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Splash Mountain

  1. There are Other Hidden Characters here.
  2. The Splash Mountain attraction is based upon the stories of "Brer Rabbit, Tar Baby, and Uncle Remus." The story in the ride is slightly different from the actual Brer Rabbit story, though. My great great (great? Not sure how many greats.) grandfather was Joel Chandler Harris, a.k.a the author of these stories. Just a little trivia for ya! :)
    REPORTED: anon 28 JUN 01
  3. If you stand on the observation bridge and watch the logs go down the big hill, you will notice that the splash that sprays the observers on the bridge is NOT due to the logs going down the slope, it is an sprayed from a water cannon built into the slope. When we were there, every 3rd log to go down the slope produced a big splash. We observed this for half an hour. It appears the splash is intentionally set off when every 3rd log goes down the slope.
    REPORTED: Dave Wallace 22 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 22 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: The Owl 31 MAR 99
    The splash that occurs when the log reaches the bottom of Chikapin Hill is not created by the impact, but by water cannons adjacent to the flume.
    CONFIRMED: Lady_Joy_de_Magnia 10 APR 99
  4. If you want to avoid getting totally soaked on Splash Mountain, try to arrange the seating so that the heaviest people are in the back of the log. This will keep your "nose" up on the drops, so that the front of the log itself will shield you from the worst of the splash. Naturally, if you prefer to be drenched, put the heaviest people in the front seat. If the weight is really concentrated there, it's possible to get the very front tip of the log just under the surface of the water, and when it bobs back up, the water will slosh back into the log.
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 05 DEC 01
  5. In line for the ride, there are a lot of "critter cabins" hanging from the trees lining the que area. Many of them have small speaker systems in them wich make talking or singing noises, giving the effect of Tiny animals inside the houses. Once, during a particularly long and hot wait, I noticed that one of the cabins was making very little noise at all, and those sounds were garbled and distorted. When I came back around to it (the waiting line twists and turns around each tree) a movement caught my eye. I saw a REAL squirell descending the tree. He climbed onto the branch with a nut in his mouth and INTO the little house. Aparently, the Imagineers built the little rodent lodges a bit too realistically and some of Florida's real "critters" decided to take up residance.
    REPORTED: Sam Moore 13 FEB 97
    There are bird houses that supposedly house little creatures that emit little creature sounds from the windows.
    UPDATE: Daniel Weisman 09 JUN 97
    In the queue for Splash Mountain, you can hear little critters inside the hanging houses going about their business. One of them can be heard playing the ocarina, then cursing in a very Disney fashion. A musician friend of mine said that this was a totally unrehearsed bit--the player actually screwed up and went off. Luckily he said nothing obscene, because the take was so funny when sped up to playback speed that they kept it.
    UPDATE: Jason Travis 17 FEB 99
    In the bird house I heard chip and dale
    UPDATE: Neo Hitmonchan 20 JUL 00
  6. Near the begining of Splash Mountain there's a big toad sitting on a log or something. I think his voice is that of James Earl Jones.
    REPORTED: Justin 10 NOV 97
    The character's name is Brer Frog it is not voiced by James Earl Jones (the voice sounds vaguely similar though - very rich & deep). If I'm right, Brer Frog sounds more like Uncle Remus.
  7. Linda Montgomery (WDI show lighting for Splash Mountain) is the person who put in the Hidden Mickey at the showboat scene. I was with her the day she cut out the tin plate that slips over the lighting. She said at the time she put it in that all the Imagineers were too busy getting the project done to think about putting in Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: W. Todd Stephenson 17 JAN 96
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  8. The voice (and singing) of Brer Rabbit and some other animals on Splash Mountain is supplied by voice actor Jess Harnell. Jess Harnell is probably best known as the voice of Wakko Warner (the one with the red cap) on the animated series "Animaniacs." He has also done voices for Hanna Barbera's "Secret Squirrel" and has performed the voice of Roger Rabbit. Splash Mountain was one of his first big gigs as a voice actor.
    REPORTED: Dan Alexander 28 APR 97
