Nixon
    CONFIRMED: Franke Nixon 13 MAR 98
    During the scene of the hallway with the flooting candles. On the chair, if you look closely at the decorated white pattern you will see Donald Duck's head. I have also seen this chair durring the ball room scene, at the table with the birthday cake.
    CONFIRMED: Celebration School Students 13 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Allison Anne White 03 APR 98
    In the Endless Hallway, if you look at the chair on the left of the hallway there is a silhouette of Donalds body in the chair. It is not easy to see, however it is possible to see and it is one.
    CONFIRMED: Kim 05 APR 98
    In the scene where there is the long hallway with the candlestick holder floating, there is a red chair in front of the open window to the left of the hall with the floating candlestick holder. Look closly at the yellow designs on the chair. You can clearly make out the hat, eyes, bill, and entire outline of Donald Duck's face.
    CONFIRMED: Danny CM 06 APR 98
    If you are riding the Haunted Mantion ride, and you come to the area where there is a long hallway with some candles at the end, look at the back rest on the chair. It has all these white lines on it which (after some inspection) turn out to be Donald Duck! Check it out!!
    CONFIRMED: Kurt Thorup 02 MAY 98
    The Donald on the chair is there, although it is very abstract.
    CONFIRMED: William E. Nolte, Jr. 08 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: Laura Larson 22 JUN 98
    The Donald on the chair is there, although it is very abstract.
    CONFIRMED: Laura Larson 22 JUN 98
    There are two Donald Ducks in the Mansion. They are on the two red chairs. One is near the suit of armor
    It's located on the back of a chair as you look down a hallway as you approach the knocking doors area. Confirmed by a CM guiding the Keys to the Kingdom tour.
    CONFIRMED: Dopey 31 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: John Pace 25 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Mary Lou 23 OCT 99
    On the chairs, beside the table with the Crystal Ball, the pattern of the velvet on one chair is that of Mickey. The other chair Donald Duck.
    UPDATE: Pixxie 06 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: tinkerdust 25 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Dannielle 16 OCT 00
    CONFIRMED: Eric Sankner 11 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: Mark DiGrazio 12 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: pluto 22 31 MAY 01
    CONFIRMED: Justin The Claw 11 SEP 01
    As you pass the "endless hallway" (it will be on your right) there is a red velvet chair to the left of the hallway. If you look at the back of the chair, there is a twisted rope design. It is a forward view of Donald, beak pointed slightly down.
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 JAN 02
    CONFIRMED: Tom 12 JUN 02
    This is not Donald's face on the chair. I tookĘthe Virtual Magic Kingdom InsiderĘtour last month and we were told by our guide that while many people think it is an abstract Donald Face, it was not intended by the imagineers to be Donald at all. Just a "scary face" that happens to resemble Donald to some people.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Selena Parisher 17 JAN 06


Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh

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  1. On the left hand side of Owl's house, there is a picture on the wall of Mr. Toad handing the deed over to Owl.
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 04 JUN 99
    There is a scene where you are in a wooden room that appears to be collapsing. On the left-hand wall there is a picture of Mr. Toad. This is probably a tribute to the ride that was formerly in the same building.
    CONFIRMED: Robert 05 JUN 99
    There is a Hidden Mr. Toad at The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. It is on a painting in Owl's house. It's off the the left of your forward motion, turn around to see it. He is handing the deed presumibly to the "house" to Owl and his friends.
    CONFIRMED: George 11 JUN 99
    In the second scene of the ride you enter Owl's house and if you look to your left you can see a picture of Mr. Toad and Owl in a picture together. This is there in memory of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh replaced.
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy Ehasz 29 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Luke Smith 10 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Kozlowski 18 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Joseph Reed 25 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Jonnie 19 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: Pat Cicco 22 SEP 99
    As you enter Owl's home, on the left side as soon as you enter there is a picture hanging on the wall. In the picture, which some look over, Owl and Mr. Toad himself are shaking hands, which is obviously a tribute to Mr. Toads Wild Ride. A "passing of the torch" if you will!
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Bodshaug 18 FEB 00
    In Owl's house in the "Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh" ride, there is a picture of Mr. Toad giving the deed to the "property" to Owl - kind of a symbolic passing from Mr. Toad to the Pooh characters.
    CONFIRMED: Andrew McNamara 27 FEB 00
    In the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, there is a picture of Owl being handed the deed to Toad Hall from (gasp) the beloved Mr. Toad!. When the EMV honey pots enter Owl's house, immediately look to the floor on the left side of the room. There, in a pile of picture frames and other debris, is the picture clear as day.
    CONFIRMED: Bryan B 23 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: Molly 11 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: Muppet55 01 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: Charles 21 NOV 01
    In the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, right as you turn to go into Owl's house, and it looks really drafty, there is a picture of Owl with whom? Thats right. Mr. Toad. As in Winnie the Pooh has replaced Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
    CONFIRMED: Pearl 01 DEC 01
  2. On the new Winnie-the-Pooh ride, the first "scene" you go into has pictures of Winnie-the-Pooh and other characters from the Hundred Acre Wood on the walls and the floor. On the right side of the hunny pot you ride in, on the floor, is a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh standing next to Mr. Toad. Interesting, because Disney replaced Mr Toad's Wild Ride with this new Pooh ride.
    REPORTED: Jennifer Palmer 01 NOV 99
    There is defintely a Pooh and Mr. Toad picture. It's on the floor to the right, near the end of the "Owl's house falling" area.
    CONFIRMED: Tadd Jones 27 FEB 00
  3. On the right hand side near the floor of Owl's house, there is a picture of Mole from Mr Toad's standing with Pooh.
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 04 JUN 99
    The guy who said that there is a hidden Mole from Mr.Toad's in the Many Adventuers of Winnie the Pooh needs to be reminded that there is a charcter named and is a Mole in the Winnie movies, TV series, and books. That is probably the Mole that he saw.
    UPDATE: anon 17 NOV 00
    In the "Other Hidden Characters" section for the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh there is a comment from someone that says there is a character named "Mole" in the Winnie the Pooh stories. This character is actually called "Gopher" so if there is a picture of Mole in the ride, it must be from the Mr. Toad ride as mentioned in the original post.
    REPORTED: anon 02 FEB 01

