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  1. It contains music from Aladdin with new lyrics to "A Friend Like Me" and incorporates Gloria Estefan music "Conga" and "Get On Your Feet"
  2. In the Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management, the 6 main characters are:
    1. Ilago and Zazu as the new owners,
    2. José - the Master of Ceremonies,
    3. Pierre,
    4. Micheal,
    5. Fritz, and
    6. Uhoa - local Tiki Goddess of Disaster extraordinaire.

    REPORTED: klutz 02 JUN 98
  3. In the new show, 3 of the 4 birds are the original voices from the original show. Gilbert Godfried is Ilago, but Zazu is not the original voice from the movie, "The Lion King." In the show, Uhoa, the Tiki Goddess of Disaster, is the most expensive audio-animatronic on property. The two birds in the pre-show, William and Morris, are the voices of the late Phil Hartman and Don Rickles.
    REPORTED: klutz 02 JUN 98
    Reguarding the "Enchanted Tikki Room - Under New Management." One of the 2 Birds, during the pre-show, is the voice of the late Phil Hartman.
    CONFIRMED: Damon J. Zaleski 11 AUG 98
  4. In our new show, we were able to secure once again the voice talents of Wally Boag (Mickey Mouse Club Boagaloon Man), and T. Ravenscroft (Haunted Mansion Bust, Buff the Buffalo in the Country Bear Jamboree, and Tony the Tiger from the Frosted Flakes Commercial) to do the voices of José and Fritz. The voice tracks for Michael were all taken from the original show and Disney recruited Jeffery Ourbach (Lumierre from Beauty and the Beast) to do the voice of the new Pierre. The Tiki Goddess of Disaster, Uhoa was recorded by the lady (whose name escapes me) that played the Queen of Hearts in the "Adventures in Wonderland" series on the Disney Channel. The new show is considerably shorter than the original, lasting a total of nine and one half minutes from José's awakening to the Rim shot after José's last joke. If you visit, stay after everybody has left and you will hear jokes that nobody hears normally because they normally have left by then.
    REPORTED: Jason R. Tackett 19 JUN 98
    The voice of Uhoa was reported as the actress who played the Queen Of Hearts in Disney Channel's "Adventures In Wonderland" series. That actress's name is Armelia McQueen.
    UPDATE: Edgar 03 JUN 99
    In reference to the voice of Uhoa, done by Armelia McQueen, the "Tiki" part of the Enchanted Tiki room implies that the room and show are based on a Polynesian film. Thus the Goddess of Disaster, Uhoa SHOULD be Polynesian. Yet the woman who does her voice, Armelia McQueen, is in fact African American and does not do any kind of Polynesian accent. Who ever heard of an African goddess in Polynesia!
    UPDATE: anon 12 NOV 00
  5. Just a few things on reading these Tiki Room facts. Jerry Orbach is the actor who is both the voice of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast) and Pierre (he is on NBC's Law and Order). The original voice of Zazu is Rowland Atkenson (Mr. Bean) he is not in the Tiki room show but IS the voice of Zazu in all the other attractions at the parks.
    REPORTED: Jason Gallagher 15 NOV 00
    CONFIRMED: Melissa 17 AUG 01
  6. José is hispanic, Pierre is French, Michael is Irish, and Fritz is German.
    REPORTED: Eric B 04 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Andy Hicks 18 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Mike 31 JUL 96
  7. Enchanted Tiki Room Tiki Room Gods and Goddesses:
    1. Maui - Roped the playful son and brought his people time
      • Maui was the trickster hero of Polynesian mythology. It is said that Maui was born prematurely and was abandoned by his mother in the surf. But having survived, he was eventually returned to his mother. His mother used to work all day making tapa (bark) cloth. For Maui and his mother, the days were too short. For them, there was never enough time to accomplish anything in only one day. Maui wanted to allow his mother to have more daylight to make bark cloth. He thought that if the sun were moving slower across the sky, there would be more hours of light in one day. So, Maui cut off the sacred tresses of his wife, Hina, to make a rope that would not burn once in contact with the sun. With his rope he caught the sun as it was rising and beat it with the magic jawbone of his grandmother. The sun was so weak after the beating that it could no run but only creep along its course. In this way, the sunlight lasted longer, and it was possible to work more during the day.
    2. Koro - The Midnight Dancer
    3. Tongaroa-Ru - Goddess of the East Wind
    4. Hina Kuluna - Goddess of Rain
    5. Pele - Goddess of Fire and Volcano
      • Pele is the fire goddess who resides in the Kilauea crater according to the people of Hawaii. She is a savage and wrathful divinity. She unleashes all the eruptions that take place in Hawaii. It is said that one day she fell in love with two young chiefs from eastern Hawaii. these two men were champions of holua, a sled used on grassy slopes. she transformed herself in a beautiful princess and joined them in sledding. Unfortunately, the two men recognized her and fled terrorized. Her wrath was so furious that everywhere in the island of Hawaii rivers of incandescent lava were created. The two chiefs tried to escape running to the sea, but the lava submerged them to form two cones along the Hawaii coast. These cones are said today to represent their petrified corpses.
  8. Negendei - The Earth Balancer
  9. Rongo - God of Agriculture
  10. Tongaroa - Father of all Gods and Goddesses

REPORTED: Jason Schultz 28 SEP 97
  • Tongaroa, father of all gods and goddesses, is voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft.
    REPORTED: Ken Hay 07 JAN 01
  • José is voiced by Wally Boag, also known by many fans as the traveling salesman and Pecos Bill during his years at Disneyland as a star of the Golden Horseshoe revue.
    REPORTED: Ken Hay 07 JAN 01
  • Wally Boag and Thurl Ravenscroft both reprise their Disneyland roles for Disney World's Tiki Room Under New Management.
    REPORTED: Ken Hay 07 JAN 01
  • On your next visit to The Enchanted Tiki Room, linger after the crowd leaves. Just before the exit doors close Ilago (after his ordeal with the Tiki Gods) announces that he is going over to the Hall of Presidents to take a nap!
    REPORTED: Malcom Griffith 26 APR 99
  • I took the Keys to the Kingdom Tour a few months back and our tour guide actually showed us that the roof of the Tiki birds is made of steel painted to look like straw.
    REPORTED: Amy Duggan ( aka Disneymaniac) 26 SEP 98
  • Adjacent to the Tiki room (outside) on the right, there is a small outdoor area with seats surrounding a garden, and a Tiki facade filled with water. If you jump up on the "carved-out" seats and look into the'll notice several stone steps...that myseriously, go nowhere.
    REPORTED: Joseph St. Angelo 13 FEB 99
  • Adjacent to the Tiki Room, by the orange juice concession stand in the corner, where the torches glow at night, and entry-way portal, a breezeway of sorts, was created several years ago, so that guests can easily access Frontierland right on the other side, and come out by the Country Bear Jamboree.
    REPORTED: Joseph St. Angelo 13 FEB 99

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