    The voice of Brer Rabbit, as well as others in Splash Mountain, is in fact, a voice actor and singer, Jess Harnell. Jess is best known as Wakko Warner and Hunter from Road Rovers, as well as a singer with an album out "The Sound of Your Voice". If you are lucky, as many others have been, you may spot Jess waiting in line at Splash Mountain. He visits the park often and is sighted most of the time waiting in the Splash Mountain line.
    CONFIRMED: Kylen Miles 29 MAR 99
  9. If you are staring directly at the steamboat as you turn the corner, have your eyes focus on the animal on the top right of the steamboat. I forget if it's a duck or not, but he is playing an instrument. A Cast Member told me that this animal's shadow is Uncle Remus! If you take a look at it, it really does!
    REPORTED: David Zajchowski 12 SEP 96
    After reading about the Uncle Remus shadow, I watched a home video and saw it!! Then a couple of days ago I was at WDW and was riding and I saw it again! It looks just like him
    CONFIRMED: Luke 31 DEC 97 pict from pict from (12KB)
  10. My boyfriend and I were lucky to sit behind a person who worked there and was pointing out spots as we went along...Just before you go the big drop, an animal is above you and pops out of a hole during the song and exclaims "FSU" pict from (13 KB) ...he really did, we all heard him.
    REPORTED: Jessica McDonald 17 DEC 96
    My brother, who is a Cast Member, told me that the "FSU" that you hear right before you drop in Splash Mountain was placed there by a Florida State Graduate that helped design the ride.
    CONFIRMED: Anne Conaway 10 JAN 97
    Just before you go the big drop into the briar patch, a little bunny pops out of the leaves in the ceiling and says quite clearly "FSU"
    CONFIRMED: Kym Foley 22 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Joe Maceda 17 MAR 97
    It is weasel that says the phrase. The weasel(s) in Splash Mountain were originally in the America Sings show at Disneyland in California. Most America Sings characters went to Splash Mountain at Disneyland in California. The weasels were among the few of the 115 Audio Animatronic figures from America Sings not incorporated into the California Splash Mountain. In America Sings, the weasels would pop out of the ground before each musical act and say, "Pop goes the Weasel."
    CONFIRMED: Dan Alexander 18 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Peter Stepniewicz 25 AUG 97
    I had to ride Splash Mountain about 4 times to finally discover EXACTLY where the "FSU" weasel is. When you go near the end of the room where water is shooting in streams in front of the boat, look up and stay looking up. I guarantee you will see it or at least hear it.
    CONFIRMED: Justin 05 JAN 98
    Disney imagineers like to incorporate part of themselves in the attractions they create. The imagineer who created SPLASH MOUNTIAN is no exception. Just before the Big Drop a little squirrel pops out from the ceiling and in a high pitched voice says "F-S-U" , which stands for Florida State University. The school where the imagineer graduated .
    CONFIRMED: ShanaLynn 09 JAN 98
    CONFIRMED: jason 19 FEB 98
    Concerning the "FSU" weasel... If you wait until just before the big drop, you'll have missed it. Right after the water streams mentioned above cross the front of your boat, you will see a scene on your left where Brer Fox has Brer Rabbit by the ears. Just before that, also on the left, are two signs that say "WATCH OUT" and "BEWARE" (also on the left). The weasel comes down directly in line with these two signs. He's hard to hear, too; I didn't hear him well until I rode on an e-ticket night, when it was much quieter..
    CONFIRMED: Rick Marston 27 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 08 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Phil 09 APR 01
    There really is a little creature that says "FSU" in Splash Mountain. He pops down from the ceiling before the big drop, just in front of the scene where Brer Fox has Brer Rabbit trapped in a bee hive. Look for it!
    CONFIRMED: Liza 23 JUN 02
  11. Right before you take the final plunge, there is the last scene of the hill climb. In this scene, Brer Rabbit is tied up and the cooking pot in front of him. I noticed in my many trips thu this attraction, that Brer Fox actually has more than one script for this scene. No matter what Brer Fox says will be the fate of Brer Rabbit however, Brer Rabbit always says "___ me if you must Brer Fox, but please dont throw me in the briar patch!" I have herd Brer Fox to have said the following phrases... Please add on to these if you have herd different.
    REPORTED: jesse 17 NOV 01
  12. As you are about to go down the big drop after Brer Rabbit talks you can hear Brer Bear say "Brer patch?"
    REPORTED: bob 11 FEB 02 pict from