Peter Pan's Flight

  1. This one is not a Hidden Mickey, but a hidden Peter Pan. In the London sky scene [where Big Ben is] up in the moon to the upper left hand side as you leave the scene. If you are lucky and if the moon spins around in time, you can see Peter Pan flying on the moon. I bet its a shaddow put there on purpose, but look for it!
    REPORTED: jonathan cooper 23 JUN 96
    Actually, the figure on the moon is Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Micheal, not just Pan.
    UPDATE: Freddy Zanfardino 23 NOV 97
  2. When you're flying out of the nursery, you hear Peter Pan say, "And off we go!" Look to the wall on the right; there's a spotlight and Peter Pan's shadow flies across it. I look for it every time!
    REPORTED: Laura 14 JUL 01
  3. In Peter Pan's Flight, there are figures of three mermaids. One of them has the familiar red hair and purple bra of Ariel, the Little Mermaid.
    REPORTED: RIck Shear 23 OCT 98
    Maybe it's serendipitous, maybe it's just me, but doesn't the mermaid on the far left as you pass the mermaid lagoon look an awful lot like Ariel from The Little Mermaid? I know the ride is older than the movie, but even if it hasn't been rehab'ed since then, they had to get the character design for Ariel somewhere, right?
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 03 NOV 98
    I don't think that mermaid has been changed to fit Ariel. I remember her being like that ever since my frist trip to WDW in 1987.
    UPDATE: Kortnee 26 JUL 00 pict from
  4. This is not a Hidden Mickey but on Peter Pan's Flight in Wendy, Jon and I Forget Room right as you enter the Darling family nursery there are some alphabet building blocks stacked up on the floor (one group is by Wendy's bed, the other by the window as you exit the room). These blocks spell Pan and DISNEY. The "s" is an upside down "5."
    Actually, there are three names the blocks spell out.
    1. DISNEY - The "s" is an upside down 5
    2. P PAN - you can see this one if you're in line next to the rail when the boats are going into the Nursery. If you lean a little over the rail, you can see this one plain as day
    3. PAN - this is a second Pan in the nursery. It can bee seen with two of the letters on their sides. none are piled, only on the floor

    UPDATE: Tiffany 10 JUL 98
    The "S" is actually an upside down number 5.
    UPDATE: Eric Wilson 13 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: Cass 21 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: 27 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: lauren 13 MAY 00
    CONFIRMED: TurkChris 08 JUL 01

Snow White's Scary Adventure

pict from
  1. Inside Snow White's Scary Adventures, at the end, you go under an arch to reach the unloading area. On top of the arch there is Dopey, the dwarf, two birds and a chipmunk. The chipmunk resembles Chip (Chip and Dale).
    REPORTED: Passbros 23 MAR 01
    On the Snow White ride, at the very end before you exit through the final set of doors, you pass under an archway. On the right is either Chip or Dale from Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers.
    CONFIRMED: Andy Kelemen 21 JUL 01
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Passarotti 14 OCT 01
    In Snow White's Scary Adventures, at the end, right before you go under the bridge look up. On top of the bridge are some animals. There is a chipmunk with a brown nose that resembles Chip (brother of Dale).
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Passarotti 03 NOV 01

ToonTown Fair

Mickey's House

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  1. Here's what I would call a Hidden Pinnochio. A friend and I found this one in Mickey's dressing room in Toontown Fair. There are so many hidden Mickeys in there, that we write them off as decor Mickeys, rather than official hidden Mickeys. However, we thought this one was worth a picture because it was out of character in Mickey's tent.
    REPORTED: Chuck 27 AUG 00

Judge's Tent

  1. Between clips during the movies being shown in the Judge's tent, you will see Mickey, Donald and Goofy's silhouettes on the screen as if they are standing between the screen and the projector.
    REPORTED: Howard Kier 23 JUL 01


Space Mountain

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  1. In the video that they show in the queue area, there is a hidden Donald in the weather report.
    REPORTED: Sean Mueller 18 NOV 95
  2. If you look at the very beginning of the clip where the commentator says something about a galaxy search, I spotted a hidden Pocahontas on one of the monitors behind him. This scene is played just before the MTV type thing comes on.
    REPORTED: Scott Baker 03 MAR 96
  3. The first star ceiling window on the speed-ramp form Pluto's head.
    REPORTED: Batwave 26 APR 00

The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

fun facts
  1. There is a hidden Darth Vader in Alien Encounter (co-created by George Lucas). In the scene where the audince is "scanned" it is in the lower right corner of the screen (when it splits into 4 sections.) The person in the lower right actually sort of "morphs" into him.
    REPORTED: DisneyCM00-01 14 JUL 01

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