  13. I saw a hidden Fred Flintstone. Look at the zoomed picture of the mountain!
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 30 SEP 97
    There really is a Fred Flintstone! At first its hard to spot but if you know what your looking for don't worry you'll find it. As soon as you walk out the exit of Thunder Mountain look at Splash Mountain, its in the middle.
    CONFIRMED: rebel kid 05 JUL 99
  14. I don't now if they added this because the first time I rode Splash was on Monday of the first week of April. When you come out of the cave, in front of the drop, the water jets shoot up from the logs going down the drop and splash you RIGHT as you pass by!! I was sitting in the front, and the water flew right on me!! I GOT SOAKED!!!!!!!!
    REPORTED: anon 17 APR 06
  15. At the end of the final drop, there is a sign. It is at the very bottom of the drop, Just as you start to straighten out as the splash machine is splashing water in your eyes. What does it say?
    REPORTED: Ray J. Parker 04 AUG 97
  16. The ride stopped when my log was about to go over Slippin' Falls. When the ride finally continued, the sound had not been turned on. The clicking from the Audio-Animatronics is loud. That's why the music is played so loud, to cover it up.
    REPORTED: Rachel 12 JUL 97
  17. Big Thunder Mountain is the tallest "mountain" in Florida. Splash Mountain is next followed by Space Mountain. The tallest land is 347 feet up by the Georgia border.
    REPORTED: Brett Kinney 06 APR 98
    During the 25th anniversary you got trivia cards in a place on Main Street and that was one of the questions with the answer.
    REPORTED: anon 09 APR 98
  18. Always check your log! We rode Splash Mountain only to discover about $3 in change in the seat. Our group sat in three seats and found change at the back of all three.
    REPORTED: S Mangan 02 MAY 98
  19. When I went backstage for Disney's Magic Music Days, we were right behind Splash Mountain. I noticed that only a little bit of the ride is actually INSIDE the mountain. Most of it is in a building right behind the mountain. The only part inside the mountain is the part with the big steamboat at the end. The area where you board the boats is in an area in-between the mountain and the building. Also, the trash thing is VERY loud, but only when backstage. You can't hear it at all once you go through the doors into the park.
    REPORTED: Michael VT 03 MAY 98
    Splash Mountain takes place in a large, warehouse type building and only a small part takes place in the mountain. When first built, one corner of the large building was visible to the guests in the park. It was not noticed at first, and later had to be covered. When backstage, the building looks very plain, with the exception of the one corner
    CONFIRMED: Rob Hamilton 07 JUL 98
  20. When the ride has stopped right as you are about to go down the big drop, CMs have you slowly get out to your right where there are stairs, and you walk down the big drop to safety.
    REPORTED: Witwiyl30 JAN 00
  21. It's possible to catch a glipse of the building that houses Splash Mountain from the monorail. When coming from the Grand Floridian, look for the stump at the top of the mountain behind the trees (make sure you identify it well before you get to it) and behind it, is the large, plain building. You can't miss it if you're observant enough. Be careful when looking for the top of the mountain, it blends in well with the trees.
    REPORTED: Ryan F. 18 JUL 99
  22. I can't believe nobody else noticed this! The story of Splash Mountain follows the story of "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby". A few things, I think, were changed, but Brer Rabbit being thrown into the thorns is part of the story... Ever notice the thing to the left of the bear in one of the pictures here? This is the "Tar Baby"!
    REPORTED: anon 17 OCT 00
    Splash Mountain is based on Song of the South.
    UPDATE: Casey 17 NOV 00
  23. Have you ever watched the fireworks while riding Splash Mountin. It's quite fasinating. I was there for the E-Ride night and while I was riding Splash Mountain with my friends the ride was stopped for problems. We were quite bored. But luckily we were outside and got to watch the fireworks from beginning to end. It was great and quite romantic!
    REPORTED: anon 15 DEC 01
  24. At the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, The best time to arrive at Splach Mountain is the first hour and a half the park is open and 30-40 minutes before the park closes.
    REPORTED: John K 09 FEB 02

Splash Mountain Facts and Figures




Water propelled log




17 July 1992


2,863 feet


52 1/2 feet

Ride Time

10 minutes (varies)


12 mph (avg), 45 mph (max)


60 logs, 8 riders per log, 251 logs per hour

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